9 Reasons Why Indonesian is Easy - Bahasa Indonesia


  1. Lintang Hassya

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    The better way to learn Bahasa is, practic to Native speaker

  2. Pertiwi Doank

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    Ayooo... Belajar Bahasa Indonesia

  3. Four Aika

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    Kalo Bisa Mengerjakan soal bahasa Indonesia dengan benar semua maka bisa dikatakan bahasa Indonesia mudah saya saja orang Indonesia jika mengerjakan bahasa Indonesia membuat stres,kalo bisa sih sama bahasa daerahnya apalagi yang medhok medhok😂 edit maaf Kalo ada kesalahan yang baca santay AE🤣

  4. Eastern Beast

    Eastern Beast4 hari yang lalu

    English : in,on,at Indonesian : di

  5. Brokenvibes

    Brokenvibes7 hari yang lalu

    Bahasa Indonesia is pretty easy. I'm sorry I laughed😂 mostly Indonesian students has bad score in Bahasa Indonesia daily test. It's even weird when our English test has good score than Bahasa Indonesia😂

  6. Faiz Ariffin

    Faiz Ariffin3 hari yang lalu

    Samalah dengan aku. Tapi aku orang Malaysia. Aku punya bahasa inggeris lagi tinggi daripada bahasa melayu. Sebab kebanyakan ayat dalam tu tak guna langsung

  7. Kurnia Harahap

    Kurnia Harahap9 hari yang lalu

    Indonesian is easy only in beginner level and then it goes hard on medium and up level. Even some Indonesian cannot pass Indonesian exam in school. Also one thing, the Indonesian language that you learn is not same as the language that Indonesian speak every day. Indonesian speak bahasa gaul or Indonesian language with slang or mixed with local languages.


    TMY DN VRN10 hari yang lalu

    Same as tagalog.

  9. Mr Junub

    Mr Junub10 hari yang lalu

    saya orang indonesia aja pelajaran bahasa indonesia ga pernah dapat 100 😑 paling cuma 76 😑

  10. b03057

    b0305713 hari yang lalu

    Gak juga bang, buktinya pelajaran bhs indonesia susah loh... 🤪😆

  11. Denie Samba

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    I,m indonesian,the fuck i doin right here 😂

  12. Gaming 345

    Gaming 34513 hari yang lalu

    Gampang bahasa indonesia mah :) yg susah itu bahasa inggris bikin puyeng pala kalo belajar b inggris

  13. Irun Mon

    Irun Mon16 hari yang lalu

    After learning the proper way, you must learn the everyday language because it's a little bit different than proper Bahasa Indonesia. I don't think anyone speaks proper Bahasa Indonesia except in formal situations like in school or workplace. Because there are so many local languages people mix them together when speaking Bahasa, for example, some people add "ke/kah" after asking a question even replace Bahasa words with local words like "sampean" mean "you" in Javanese. But Indonesians are very easy to impress when non-indonesian can speak Bahasa, even just a little bit


    GABRIEL_ RHAMADHAN16 hari yang lalu


  15. Desytamala Sari

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  16. Dani _4607

    Dani _460716 hari yang lalu

    Indonesia emang gampang,tapi SEMUA bahasa daerah nya kayaknya kebalikannya

  17. Macked Malaclaw

    Macked Malaclaw18 hari yang lalu

    Nice video and yes, as you said that Indonesian is a phonetic language, yet i think it would be better to note certain things. Certain vowel and consonant letters symbolize two different phonemes. Letter K in 'merokok' is always spelled as glottal stop, but in 'mencolok' it is spelled as velar stop like how you spelled it, some words allowed both spelling (they're irregular and Jakartans even drop it down, and spell it like 'roko', since they often get rid of glottal stops in the end of words), letter H can be used to mark either a glottal fricative (like in English), or undiphthongized double vowels, this separates 'tahu' (tofu) and 'tahu' (to know), also to properly speak Indonesian, the Hs in the end of words need to be really sounded, there you can differ between 'kerah' (collar) and 'kera' (monkey), and Letter E can symbolize schwa 'kentang', near-high E 'kecap' and near-low E 'kemah'. For the plurals, although Indonesians seem to be really lax about it, but it actually has a longer story behind it. In English, the plurals are straightforwardly marked if the object in reality is more than one. In Indonesian, we have conditions, the plurals only come when they are needed, for example, in case that there are no determiners, and an emphasis is needed and the other things. It also cannot appear for naturally doubling nouns such as 'cumi-cumi' (squid). In Colloquial Indonesian, it even will rather double the adjectives (if any), instead the nouns themselves. Sorry for being a grammar or spelling Nazi, just showing how Indonesian language actually works like😂

  18. Razon Tops

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    Saludos, yo sí hablo xD

  19. Zaid Nashih Amin

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    i always skipped this on my recomendation video


    AKA SETIPO21 hari yang lalu


  21. John Merveilles

    John Merveilles22 hari yang lalu

    Saya baca komen-komenan di bawah sebenernya kebanyakan ga mengikuti kaidah baku bahasa Indonesia seperti yang diajarkan pada orang asing. Jadi sebenernya bahasa kita itu susah banget. Ga cukup cuman grammar, tapi ngapalin banyak frase ama hapalan kata dan "slangs". (Iya saya tau kalau tulisan saya ini juga TIDAK BAKU 🤣)

  22. zuhri

    zuhri16 hari yang lalu

    Mungkin karna banyaknya bahasa local jadi seperti tercampur

  23. normal way

    normal way23 hari yang lalu

    I think you should studying all local languange in my country (Indonesia). :)

  24. normal way

    normal way23 hari yang lalu

    I challenge you to use Javanese language and Krama Inggil

  25. normal way

    normal way23 hari yang lalu

    If you can.

  26. León Gilberto Medellín

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    Try to give a lecture in Indonesian, try to write literally anything. Indonesian is not that easy....

  27. jojo pratama

    jojo pratama24 hari yang lalu

    Indonesian people can speak minimum 3 language. Local language (im Balinese), national language (bahasa indonesia), and english. And many of them can speak more than 3 language

  28. Achmad Saputra

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  29. Hello, i'm Salma

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    Pretty easy kalau cuma bicara~ kalau sudah ujian pretty hard~

  30. Leonardo Purba

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    Kalo ujian, tiba2 saya jadi engga merasa org Indonesia lagi. Wkwkwk wkwk. Malah jadi ga ngerti.

  31. SainT GamingYT

    SainT GamingYT28 hari yang lalu

    Thanks for learning Indonesian and I'm Indonesian


    GAMER AND VIOLINIST28 hari yang lalu

    All people learning Indonesian use the formal language not the local language you Will be surprised by the local accent For simplification : The language is easy to learn/understand but it's hard to master

  33. Sylvia Hardjono

    Sylvia Hardjono29 hari yang lalu

    pretty easy when you learn the informal Indonesian, the formal one is a different case, i think..... what's the difference between LAGI NGEROKOK and NGEROKOK LAGI?

  34. Hans Lakonawa

    Hans LakonawaBulan Yang lalu

    Bahasa (the language of Indonesia) is easy, that's right. But that's just the beginning, there are so many local languages in Indonesia and harder to learn than English :')

  35. Ripffft

    RipffftBulan Yang lalu

    Im indonesian and learn Japanese,why IDreporter recommend this to me?

  36. Ender devan

    Ender devan3 hari yang lalu

    I'm learning Russian language

  37. Yuuta Nano

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    Bicara can change into ngomong , bacot ..

  38. mimi mada

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  39. DaveST001

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    Most popular reason - no special symbol like š

  40. sap_utro

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    let's learn Bahasa people of the world, then u know..........

  41. NikeZilka FK

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    why Indonesia league is easy, because Indonesia doesn't have tense


    FINY ARMYBulan Yang lalu

    Halo I'm From indonesian

  43. Robhittur Rohmi A.

    Robhittur Rohmi A.Bulan Yang lalu

    another reason why bahasa indonesia is easy. cause bahasa indonesia is combined form bahasa melayu with dutch as indonesia colonialist, a few local language like javanese, sundanese, etc. so that can be easily used by all indonesian people who already have their own local language. so that's the reason for indonesian founder to choose this language as a unifier of many local language.

  44. airlicious26

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    Please make a video about the most easiest languages in the world.


    SWARA BUDI RASPATIBulan Yang lalu

    Me Indonesia

  46. zuhri

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  47. Hanief Kurniawan

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    it is really easy, Indonesian approved.

  48. ddundeez

    ddundeezBulan Yang lalu

    No gerund, adjective clause, adverbial clause, tenses. The bahasa is a united language for over 17,000 islands and 200 languages in it.

  49. kristmase

    kristmaseBulan Yang lalu

    I am indonesian and for me.. english is so difficult 😭😭

  50. damiansdroid

    damiansdroidBulan Yang lalu

    please dont ever be a teacher. You take to many side roads for beginner

  51. Fika AJ

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    Why am I here? I'm an Indonesian. 😂

  52. Pincel Key

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    @Fika AJ Haahahhahaha 😝😝😝 mi señorita fika

  53. Fika AJ

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    @Pincel Key oh hell yeah, it's because of you. 😂

  54. Pincel Key

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  55. Seta

    SetaBulan Yang lalu

    Laugh in javanese Yohohohohooho

  56. Oxygen

    OxygenBulan Yang lalu

    Bahasa Is Easy To Learn But The Problem is...... Nobody Used The "Authentic" Bahasa Except in formal event like speech etc.

  57. Ilhamseptian Maulana

    Ilhamseptian Maulana27 hari yang lalu

    ITS seems you are like nerd if you use the formal language

  58. rip lol

    rip lolBulan Yang lalu

    Bahasa indonesia gampang dipelajari tp susah dlm mengerjakan soal ,true gk guys?

  59. Anisa Omar

    Anisa OmarBulan Yang lalu

    Indonesian is very easy wow I really like it

  60. J O2

    J O2Bulan Yang lalu

    Ur so handsome guy

  61. Hadi Lanmarlan

    Hadi LanmarlanBulan Yang lalu

    “Learn bahasa the easy way , locals will respect even if you just try to speak a little of the indonesia language, get your self better deals at the markets, warungs , and find things easier than using google” Hello apa kabar? I have already made an ebook of basic lesson of indonesian language. It consists of 149 pages. I am sure it benefits those who are interested in learning Indonesian language ( Bahasa Indonesia) or learning English. The explanation of the lesson is not pedantic. So i don't think it boring to read. I sell it at $10, which I think is a reasonable price. If interested , pls whatsapp me at : + 6281297105240. Or email me : whadi42@yahoo.com. or pm me on fb. Note : you will get the ebook of basic Bahasa before payment in order to ensure that it is not a scam at all # Sample lesson # # " JANGAN ! " # # You use the word " JANGAN " when you ask somebody not to do something. It is simply like " DON'T " in English like some sample sentences as follows. See this ! : # Don't call me ! = Jangan telepon saya ! Don't do it ! = Jangan lakukan itu ! Don't hurt me ! = Jangan sakiti saya ! Don't lie ! = Jangan bohong ! Don't come late = Jangan datang terlambat ! Don't hate me ! = Jangan benci saya ! Don't speak loudly ! = Jangan bicara keras ! Don't smoke here ! = Jangan merokok disini ! Don't leave me ! = Jangan tinggalkan saya ! Don't let me down ! = Jangan kecewakan saya ! # Various meanings of " NYA" # 1. Nya = the Saya melihat sesosok (a) hantu tadi malam. Hantunya sangat menyeramkan = I saw a ghost last night. The ghost was scary Ghost =hantu Hantunya = the ghost ( you know which ghost is meant in the context, that is to say , the one the speaker saw last night) Sangat = very 2. Nya = him /her / it (when "it" is at the back of a sentence or as the object) Note : if you use "nya" for "her or him " the verb must be preceded by the prefix " me " and ends with " i" See this : To love : cinta or mencintai I love her = saya cinta dia (correct) I love her = saya cintaNYA (incorrect) I love her = saya MENcintaiNYA (correct) I love it = saya cintanya (incorrect) I love it = saya MENcintaiNYA ( correct) 4. ......Nya = his..../her..../its.... He sold his house = dia menjual rumahNYA or dia jual rumahNYA Sell = menjual or jual House = rumah His.....= ....Nya His house = rumahnya #.Here is how to make a sentence and how to expand it : I am Bob = Saya adalah Bob I am Bob from Australia = saya adalah Bob (yang berasal) dari Australia Yang berasal dari = who comes from Bob yang berasal dari ...... = Bob, who comes from From = Dari " Adalah " implies " who someone is " or " what something is " Becky adalah seorang wanita = Becky is a woman Wanita=woman or lady " Seorang" is used to mean something like " a or an " which refers to a single human Becky is adalah seorang wanita YANG cantik = Becky is a woman WHO (yang) is beautiful Yang= that, who, which, whom used in " relative clause" Becky adalah seorang wanita YANG cantik sekali = becky is a woman who is very beautiful Cantik sekali = very beautiful Becky adalah seorang wanita yang sangat cantik = Becky is a woman who is very beautiful Sangat cantik= very beautiful So " cantik sekali " = " sangat cantik " = very beautiful Becky adalah seorang wanita YANG cantik sekali, YANG berasal dari Australia = Becky is a woman WHO Is very beautiful, WHO comes from Australia Becky begitu cantik = Becky is so beautiful So beautiful = begitu cantik Becky BEGITU cantik SEHINGGA saya cinta dia = Becky is SO beautiful THAT I love her So..... That.... = begitu...... Sehingga.... Begitu cantik sehingga..... = so beautiful that.... Begitu cantik sehingga saya cinta dia = so beautiful that i love her

  62. Arick A4

    Arick A4Bulan Yang lalu

    Indonesia has the most positive word of all time No matter how negative a sentence is, just put "wkwk" in the end and it will be positive

  63. Potato•Cloudy Gacha

    Potato•Cloudy GachaBulan Yang lalu

    I am born on Indonesia but I am not good at Indonesian Lawl

  64. Fahrizal Desu

    Fahrizal DesuBulan Yang lalu

    Perkenalkan,aku orang Indonesia,aku kesini untuk melihat cara orang luar belajar Bahasa Indonesia,dan saya sedang mempelajari bahasa inggris

  65. Bryan _

    Bryan _Bulan Yang lalu

    Bahasa Indonesia itu gampang,cuman perlu kuasain Alfabet(A-Z) yang susahnya itu cuman cara ngomongnya saja...kalau masalah Materinya tdk perlu bingung kalau salah jangan malu,soalnya orang indonesia saja bahasa indonesianya biasanya Salah😂😂😂

  66. firdaus wijaya

    firdaus wijayaBulan Yang lalu

    Yes bahasa indonesia itu mudah

  67. zuhri

    zuhri16 hari yang lalu

    Mudah karna lo orang lokal bambank, bagi orang asing susah

  68. Agnes Siregar

    Agnes SiregarBulan Yang lalu

    Your accent sounds like a native speaker👌 Good job

  69. aaaaa

    aaaaaBulan Yang lalu

    it has to be easy cos its the lingua franca for hundreds of local language, or no locals would use it

  70. Tanisha gachalife

    Tanisha gachalifeBulan Yang lalu

    betul itu mudah banget dah, apalagi kan aku orang Indo aowkowko

  71. Video Gembels

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    Samlekom mamank ngntd

  72. Camellia Aisyah

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    Hi, I'm from Indonesia👋