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  2. joe skills

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  4. Bradyn SK

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    @Lazar Beam LOL

  5. Bradyn SK

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    Plz choose me

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    Roses are red Violets are blue If you don't subscribe, A spider will eat you Lol

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  8. Elias Alomari

    Elias Alomari2 jam yang lalu

    What About Alonso From Chelsea ???

  9. Aamir Hussain

    Aamir Hussain8 jam yang lalu

    Knock knock Who’s there Byron Byron who Byron get one free

  10. Maik and Jim Brechtel

    Maik and Jim Brechtel12 hari yang lalu

    Oh gosh that is bad

  11. YT_Marcusbeast 4

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  12. Sonny07KYFC

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    Best is my granda

  13. Vpr Shadow

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    Tony adams is 53 not 23

  14. ALPHA

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    I never knew this keep up the work because youre the best to find info.I told my friends to check your channel out and they subed and liked nearly every video

  15. ClpZ

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    Wayne Rooney

  16. CrZ TrIcKz YT

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    Where’s arda turan

  17. Bruh Moment

    Bruh Moment25 hari yang lalu

    He forgot about messi in jail for 2 years /21 months

  18. Jose Ozuna

    Jose Ozuna27 hari yang lalu

    U are the best

  19. yvng Chris

    yvng Chris27 hari yang lalu

    When he said cristiano Ronaldo

  20. A Person With No Name

    A Person With No Name27 hari yang lalu

    Big duncan Ferguson #evertonlegend

  21. LJM M

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    I ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Oh My Goal

  22. Matthew Black

    Matthew Black28 hari yang lalu

    fuck u adam johnson u got done for noncing ur a peodophileeeee ur a peodophileeeeee so fuck u adam johnson ur shite weyyyy Newcastle are the best

  23. Edward King

    Edward King28 hari yang lalu

    George Best was a good player but he had drugs I am from Northern Ireland🇮🇪

  24. immasu mohammed ismail

    immasu mohammed ismail28 hari yang lalu

    Did not mention ronaldo

  25. Benny Ruiz

    Benny Ruiz29 hari yang lalu

    Not mc Donald’s!!!

  26. ConniBananaHead

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    Where’s Wayne Rooney

  27. andy t

    andy tBulan Yang lalu

    Amazing football video I love it

  28. Killian monk

    Killian monkBulan Yang lalu

    F R E E A D A M J O H N S O N

  29. A Person With No Name

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  30. Antonio Carnovale

    Antonio CarnovaleBulan Yang lalu

    you no zindan ziad shold ghgguhwer3thkhuhzcxi8ysa

  31. sre11

    sre11Bulan Yang lalu

    What about Roy Keane?

  32. ali jobat

    ali jobatBulan Yang lalu

    what about arda turan.......LMAO

  33. Logan Smith

    Logan SmithBulan Yang lalu

    Footballers need to watch out what they do because they can get arrested for anything

  34. Krazy Pizza

    Krazy PizzaBulan Yang lalu

    What about Balotelli when he put fireworks in his house in the bathroom blew up his house

  35. Mega Killer0809

    Mega Killer0809Bulan Yang lalu

    Is ducked ferguson related to sir Alex Ferguson



    🙏 1:58 🔥💘 👇👇👇💜

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  38. Cat Who found a phone

    Cat Who found a phoneBulan Yang lalu

    Why is this video vertical?

  39. John Kimmel

    John KimmelBulan Yang lalu

    Your FBI guy some vids are like that now. I don’t know why

  40. Matthew Johnston

    Matthew JohnstonBulan Yang lalu

    Who’s here after Duncan Ferguson second game as coach of Everton

  41. harry potter hogwarts school

    harry potter hogwarts schoolBulan Yang lalu

    You forgot messi

  42. X-Jexo - x -Fish-X

    X-Jexo - x -Fish-XBulan Yang lalu

    Where’s Ronaldinho at on this list? He went to jail didn’t he?

  43. Louis Hoare

    Louis HoareBulan Yang lalu

    Smolov went to prison for 7 mo3

  44. Louis Hoare

    Louis HoareBulan Yang lalu


  45. Ali Marhoon

    Ali MarhoonBulan Yang lalu

    So best drunk driving and assaulting a police man 3 months in prison deeney kicking a man in the head 10 months prison makes sense

  46. Guineapig Attack

    Guineapig AttackBulan Yang lalu

    Die n a hole 4:35

  47. Guineapig Attack

    Guineapig AttackBulan Yang lalu

    John Cena 4:35

  48. Shariar Sadat

    Shariar SadatBulan Yang lalu

    Who is after Liverpool vs arsenal crazy match 5 - 5

  49. Seren Evans

    Seren EvansBulan Yang lalu

    who else is sad that someone had to spend christmas behind bars?

  50. George the GIANT

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  51. George the GIANT

    George the GIANTBulan Yang lalu

    I said ronaldo

  52. charlie bones

    charlie bonesBulan Yang lalu

    What about rooney


    ZOOM SAVITARBulan Yang lalu

    you forgot MESSI

  54. Big Chungus

    Big ChungusBulan Yang lalu

    Everyone knows that Joey Barton and Adam Johnson was going to be on this list

  55. rionaldo sebastian

    rionaldo sebastianBulan Yang lalu

    Why kaiserlautern, nottingham forest, portsmouth, udinese, and la coruna become flop aka decreased in the last 10 years ? Comment below

  56. Vinette Roos

    Vinette RoosBulan Yang lalu

    What did renaldo do

  57. Kyan Plays Coc

    Kyan Plays CocBulan Yang lalu

    He apparently sexuly assaulted a girl

  58. zaghonde

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  59. G L O C K

    G L O C KBulan Yang lalu

    Troy Deeney stared me out in his bentley because I cut him up in traffic last year🤣

  60. Starm-up Noelandstar

    Starm-up NoelandstarBulan Yang lalu

    Last comment

  61. Irish Blood English Heart

    Irish Blood English HeartBulan Yang lalu

    Big Dunc is a proper lad. Nothing wrong with the occasional headbutt.

  62. kilipikonna

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  63. Gabe Vargas

    Gabe Vargas2 bulan yang lalu

    I hate this guys voice

  64. hero 1690

    hero 16902 bulan yang lalu

    joey Barton should change his name to good grief.

  65. Daniel Bonner

    Daniel Bonner2 bulan yang lalu

    They make out that going to prison is a big bad think...if it was such a big deal how come your bankers and politicians not got there yet...they’re deeds can never be equalled no matter how many life times you get..🔥🔥

  66. zaf Patel

    zaf Patel2 bulan yang lalu

    Joey barton .. lol Joey

  67. Ian Matos

    Ian Matos2 bulan yang lalu

    0:09, Maradona has a tattoo of assassin Ernesto Guevara?

  68. Phangwang PIYUSH

    Phangwang PIYUSH2 bulan yang lalu

    You forgot Messi .........😏😏😏

  69. up up n away

    up up n away2 bulan yang lalu

    Wasnt even given a yellow card!!!! The VAR room will have flashing red lights and sirens going off n armed police surrounding the stadium if they seen a big dunk nut these days..... oh and u missed out Lee Hughes lol