8 Crazy Homemade Vehicles & Great INVENTIONS


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  2. shreyash shirsat

    shreyash shirsatBulan Yang lalu

    The flying bathtub is the best

  3. Jon Smith

    Jon SmithBulan Yang lalu

    Some are very interesting, the two wheel drive diesel in the beginning was the most ingenious and challenging...imho. Good video. 👍

  4. Alexander Walker

    Alexander Walker2 bulan yang lalu

    pollution machine nothing but

  5. ArtilleryFire

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    "military grade bike" the fuck you on about

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    This bitch is annoying

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    Did she just say "chassus"?

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    your voice is so annoying

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    The first one bye

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    The way she giggles when she says colin furz is...........unsettling.

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    Dead ass.

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    mini car THE BEST

  13. Hillary Sigei

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    Damn happy how this guy spins those bikes,Crazy

  14. B True

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    What an annoying voice is the narrators man ffs

  15. B True

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    Narrator is a fuckin idiot Shut up with your dumb punchlines

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    "Able to walk on the water surface, just like Jesus". Narrator is an idiot.

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    I love the way u laugh

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    I see you have a crush on someone 👀

  21. Marquette McFarland

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    I like the flying bath tub!

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    In which country this bike please sa me

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    I subed purely for your voice n laugh, its hot as fk

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    Bumper car I like the most it's nice awesome

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    Omg I love her laugh!!!!!!!! 😊😊😊😊

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    Who else loves the narrator lough... 😀😀😀😘😘😘

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    Anyone no the song in the 1st vid 👍

  28. ApriliaRSV4F

    ApriliaRSV4FTahun Yang lalu

    He isn't the first person to put a pulse jet on a go-kart. It was done years ago in New Zealand. Still pretty cool.


    BAKER GQMINGTahun Yang lalu

    Awesome freaking Ness

  30. Phillip Grube

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    They were all extremely interesting. Like if u agree

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    Thumbs-Up #302 I am, Wednesday 20 June 2018! I have been a subscriber for a quite a while now and your voice is new to it. Glad you were hired for it! Narrator I LOVE your voice / the youth IN your voice. Your giggle says fun! I like all of these inventions and, being an American that lived in Deutschland for 6 years, I am thrilled to see inventions that come to life through European engineering! 😀 Fantastisch!

  32. BigD1395

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    Probably the flying bathtub.

  33. Chris Calvin

    Chris CalvinTahun Yang lalu

    good video


    BAKER GQMINGTahun Yang lalu

    The flying bath tub

  35. Sea Skimmer

    Sea SkimmerTahun Yang lalu

    The first bike is a death trap. 1. It's a motorbike and 2. If that doesn't kill you, the fumes will. That bathtub was incredible!

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    24616 4queer4th 57

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    god is not real

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    +Cipriano Palacios 😆 No more so than you are.

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    Please learn to use proper grammar.

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    +Daniel Unzicker IF you can understand her, WHO CARES?! She is fun, you not so much! 😆


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    Why is suspecting the guy with the death note killing the steam engine bike founder funny?

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    +CASPIAN SHEA If it has to be explained, you would not understand. 😆

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    Its my first like by any youtube Chanel

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    Nice that flying tub was awesome & boby car.

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    Your friend is a genius

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    Предпоследний красавец просто МЕЧТА...!!!!!!!!

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    You voice is so good

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    She just needs to learn how to pronounce words.

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    Who else loves the narrator's laugh

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    Kalaback Odecka yep

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    Cool video. I like the diesel bike at the start and the flying bathtub lol

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    Thanks for the infomation

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    Lol 2 mal deutsche IDreporterr drin :D

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    Nice life pack

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    Amazing video..you give us a great information of vehicle... thanks for this video...and your smile is very nice in this video...

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    Pretty good


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    Nice video .......

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    Top comment like

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    Shouldn’t the title be: 8 homemade vehicles you need to see, in stead of : 8 homemade vehicle you need to see?

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    +Mr. Bob So you watch IDreporter channels to grade the video on everything EXCEPT the fun factor and knowledge gained? Bummer. I am one of the thumbs-DOWNS on your comment.

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    Amazing. Your research and work is appreciable.