6 White People vs 1 Secret Black Person


  1. I love DjPlaysGames

    I love DjPlaysGamesMenit Yang lalu

    My favorite is cody cause he’s funny

  2. Esther Vecerova

    Esther Vecerova7 menit yang lalu

    I'm the CEO of Comments Readers Association

  3. Rolphel Draw

    Rolphel Draw26 menit yang lalu

    She was raised by two white parents so there’s no way you can tell she black unless you see her.

  4. Karly’s world

    Karly’s world26 menit yang lalu

    Next: 6 humans 1 alien, Who is the liar?

  5. Cringy Lord

    Cringy Lord28 menit yang lalu

    Elizabeth: I am black Erin: That’s not vegan

  6. Amethyst Maries

    Amethyst Maries39 menit yang lalu

    Sooo we are about to enter a new decade, we are SEVERAL decades from MLK’s time, and this is still a thing? Seriously? And it’s not the video itself, well kind of, but just the thought that someone came up with it. We are moving backwards as a species. Sad

  7. hmm

    hmm58 menit yang lalu


  8. Cant relate

    Cant relateJam Yang lalu

    Why is no one talking about Cody😩🥵

  9. J Sest

    J SestJam Yang lalu

    why kylie sound just like kylie

  10. Light Lom

    Light Lom2 jam yang lalu

    Just say "do **insert thing here** for me" and the person that does it is black...

  11. Zoey Phillips

    Zoey Phillips2 jam yang lalu

    "I'm white" "I'm white" "I'm white" "I'm white" "I'm white" "I'm black" Show host:"one of them is lying" Me:'Confused' WHO?! "

  12. Oleksandr Yaakov

    Oleksandr Yaakov3 jam yang lalu

    Elizabeth butt is to die for.

  13. Sezzy2x

    Sezzy2x3 jam yang lalu

    How much did they get?

  14. briar vermeulen

    briar vermeulen3 jam yang lalu

    ok but i love mariah

  15. Ayanna N.

    Ayanna N.4 jam yang lalu

    when elizabeth started throwing up signs at the end, i was on the floor oml-

  16. Milz Music

    Milz Music4 jam yang lalu

    I love Justin too 😂

  17. Tsumami

    Tsumami4 jam yang lalu

    6 people in the military vs 1 person not in the military

  18. whisky

    whisky5 jam yang lalu

    @2:07 CODY looks sus😂

  19. x loveless x

    x loveless x5 jam yang lalu

    Elizabeth literally looks like my girlfriend😂🥺 (I'm also a girl pffftt)

  20. FlyingDodo

    FlyingDodo6 jam yang lalu

    Cmon you can smell her

  21. binssooyy

    binssooyy7 jam yang lalu

    My race is human HAHAHAHA LOL

  22. Kalle TV Holmstedt

    Kalle TV Holmstedt7 jam yang lalu

    Fun fact you did not search for this

  23. No You

    No You8 jam yang lalu

    This just proves that you can’t tell a difference between white and black people

  24. Mehikaner

    Mehikaner9 jam yang lalu

    "naturally white voice" aka speaking propper english^^

  25. Nicole Wong

    Nicole Wong10 jam yang lalu

    I thought theyd try and touch their hair or something

  26. brian dobles

    brian dobles11 jam yang lalu

    mariah tryin a little too hard lmao

  27. SummerJune

    SummerJune12 jam yang lalu

    Elizabeth is fye asf !!!

  28. Dalton Stewart

    Dalton Stewart14 jam yang lalu

    Im really good at this game i instantly knew who the black person was.

  29. Ihaia Rollo

    Ihaia Rollo14 jam yang lalu

    wait... the girl said she was black and the narrator called her a liar.....

  30. Anton Brimage

    Anton Brimage14 jam yang lalu

    I'm just glad she won 🤣🤣👌🏿💯 Reparations ☝🏿

  31. GTB Lion

    GTB Lion14 jam yang lalu

    Am i the only one that thinks Brandon looks like Chris Pratt

  32. Etreyu Clark:soul covers

    Etreyu Clark:soul covers15 jam yang lalu

    The one white girl Maria is so smart she said that everyone watched black panther true and all colors love rap also true I swear of all the white ppl she has the biggest brain

  33. Ann Marie Aguilar

    Ann Marie Aguilar15 jam yang lalu

    Yay my girl got that bank.

  34. shanice shipp

    shanice shipp15 jam yang lalu

    Should of asked political questions, stance on white privilege, slavery...easy!

  35. Renni

    Renni15 jam yang lalu

    Why does Elizabeth get to vote? Why is she blindfolded? Why did they shine the light? Why does she think all white people do yoga read plays and like Justin bieber?


    FREYSSIMS15 jam yang lalu

    Anyone else think white peoples shouldn’t be allowed to be cops unless they pass some kind of test? Like I’m sick of hearing about these terrible cops. I’m sorry for Elizabeth and everyone else.


    FREYSSIMS15 jam yang lalu

    This is cringey

  38. brooke

    brooke16 jam yang lalu

    mariah was trying so hard to be woke and it pissed me off lol

  39. Alyssa Peterson

    Alyssa Peterson16 jam yang lalu

    Me I’m adopted 2 and my last names Peterson but I’m not white

  40. King Realist

    King Realist16 jam yang lalu

    It’s very simple I would have asked “what’s your hair type “ bc black people mainly have 4a/4b/4c hair and if anybody said they was in the 4’s in hair type then uk for a fact