6 White People vs 1 Secret Black Person


  1. Mox Rochods

    Mox Rochods22 menit yang lalu

    SHE isn't lying cuz she is black

  2. Slick_ Slime

    Slick_ Slime36 menit yang lalu

    Yay it was made on my birthday

  3. Melli Cookie

    Melli CookieJam Yang lalu

    "I rap a little myself ..if you know me personally." Yeah but we don't, Cody, we don't

  4. Curby Andre

    Curby AndreJam Yang lalu

    Cody lmao

  5. Mei day

    Mei dayJam Yang lalu

    “A cop pulls you over...” Elizabeth: 🙈

  6. Fury Official

    Fury OfficialJam Yang lalu

    If im in there i can tell a black person by voice because the voices of white and black are different

  7. Helen Chen

    Helen Chen4 jam yang lalu

    Kylie? Like...kylie jenner?

  8. DeKurlz

    DeKurlz6 jam yang lalu

    I was so stunned how much more beautiful Elizabeth is without glasses :o

  9. MintyTea

    MintyTea7 jam yang lalu

    I think Kylie needs to move her microphone away from her mouth a bit..

  10. Lazy

    Lazy7 jam yang lalu

    Cody soul is black😂.

  11. Annika Johnson

    Annika Johnson7 jam yang lalu

    guy in the maroon is lowkey racist

  12. Juicearth999

    Juicearth9997 jam yang lalu

    She’s cute

  13. C'Zarriah

    C'Zarriah7 jam yang lalu


  14. Dreamcatcher5408

    Dreamcatcher54087 jam yang lalu

    They must’ve seen BlacKkKlansman too

  15. Shay 31

    Shay 318 jam yang lalu

    How can the name Kylie not be white? You all don't know Kylie Jenner? Living under a rock eh? 😂

  16. Jeaden Santos

    Jeaden Santos8 jam yang lalu

    No such thing as talking “white” it’s just speaking properly

  17. Wildestcarton 99

    Wildestcarton 998 jam yang lalu

    6:55 it depends on how much u watch it

  18. Scotty

    Scotty9 jam yang lalu

    This is terrible, but I would try to feel everyone's elbows and hair

  19. Rasya Fawwaz

    Rasya Fawwaz9 jam yang lalu

    Brandon looks like chris Pratt

  20. Corey Dennis

    Corey Dennis9 jam yang lalu

    my goodness, Elizabeth is hot

  21. UBorda

    UBorda9 jam yang lalu

    Mariah isn’t white -.-

  22. Christiana Dah

    Christiana Dah9 jam yang lalu

    SHE MILLY ROCKED. I love this song

  23. ALoafOfBagels _

    ALoafOfBagels _10 jam yang lalu

    She's wearing a pair of Triple Whites tho 🤔

  24. Nova

    Nova10 jam yang lalu

    i feel like if this was switched it would be over so quick. "Everyone say the n-word" XD

  25. John H.

    John H.10 jam yang lalu

    Anna packing 🎂 8:02

  26. Tirash YT

    Tirash YT10 jam yang lalu

    Should do with a one Inn dian

  27. cheesesmiles

    cheesesmiles11 jam yang lalu

    They're stereotyping their own people to prove who is white Lmfao okay....

  28. Léo Villeneuve

    Léo Villeneuve11 jam yang lalu

    Black Panther is very important yes But not great I mean why did it get nominated for best picture like come on

  29. kyoon

    kyoon11 jam yang lalu

    Omg this girl mistook Hot Chelle Rae for Red Hot Chilli Peppers

  30. Arthur George Blake

    Arthur George Blake11 jam yang lalu

    Black Panther, saw the beginning.

  31. Malik Jackson

    Malik Jackson12 jam yang lalu

    why does h keep referring to black people as people if color; just say black people Latinos dont feel the same about things compared to black people

  32. Neez

    Neez12 jam yang lalu

    They should do 6 cats vs 1 dog

  33. Daniel Gomez

    Daniel Gomez13 jam yang lalu

    Lol this guy said “ my race is human”

  34. Rachel Andrade-Paresa

    Rachel Andrade-Paresa13 jam yang lalu

    "I am white" "I am black" "One is a liar." wait, wat

  35. Aashritha Sayyaparaju

    Aashritha Sayyaparaju13 jam yang lalu

    I ᗯOᑌᒪᗪ ♡ TO ᗷᗴ ᗴᒪIᘔᗩᗷᗴTᕼՏ ᖴᖇIᗴᑎᗪ!!

  36. A BV

    A BV13 jam yang lalu

    I knew she meant hot chelle Rae and I’m Mexican 😂 coconut in the house

  37. Iboshdio Müller

    Iboshdio Müller14 jam yang lalu

    you could never do this with 6 blacks and 1 white person who has been raised by black parents. Black people barely adopt, especially no white kids

  38. luke barlow

    luke barlow14 jam yang lalu

    Is it just me or does brandon look like star lord edit: is he?

  39. Faizan Khanat

    Faizan Khanat14 jam yang lalu

    When white people say they have black friends, they're talking about Elizabeth's in their lives

  40. A. Med

    A. Med14 jam yang lalu

    Black girl: wait so your the black one!

  41. ItzAubberz

    ItzAubberz15 jam yang lalu

    Mariah spittin straight facts

  42. Law Da Realist

    Law Da Realist15 jam yang lalu

    Elizabeth doesn’t sound white. Tho 🤣🤣🤣

  43. Troy Tsapatolis

    Troy Tsapatolis15 jam yang lalu

    Is Cody the batman confirmed

  44. Sukhmeet Dhingra

    Sukhmeet Dhingra15 jam yang lalu

    “I do Yoga”, (pretty sure Yoga is Indian, unless you consider Indians white).

  45. Mck Productions

    Mck Productions15 jam yang lalu

    Smell for coco butter and that is the mole !

  46. 7R1X

    7R1X15 jam yang lalu

    For all the other ones it was hard to tell who was what. For this one uhhh...it wasn’t......................

  47. MT K

    MT K16 jam yang lalu

    Cultures exist but nothing belongs truly to a certain skin color. This is white, this is black, wtf

  48. MT K

    MT K16 jam yang lalu

    You talk proper, wtf is talking white?

  49. Fisher5991 and Wasim

    Fisher5991 and Wasim16 jam yang lalu

    I think it was the first person in the box

  50. BlackBird Gaming

    BlackBird Gaming16 jam yang lalu

    Anna's thicc thoo

  51. BlackBird Gaming

    BlackBird Gaming16 jam yang lalu

    And black panther did have some stuff white people wouldn't like or support like the fact they brought up slavery and dissed EVERY white person like we all supported slavery.

  52. Maurick Veldman

    Maurick Veldman17 jam yang lalu

    elizabeth is really cute

  53. Sam Smith

    Sam Smith17 jam yang lalu

    Why does Brandon look exactly like Chris Pratt

  54. Skull Mad

    Skull Mad17 jam yang lalu

    Just like the old days

  55. B Davidson

    B Davidson17 jam yang lalu

    Imagine Dunkey in this

  56. Jerry B

    Jerry B18 jam yang lalu

    Lol ha

  57. Vincent

    Vincent18 jam yang lalu

    Black panther is iconic because they had an all black cast So what about movies with all white casts ?

  58. Matt Waley

    Matt Waley18 jam yang lalu

    2:40 Ana: I’m trying to be as nice as possible Black people: what’s hat suppose to mean?

  59. Disco Rage

    Disco Rage19 jam yang lalu

    i am green

  60. Levi Pierpont

    Levi Pierpont19 jam yang lalu

    I could listen to Mariah explain white privilege all day long