50 MORE Facts You Didn't Know About Game of Thrones


  1. Doc Lewis

    Doc Lewis7 hari yang lalu

    Bran's are "visions" not dreams. There is a difference.

  2. kir koloft jaghi

    kir koloft jaghi11 hari yang lalu

    wtf! sigur ros was the most famous music band acting in GOT. they acted in Geoffry's wedding

  3. Roope Niskanen

    Roope Niskanen15 hari yang lalu


  4. Math Simon

    Math Simon17 hari yang lalu

    I'd like to know what inspired that defense of winterfell at Season 8.

  5. Shah Hurrem

    Shah Hurrem19 hari yang lalu

    Tolkien inspired so many to write brilliant stories. Rowling a whole generation to read these brilliant stories. P.s. and make movies & series...

  6. Sarah Cline

    Sarah Cline23 hari yang lalu

    Thanks for parroting all of the trivia off of the IMDB app

  7. nick driessen

    nick driessen23 hari yang lalu

    Fact 51: the ending sucks.

  8. mint it 760

    mint it 76027 hari yang lalu


  9. Ozspanman

    Ozspanman27 hari yang lalu

    Wow, you really need to learn how to pronounce people's names !! More than one mistake there !! lol Tool.


    PUMPEDBY JAY28 hari yang lalu

    I just finished GOT Its fire

  11. Deeksha Rajpoot

    Deeksha Rajpoot28 hari yang lalu

    Lyanna Mormant 🔥

  12. Jessyca H

    Jessyca HBulan Yang lalu

    I like the facts, but the cadence of your narration is incredibly irritating.

  13. Popular Fan

    Popular FanBulan Yang lalu

    In fact 32 The five fortresses in essos are 300ft higher than the wall

  14. Ian Burrows

    Ian BurrowsBulan Yang lalu

    It's rubbish these 'facts ' prove it ! Idiotic nonsense & having glamdring stuck into the throne pretty much says all we need to know here.

  15. Alex Thompson

    Alex ThompsonBulan Yang lalu

    lots of character errors.. ie mentioned Grand Maester Pycelle (while clip of Maester Aemon is shown) & Ornela at the end where a clip of Irri, a handmaiden from earlier seasons is shown.

  16. gill2430

    gill2430Bulan Yang lalu

    13:14 The hairline though 😂😂😂

  17. Fotths Dimitris

    Fotths DimitrisBulan Yang lalu

    It was an overated series half finished a piece of shit in front of LotR , A book of series are epic when they have start - story line - and epic end, when you have just a good start and awful and rush story line + end its just a bad series

  18. Caroline Whitney

    Caroline WhitneyBulan Yang lalu

    sigur ros also played on the show

  19. Cristian Mitchell

    Cristian Mitchell2 bulan yang lalu

    in fact 9 where he discusses musicians that had a cameo, he didn't add Shawn Mendez :(

  20. Cristian Mitchell

    Cristian Mitchell2 bulan yang lalu

    in fact 9 where he discusses musicians that had a cameo, he didn't add Shawn Mendez :(

  21. NoneOfYourBusiness

    NoneOfYourBusiness2 bulan yang lalu

    Notice that at 15:06, when the narrator is specifically naming Michelle Fairley, a picture of her sitting in the background is shown with a man in the foreground. Why would you do this? Is the man Michelle Fairley? No. There are millions of pictures of her so why would you show a Harry Potter picture of her with someone else in the focal point of the picture? Is this the Middle East where men come first? Wtf, dude? Unsubscribed.

  22. Ian Skrivarnik

    Ian Skrivarnik2 bulan yang lalu

    heres a fact you didnt know either: season 8 fucking sucks.

  23. 24forpresident

    24forpresident3 bulan yang lalu

    I am watching this during summer...thanks

  24. Cristine Lucas

    Cristine Lucas3 bulan yang lalu

    OHHHHH thats why Jon Snow is now Jon Sand 15:30

  25. redplague

    redplague3 bulan yang lalu

    You missed out 'Sigur Ros' and 'Of Monsters and Men' as musicians who appeared on the show.

  26. brojack3

    brojack33 bulan yang lalu

    I hope the spinoff explores Arya travelling past Westeros

  27. ByJordi

    ByJordi3 bulan yang lalu

    Dany Heart wasnt fake blood, it was made out of gelatin and you showed maester Aemon instead of Pycelle^^

  28. Venla Hämäläinen

    Venla Hämäläinen3 bulan yang lalu

    I hate Harry Potter

  29. Doshi

    Doshi3 bulan yang lalu

    All the fokin theories is shit like season 8

  30. Bilectal

    Bilectal3 bulan yang lalu

    8:im from israel and i had no idea that was a thing lol

  31. Bridget Abaver

    Bridget Abaver3 bulan yang lalu

    Great video 👍👍I actually did learn a lot

  32. Vejje Alligator

    Vejje Alligator3 bulan yang lalu

    5:57 Why did you not include the history of a Swedish king, Gustav Vasa. Just google upp what he has done! It was not a wedding, but it was still preety gruesome


    CRAZY LIZZARD3 bulan yang lalu

    14:05, he is not Pycelle

  34. Ayush Panigrahy

    Ayush Panigrahy3 bulan yang lalu

    Great video!!!

  35. samUIL

    samUIL4 bulan yang lalu

    I thought Sigur Ros played during Joffrey’s wedding reception...

  36. TheEdwardCC

    TheEdwardCC4 bulan yang lalu

    DO NOT WASTE TIME WATCHING THIS SHIT What a dumb video Im disappointed thought was gonna be something interesting

  37. Conor Maloney

    Conor Maloney4 bulan yang lalu

    Love the way he pronounced ciaran hinds "seearan"

  38. Pedro Medeiros

    Pedro Medeiros4 bulan yang lalu

    Fist fight: the mountain vs odor (enraged). who wins?

  39. Snake Pliskin

    Snake Pliskin4 bulan yang lalu

    Peter Dinklage is a super sport! He was talked to the most harshly in the show and deflected the words like Jon did Ramsay’s arrows. When I first watched the show, peter was the actor that stood out most and seemed like a lead anchor in the series, which he was. His story line is arguably the best POV character journey to watch in the show.

  40. Snake Pliskin

    Snake Pliskin4 bulan yang lalu

    I knew It. Tommen is that kid who played his cousin! They switched up a few characters actors

  41. Snake Pliskin

    Snake Pliskin4 bulan yang lalu

    It’s too bad Emilia didn’t have those big violet eyes. She woulda pulled it off too

  42. Snake Pliskin

    Snake Pliskin4 bulan yang lalu


  43. Snake Pliskin

    Snake Pliskin4 bulan yang lalu

    Now that line that Tyrion says to bronn makes perfect sense lol “You and my sister belong together.”

  44. Palmyra Productions

    Palmyra Productions4 bulan yang lalu

    Even in 2017 when this was uploaded I don’t think these are facts that are scarce I think most people either knew it for sure or have at least heard of it so nothing surprising here

  45. Sam Sherlock

    Sam Sherlock4 bulan yang lalu

    most of these facts have nothing to do with GoT itself.

  46. JohnThe Champ

    JohnThe Champ4 bulan yang lalu

    It would’ve been awesome if in every season of GoT George played a cameo at least once just like Stan lee in the marvel franchise

  47. Hristina Lazarević

    Hristina Lazarević4 bulan yang lalu

    Yeah,you know better than writters do blah blah... There will always be ppl who don't agree with something that it's not how they expected. Game of Thrones has ended in the way that it should. Deal with that.

  48. Bellatrix Silverly

    Bellatrix Silverly4 bulan yang lalu

    Fact number 51: I’m only a month and three days younger than Isaac Hempstead Wright, the actor who played Bran Stark 😊

  49. Aesthetic Soul

    Aesthetic Soul4 bulan yang lalu

    People : Do you want to rule winterfell, Lord Bran? Nope. Three eyed Raven, remember? Later : Do you want to rule the six kingdom? Bran : Hold my wheelchair.


    CRAIG SMITH4 bulan yang lalu

    Man what an epic spot, gandalf's sword from lord of the rings in the iron throne. Very cool.

  51. Art Ness

    Art Ness4 bulan yang lalu

    I havent read any of the books so no 49 is mindblowing.. different surname for bastards..i thought there's only snow & sand!! Great video👍👍

  52. Cory Haught

    Cory Haught4 bulan yang lalu

    you can add emilia clarke to the list of people in star wars movies since that came out after this video

  53. Thunderlightning 5

    Thunderlightning 54 bulan yang lalu


  54. Schnell

    Schnell4 bulan yang lalu

    Ed Sheeran In season 7! I first saw him and was like “naw it can’t be”. I knew that mf looked familiar

  55. Coppagh

    Coppagh4 bulan yang lalu

    14:10 ‘See-ar-in hinds’ Keer-on It’s not that hard to read the script before hand

  56. S1l4z

    S1l4z4 bulan yang lalu

    Hodors death was the sadest

  57. Kevin Snyder

    Kevin Snyder4 bulan yang lalu

    Thst chart at 10:53 makes absolutely no sense. It shows thst ramsay and his dad roose Bolton aren't even connected directly to one another. Lol wtf

  58. Ameilia Stinson

    Ameilia Stinson4 bulan yang lalu

    This show will still be popular in the next 20 years to come!!!

  59. epique wenqa

    epique wenqa4 bulan yang lalu

    7:13 thats why i was confused as fuck! it was all in one-2 episodes they showed this boy and tommen together. so i was confused af

  60. epique wenqa

    epique wenqa4 bulan yang lalu

    1:20 what did he say? stuck to a toilet? why?