50 MORE Facts You Didn't Know About Game of Thrones


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    I am watching this during summer...thanks

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    OHHHHH thats why Jon Snow is now Jon Sand 15:30

  3. redplague

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    You missed out 'Sigur Ros' and 'Of Monsters and Men' as musicians who appeared on the show.

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    I hope the spinoff explores Arya travelling past Westeros

  5. ByJordi

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    Dany Heart wasnt fake blood, it was made out of gelatin and you showed maester Aemon instead of Pycelle^^

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    I hate Harry Potter

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    All the fokin theories is shit like season 8

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    8:im from israel and i had no idea that was a thing lol

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    Great video 👍👍I actually did learn a lot

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    5:57 Why did you not include the history of a Swedish king, Gustav Vasa. Just google upp what he has done! It was not a wedding, but it was still preety gruesome


    CRAZY LIZZARD25 hari yang lalu

    14:05, he is not Pycelle

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    Great video!!!

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    I thought Sigur Ros played during Joffrey’s wedding reception...

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    DO NOT WASTE TIME WATCHING THIS SHIT What a dumb video Im disappointed thought was gonna be something interesting

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    Love the way he pronounced ciaran hinds "seearan"

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    Fist fight: the mountain vs odor (enraged). who wins?

  17. Snake Pliskin

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    Peter Dinklage is a super sport! He was talked to the most harshly in the show and deflected the words like Jon did Ramsay’s arrows. When I first watched the show, peter was the actor that stood out most and seemed like a lead anchor in the series, which he was. His story line is arguably the best POV character journey to watch in the show.

  18. Snake Pliskin

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    I knew It. Tommen is that kid who played his cousin! They switched up a few characters actors

  19. Snake Pliskin

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    It’s too bad Emilia didn’t have those big violet eyes. She woulda pulled it off too

  20. Snake Pliskin

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  21. Snake Pliskin

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    Now that line that Tyrion says to bronn makes perfect sense lol “You and my sister belong together.”

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    Even in 2017 when this was uploaded I don’t think these are facts that are scarce I think most people either knew it for sure or have at least heard of it so nothing surprising here

  23. Sam Sherlock

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    most of these facts have nothing to do with GoT itself.

  24. JohnThe Champ

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    It would’ve been awesome if in every season of GoT George played a cameo at least once just like Stan lee in the marvel franchise

  25. Hristina Lazarević

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    Yeah,you know better than writters do blah blah... There will always be ppl who don't agree with something that it's not how they expected. Game of Thrones has ended in the way that it should. Deal with that.

  26. Bellatrix Silverly

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    Fact number 51: I’m only a month and three days younger than Isaac Hempstead Wright, the actor who played Bran Stark 😊

  27. Aesthetic Soul

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    People : Do you want to rule winterfell, Lord Bran? Nope. Three eyed Raven, remember? Later : Do you want to rule the six kingdom? Bran : Hold my wheelchair.


    CRAIG SMITHBulan Yang lalu

    Man what an epic spot, gandalf's sword from lord of the rings in the iron throne. Very cool.

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    I havent read any of the books so no 49 is mindblowing.. different surname for bastards..i thought there's only snow & sand!! Great video👍👍

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    you can add emilia clarke to the list of people in star wars movies since that came out after this video

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  32. Schnell

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    Ed Sheeran In season 7! I first saw him and was like “naw it can’t be”. I knew that mf looked familiar

  33. Coppagh

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    14:10 ‘See-ar-in hinds’ Keer-on It’s not that hard to read the script before hand

  34. S1l4z

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    Hodors death was the sadest

  35. Kevin Snyder

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    Thst chart at 10:53 makes absolutely no sense. It shows thst ramsay and his dad roose Bolton aren't even connected directly to one another. Lol wtf

  36. Ameilia Stinson

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    This show will still be popular in the next 20 years to come!!!

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    7:13 thats why i was confused as fuck! it was all in one-2 episodes they showed this boy and tommen together. so i was confused af

  38. epique wenqa

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    1:20 what did he say? stuck to a toilet? why?

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    The only fact - D&D completely blew it. Ruined the Greatest Show of all time!!

  40. Cenotaur1

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    "Ruined" is too much... They had 2 years and carte blanche to finish it properly but they fucked up...thinking that more cgi makes for a good story.

  41. J Back

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    Here’s another fact, many things that were foreshadowed in earlier season turned out to mean literally nothing by the end, because D&D suck at writing original material.

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    Great info

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    14:14 that aint Alan Rickman do your research properly

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    Good research bro ❤

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    #8 Sky here in Germany does the same thing. They called their channel Sky Atlantic Thrones HD and aired all 7 Seasons 24/7 before the start of season 8.

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    Fuck Israel

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    Thumbs down, for all of the mispronunciations.

  48. Eddie Giles

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    Actually that "Stag" was already skinned 100% for sure. As a hunter who has skinned deer for 30 years, its clear they skinned the animal then lay'ed the hide back on it for him to pretend skin it.

  49. Eddie Giles

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    @Austin Ya no shyt... But that's not what the guy says is it?? Did you actually watch this vid.. Maybe try listening to it again before you post stupidity... Its right at the start. He says and the actor we see "was in fact skinning it for real"... Which is complete BS so save your Duh comments for when you look in the mirror. Because he clearly was misrepresenting what was actually happening in the scene.

  50. Austin

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    Lol duh if you have common sense, youd realize it takes hours and days to film a SINGLE scene...so he skinned it before the actual shot they used, but still skinned it himself and that doesnt change that fact...

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    juses fucking christ how boring can your voice be

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    We are living hard times...

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    27:00 looks real cuz our history is just like that , a made up bs with more contradictions than any fictional story xD