5 Times Keith Thurman SHOCKED The Boxing World


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    Check back same time tomorrow for the Pacquiao version 🤙🏼 Thanks to all of you for the continued support. 👊🏼

  2. William Rosa

    William Rosa28 hari yang lalu

    Daniel Moore Ghtfvfb o

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    ... well..... lmao.... what happened??

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    this is what IDreporter Chanel-motivemedia does-motivate and earned money from feat icons here. why not make one for manny now? lols

  6. Opera Singer

    Opera Singer3 jam yang lalu

    Really surprised Manny won. Giving up 10 years is almost impossible to overcome. I think 90 percent of all welterweights retire by 40 years of age.

  7. D Green

    D Green9 jam yang lalu

    Say what you want this guy is entertaining

  8. mk ganaden

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    Thurman vs crawford whos with me😀

  9. GHOST Española

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    Manny take ur 0 hahahha

  10. Zeusbolts ,

    Zeusbolts ,Hari Yang lalu

    I dont think anyone can call thurman a bum he beat the best and it took the legend himself to stop thurman

  11. Daniel Bianson

    Daniel BiansonHari Yang lalu

    1 time Keith Thurman Shocked IN the boxing world.

  12. van randoloh gomez

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    But manny pacuiao SHOCK keith thurman in just 1 night😂😬😬

  13. Rodd Huge

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    Thurman got balls calling out Maidana not forgetting chicken run Mayweather

  14. deejay potpot

    deejay potpot2 hari yang lalu

    Wtf!.. Manny beats you trashtalk!!

  15. Jonh kenneth Matanog

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    Then thurman shock to pacman ahahha

  16. Marie Samson

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    Now pac shocked him..

  17. Dean Winchester

    Dean Winchester2 hari yang lalu

    What? 17 weight division? Crazy how pacquiao is an 8 division champ, that's almost half and he could've been 10 if he didn't skip 2 weight divisions.

  18. Christian Joseph

    Christian Joseph2 hari yang lalu

    Haha so gay

  19. Jabbar Abdullah

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    yeah he Shock the World By getting K.O pac man vs. Stupid Thurman

  20. Darbhen Carzon

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    He shocked the world but he also got shocked by a 40 year old legend.

  21. Darbhen Carzon

    Darbhen Carzon2 hari yang lalu



    RUNESCAPEISLIFE S2 hari yang lalu

    Not just an ordinary 40 - year old man - but a 40 year old legend.

  23. Dave Diaz Pelpinosas

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    How it feels to taste first defeat?...you talk too much but do so little...

  24. Emil Arcega

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    He sounds like lavar ball ahaha

  25. Emil Nabunat

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    Yeah people was shocked on the fight of pacman and keith like how does a 40 old man beat up a 30 year old man

  26. Toink TM

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    Why he sound like lavar??

  27. Tony Tapat

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    a prime thurman will demolish pac

  28. just some random guy

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    I respect him because he challenged Mayweather also but Mayweather was scared because there's no reply from him....haha

  29. Teachmee Howtodogie

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    THURMOUTH. Thats The best Name For Him

  30. RolRol Bulakbol

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    he shocked the world when he said he will retire Pacquiao then knocked down on the very first round, and then lost to a 40 year old man man that was very shocking

  31. von alipar

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  32. melchor titan

    melchor titan7 hari yang lalu

    thurman is not easy opponent.

  33. Abd Wahid

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    we won't forget you Thurman, you'll still be remembered

  34. JDonFire NEIN

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    Keith Thurman just gave a good fight to Manny Pacquiao, No cheating, No running, just good boxing. Still giving respect to Keith despite his trash talks(For Promotion) I still wonder why there are so much immature fans giving hate comments on Thurman... I bet they don't know about promotion

  35. Sean Gamboa

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    Many respect for keith thurman clean fighter not a runner. 👏👏👏 But pacquiao is a beast From the philippines

  36. Kenny Lopez Jeet Kune Do

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    Gotta give up to my man Keith "One Time" Thurman​!! He never ducked anyone, wasn't afraid to put his zero on the line, always fights on an even playing field and when the Pacman retires, he'll be the man in the welterweight division. I hope him and Spence fight so we can see who the best is out of the new generation. He already beat Shawn Porter and he'll beat him again if they fight. He would also beat Danny Garcia again and even easier than the first time. A fight between Thurman and Crawford would be great too. Don't get ahead of yourselves people because he will be back and he'll be coming back stronger because he gained a lot of experience from the fight with Pacquiao...an all time great and he held his own!!

  37. zenyu faiz

    zenyu faiz15 hari yang lalu

    He got clapped in the first round with Pacquiao

  38. venyl ralph obsiana

    venyl ralph obsiana17 hari yang lalu

    the video dope

  39. Joaquin Legaspi

    Joaquin Legaspi18 hari yang lalu

    That is why Paquiao is a true legend! He beat the longest weltherweight champion and undefeated.. Pacman is the real GOAT..

  40. Spirit Swarm2019

    Spirit Swarm201918 hari yang lalu

    Pacman is not just a human he is a child of God remember that one time

  41. John Kenji Manuel

    John Kenji Manuel18 hari yang lalu

    yeah! even your 1st round on paquiao shocked us soo much...soo much! 👌

  42. steve notorious

    steve notorious18 hari yang lalu

    Fatigue makes cowards for men...

  43. Alexander

    Alexander19 hari yang lalu

    Wow this presentation of Thurman's rise was awesome thank you!

  44. nicest rude person

    nicest rude person19 hari yang lalu

    that exactly what you deserve rude


    CREDITS TV19 hari yang lalu

    Hes win streak is useless..hahha


    CREDITS TV19 hari yang lalu


  47. Jerwin Manzano

    Jerwin Manzano20 hari yang lalu

    He's a boastful guy who think that he can defeat pacman for me his and idiot

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    Motivedia! I truly enjoy watching your videos. Absolutely entertaining, educational and captivating! I subscribed whilst watching the first video. Thank you and keep doing amazing things 🎬

  50. Gian Gallaza

    Gian Gallaza20 hari yang lalu

    I suggest to thurman is to be humble

  51. R IS

    R IS20 hari yang lalu


  52. ancajen.

    ancajen.21 hari yang lalu

    isa lang masasabi ko *_wag mong mamaliitin ang mga Pilipino_*


    BADJI GAMING21 hari yang lalu

    Pacquiao destroy that face


    BADJI GAMING21 hari yang lalu

    We are filipino <3

  55. Jowable

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  56. Dave Pacquiao

    Dave Pacquiao21 hari yang lalu

    He is so dangerous boxer 😀

  57. B E O W U L F

    B E O W U L F21 hari yang lalu

    5:36 onwards, was that the familiar basketball (NBA) commentator?

  58. POGING lamig

    POGING lamig22 hari yang lalu

    the 6th time he shocked the world was when he lost to paquiao with him giving lots of trashtalk on paqiuao🤔

  59. FULCRUM11

    FULCRUM1123 hari yang lalu

    I Am A Here After Pac Man’s Fight With him. not A Fan But Just Wanted to see Him Be Good In A Fight Not with Packan

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    I can feel how thurman punch

  61. YLG Egnubs

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    who's here after thurman vs pac?

  62. BL4Z3 Gaming

    BL4Z3 Gaming23 hari yang lalu

    There's this one time he shocked the world. *He won the trash talk battle and went to sleep in R1*


    ANIME :P LOVER23 hari yang lalu

    yeah but Pacquiao shocked him.. by the way im pinoy

  64. Val Saludo

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  65. junner hallarte

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    Carma is soo fast😎

  66. junner hallarte

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    Talk much idiot 😂


    [MD] MARKDOGGY24 hari yang lalu

    Wag nyu kming maliitin mga pinoy woaaahhhh

  68. Master of Disaster

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    Whats the song/beat in the beginning. In the discription it just says Kairo...

  69. Master of Disaster

    Master of Disaster24 hari yang lalu

    Nvm. Found it. For all still searching: Wildfire (Kairo feat. Jaye Classic)

  70. Dank memes69

    Dank memes6924 hari yang lalu

    i still got respect for thurman tho, he actually did a bit of damage to manny, he did better than mayweather

  71. Fernando Roxas

    Fernando Roxas24 hari yang lalu

    Now you knew that a loss would literally tainted your unbeaten record huh? Cm on, you're not the best in your class asshole ! Try to challenge mayweather instead. Kupal

  72. monster in the jar

    monster in the jar24 hari yang lalu

    one of the most annoying trash talker, but after the fight against pac man.. you got my respect thurman,. you've fight like a gladiator,.

  73. Kyle Chan

    Kyle Chan24 hari yang lalu

    1:58 he’s like rapping

  74. sugal

    sugal24 hari yang lalu

    i still cant believe a 41 y/o Pacquiao dropped this man.

  75. Ron Ald

    Ron Ald24 hari yang lalu

    What did you say Thurman? Failed to prove and win against pacman

  76. jham chavez

    jham chavez24 hari yang lalu

    And pacman has proven that he is only a legend in the ring

  77. Sherwin Tandingan

    Sherwin Tandingan24 hari yang lalu

    ..when i look this video, i say, wow! Is thurman really this great? - i never knew thurman is this great, but Why during the pacmans fight, he looks like an average boxer.. Old and small in the welterwieght, beating a young and a great welterwieght champ, manny is far greater.

  78. MegumiFF7

    MegumiFF724 hari yang lalu

    There should be a part 2, when this guy beats by pacman.

  79. Winux Worx

    Winux Worx25 hari yang lalu

    They all became the best welterweights in the world until they met Pacquiao.

  80. Jhay Zone

    Jhay Zone25 hari yang lalu

    Big Respect For Keith Thurman.. 👍💓 Btw im from Philippines

  81. SAM UEL

    SAM UEL25 hari yang lalu

    Pacman knock him down in round one

  82. Dave Sabado

    Dave Sabado25 hari yang lalu

    Top 1 when manny got him in round 1

  83. Under Blade

    Under Blade25 hari yang lalu

    Thurman vs Crawford/Loma lez go

  84. Don Robert

    Don Robert25 hari yang lalu

    Paquiao vs Maidana will be the best

  85. De Landung

    De Landung25 hari yang lalu

    Keith so arogant !! And manny pacMan destroyed thurman 👊

  86. Roma Arbigoso

    Roma Arbigoso25 hari yang lalu

    He is not arrogant...he got his attitude. I mean, it's a free world..be who u are, and what u wanna be..and that's what he is doing.

  87. gotzn0name

    gotzn0name25 hari yang lalu

    I see a very bright future for Thurman. Watching the Pacquiao fight, i could see that Thurman knows how to adjust his game accordingly. He hurt Pacquiao, something no fighter other than marquez has done over the last 10 yrs. He'll learn from this, and come out a better boxer. I wonder if it would have been a different story had Thurman not been injured. Two years of inactivity is like a lifetime for fighters.

  88. FLUFFYo 0024

    FLUFFYo 002425 hari yang lalu

    I think,being cocky helps you build motivation

  89. jomary john manlapaz

    jomary john manlapaz26 hari yang lalu

    Who watched this after manny pacquia keith thurnam fight?

  90. Earth

    Earth26 hari yang lalu

    I was only shock when he challenge pacquiao