5 Times Cristiano Ronaldo Single-handedly Saved His Team


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    Nice video like always !! But what happend to the video "Stuff from another world" ?? I'm Sad broo, lol.

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    What a legend cr7

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    2:25 Cristiano Ronaldo is Pissed

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    Cristiano Ronaldo is so Competitive

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    what a song last video?

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    I am a Messi fan, but I have to say that if I was playing for my country or the UCL, I would pick Ronaldo first


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    Great music, great video! Thanks

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    Messi and Ronaldo have robotic feet and minds because there to good for any king of reality. They are a gift from the gods to even watch or have there name in our head.

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    The GOAT 'n medhira island 😎😎

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    conquering and slaying all....top player

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    Insanely Beautiful beast ☝👌💪❤👍

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    It will be sad without Ronaldo or Messi playing soccer after they retire. There won't really be any amazing moments like these in soccer and it will be a long time before other great and talented players apear.😢

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    Miracle CR7

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    plz make more vdos on ronaldo

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    Did you started this chhanel with ronaldos nickname' roonie '

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    Omg CR7 is my footballer i love CR7 and he is the best footballer in the world and ronaldo is fast when messi oh yes ronaldo and siiiiiiii jjjjjuuuuvvveeee

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    If Ronaldo done by himself........Real Madrid will have 6-7 consecutive Lose (So many matches)

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    we really respect ronaldo but now this time is for neymar

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    I really admire his Hard Work.

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    @Lionel Andrés Messi Dude you on wrong video. This isnt Messi video. This is Ronaldo video.

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    Yes a selfish one right? You need to pass him then it's 1-0. But you will not be famous. And YES! IF WE HAVE MESSI HE WILL PASS YOU AND YOU WILL ALREADY 1 GOAL UP.

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    best player forever

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    Is ronaldo know the meaning of never word then he would never be cr7

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    Ronaldo the born legend

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    Once a legend always a legend #CR7❤️

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    Although I am a messi fan but messi can't do such crazy things. I believe that both cr7 and messi are the greatest no one else is (mbappe,salah,etc.)

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    CR7 VS Spain and VS Sweden was amazing !! CR7 alone VS the world and CR7 VS Zlatan for the qualif...So Clutch ! And of course the last one, godlike.

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    Zinedine Zidane

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