5 Things Never to Say or Do in Russia


  1. Роман Назаров

    Роман Назаров3 bulan yang lalu

    Don't joke. Don't laugh. Don't live. There are 3 rules to survive in Russia. From Russia. With. Love.

  2. Susan Shields

    Susan Shields5 bulan yang lalu

    Wow! Link said pissed! Makes me chuckle.

  3. Vince Dibona

    Vince Dibona5 bulan yang lalu

    Link matches the Wheel perfectly.

  4. Laurie Owen

    Laurie Owen8 bulan yang lalu

    I live in Ameica. And I know many people who ask for me to take my shoes off in their house. But most prefer that you leave your shoes on. I think you should find the preferences of the people or country you are visiting and prepare accordingly. Personally as soon as I get home I take off my shoes and wear slippers around the house!

  5. xydoit

    xydoit9 bulan yang lalu

    The Russians said both themselves.

  6. TDgwen4ever

    TDgwen4ever11 bulan yang lalu

    I live in the US (Minnesota). Everyone here takes their shoes off when going into anyone's house. I had no idea it was "normal" for Americans to leave their shoes on. It's practically unheard of here. It must be a regional thing. I can't believe how many comments there are from Americans that are against taking their shoes off.

  7. Qwertasd10

    Qwertasd1011 bulan yang lalu

    Be gay?

  8. Nicola Wildflower

    Nicola WildflowerTahun Yang lalu

    Am I the only American who thinks it’s normal to take your shoes off in the house? Don’t want to be scuffing up the floors or tracking dirt in the house. My Nana taught me at a young age that you’re supposed to keep shoes off in the house.

  9. VTUL92

    VTUL92Tahun Yang lalu

    This obsession with heels. I guess I would ask myself the following questions. . . Who am I wearing the heels for? Is it worth pain to look good? Why do I feel the need to subject myself to this to look pretty? Why is there such a pressure from society for me to look good all the time? Do I not feel secure in my skin without altering my body image in such a way? Why am I so insecure about seeming short? Why do I not value the long term well being of my body? Why do I believe looking good matters more than my own health? Who is pressuring me in this way? Is it fair that men do not have the same pressure? Did the patriarchy succeed in getting me to believe I am not good enough as I am? Is this also a form of oppression? Is it fair? I would. Maybe you should.

  10. Taren-Layne Warfield

    Taren-Layne WarfieldTahun Yang lalu

    i actually laughed out loud when link said it pisses me off like that was so unexpected

  11. TheDeadCobra

    TheDeadCobraTahun Yang lalu

    Yes tracking dirt in once home is so ok -_-

  12. Hanna Kristensson

    Hanna KristenssonTahun Yang lalu

    Up untill you are around 12 in sweden you dont wear shoes inside in school and when the fire alarm goes of we are told to leave the shoes and just run out.

  13. Alliquake Grande

    Alliquake GrandeTahun Yang lalu

    HAH. HAHA.

  14. JaykobTV

    JaykobTVTahun Yang lalu

    1:50 to 2:04 was amazing

  15. Антон Кузнецов

    Антон КузнецовTahun Yang lalu

    Yep. My exwife dressed for each shopping as if she planned to visit english queen. Totally true

  16. ya govno

    ya govnoTahun Yang lalu

    2 point is true today i went to the shop on hills

  17. Мур Мур

    Мур МурTahun Yang lalu

    Вы слишком много смеетесь

  18. Naomi H

    Naomi HTahun Yang lalu

    Why is link saying bad words today?

  19. Caedyn North

    Caedyn NorthTahun Yang lalu

    Russia is an Asian country

  20. MissHurton

    MissHurtonTahun Yang lalu

    In Denmark and the rest of Europe, I believe, we take our shoes off inside. The only place I've experienced someone who didn't, was in Spain. But they loved the idea. ☺️

  21. HikaruRain

    HikaruRainTahun Yang lalu

    I never wear anything on my feet when in my house. And would love to find a way to navigate the world and not have to wear stupid crazy "white man" shoes. But yeah one is not allowed to wear moccasins with business casual

  22. Mike West

    Mike WestTahun Yang lalu

    id love to behead your mother9CUNT ON RIGHT)

  23. Bizarre Is The New Black.

    Bizarre Is The New Black.Tahun Yang lalu

    I don't get the elbow pasta joke, lol.

  24. Blaire Kitty

    Blaire KittyTahun Yang lalu

    In Canada, at least my area, neeever wear shoes in someone's house. Lots of people dress up for anything, depending on who they are... Still a funny episode though :)

  25. Kimberley W

    Kimberley WTahun Yang lalu

    Link! Naughty!

  26. Kimberley W

    Kimberley WTahun Yang lalu

    Anyone who didn't watch the main episode must of been very confused at the beginning

  27. purple honeybee

    purple honeybeeTahun Yang lalu

    This is a really lowsy video, had a hard time getting thru it, don't know if I will.

  28. Alexandra

    AlexandraTahun Yang lalu

    Interesting video. Yes, these facts are true, but we are not walking in shoes at home not because of expensive, hard-clearning carpets. It's just because of the dirt, germs and chewing gums.

  29. Julia Melnyk

    Julia MelnykTahun Yang lalu

    I'm sorry but this is kinda disrespectful

  30. Екатерина Шишкова

    Екатерина ШишковаTahun Yang lalu

    Thing about dressing up is true)))

  31. Josh_EJTG

    Josh_EJTGTahun Yang lalu

    opa cyka blyat

  32. Kate m.j.

    Kate m.j.Tahun Yang lalu

    That's true about the dress

  33. A.J.

    A.J.Tahun Yang lalu

    Personally none of these sound "weird." If someone came in my home and didn't take your shoes off, you'd lose respect from me. I've been in America, some people need to dress to impress. I hate how some go shopping in their night clothing.


    ASHERUISETahun Yang lalu

    I'm an American and I think people who wear shoes in the house are really weird and I'm really bothered when people do it in my house, even maintenance people. We don't all leave our shoes on. ...Although I just wore boots in my aunt's house this afternoon because I'd taken them off and ended up stepping in dog pee so I left them on even after it was cleaned up because I didn't want to step in a wet spot again.

  35. DA

    DA2 tahun yang lalu

    im russian and how rude y'all in america

  36. Numbered Authority

    Numbered Authority2 tahun yang lalu

    Все в комментариях стериотипес!!!

  37. Valerie Genis

    Valerie Genis2 tahun yang lalu

    I'm russian and it's true man я русская и кто правда

  38. Anna Zumdome

    Anna Zumdome2 tahun yang lalu

    Really im russian and all these facts are true.

  39. Val aka Liam

    Val aka Liam2 tahun yang lalu

    Really they disagree about women holding something heavy seorsly

  40. 1

    12 tahun yang lalu

    never thought about these cultural differences. i agree with everything on the list, i'm slavic, that's probably the reason. and from this video it just seems like we slavs are far more polite than americans.