5 Permanently Banned Twitch Streamers


  1. Akkretion

    Akkretion2 tahun yang lalu

    who cares

  2. johannes pk

    johannes pkTahun Yang lalu

    I wanna like this but it has 420 likes so I'll just leave it here.

  3. Lissy Ann

    Lissy Ann2 tahun yang lalu

    Money made exploiting sexual violence: Allegedly.

  4. Lissy Ann

    Lissy Ann2 tahun yang lalu

    Either way, that does not belong on twitch. Right??

  5. NeedMoreTime

    NeedMoreTime2 tahun yang lalu

    Vexxed *imaginary friends douchebag.

  6. Kerbee

    Kerbee2 tahun yang lalu

    We can't even confirm if it even was rape? Or abuse? Not saying he didn't but people jump to conclusions.

  7. RussianBlue22

    RussianBlue2222 hari yang lalu

    Click here to skip the first one if you need to. 1:46

  8. D Laws

    D LawsBulan Yang lalu

    someone: offers $100 pink sparkle: i'm not getting banned off twitch for $100! give me $10m i will get myself banned! Lol this dummy has no comprehension of money. It's no wonder she isn't smart, she sits in front of a bunch of gamer nerds that just want to look at her tits all night. smh

  9. there544

    there5447 bulan yang lalu

    Grossie Gore is back!

  10. Depressed ninja

    Depressed ninja8 bulan yang lalu

    Rape is not very good :(

  11. KrazyKris93

    KrazyKris9310 bulan yang lalu

    Too bad your on this list. Well if gross gore got unbanned, maybe you and foxyzilla can.

  12. Gaius Julius Caesar

    Gaius Julius Caesar11 bulan yang lalu

    Never have I been happier to have learned a few phrases in Russian 5 yrs ago, than when the girl in the second entry says “ya ni panamayo” (sp?) that’s “I don’t know!” I know that one! Ridiculous, but that made my day!

  13. MizzzN King135V

    MizzzN King135V11 bulan yang lalu

    Bunch of pa

  14. Electro Spider XG

    Electro Spider XGTahun Yang lalu

    why twiched do dat

  15. Electro Spider XG

    Electro Spider XGTahun Yang lalu

    i just 100$ idoit just be happy and spend u freakin idoit my god if i see that i will be happy for that

  16. DyersEve

    DyersEveTahun Yang lalu

    The first one was incredibly disturbing.

  17. Falco Lombardi99

    Falco Lombardi99Tahun Yang lalu

    All the girls are probably unbanned due to sex.

  18. •July•

    •July•Tahun Yang lalu

    The man without a filter is a desired there is one where u can’tControl what you say you have “no filter

  19. Movie News

    Movie NewsTahun Yang lalu

    It will outlaw the repeated viewing or streaming of terrorist material online, and an extension of the offence of inviting support for a proscribed organisation to cover expressions of support that are reckless as to whether they will encourage others to support the organisation. It will ensure that individuals linked to the UK can be prosecuted for having encouraged or carried out acts of terror overseas in the same way as if they had committed them in the UK, and it aims to increase the maximum sentence to 15 years for collecting terrorist information.

  20. Teletion

    TeletionTahun Yang lalu

    why do i immediately think of *_B L Y A T_* when i think about russians?

  21. Jamcake420

    Jamcake420Tahun Yang lalu

    Better make that 6

  22. CDXX

    CDXXTahun Yang lalu

    4:00 you have to be a special kind of alcoholic loser to throw up on yourself in front of hundreds of viewers.

  23. FelipeL67

    FelipeL67Tahun Yang lalu


  24. Sketa

    SketaTahun Yang lalu

    You should update the list OMEGALUL

  25. Still Thinking

    Still ThinkingTahun Yang lalu

    LMAO make that 6

  26. VzGabe

    VzGabeTahun Yang lalu

    Lol I’m on my third strike for doxing I found a way to bypass the ban.

  27. LewieLewTV

    LewieLewTVTahun Yang lalu

    The rape audio made me legit pissed I hope that guy is rotting in a cell getting abused all day long by other inmates

  28. Sebirocs

    SebirocsTahun Yang lalu

    lmao the russian girl got unbanned

  29. amir jamali

    amir jamaliTahun Yang lalu

    i feel bad for the girl who got raped poor thing

  30. xmish16

    xmish16Tahun Yang lalu

    That footage was legitimately disturbing unlike everything else that I've been warned was disturbing on IDreporter. I regret watching.

  31. 123 456

    123 456Tahun Yang lalu

    When GrossGore wasn’t lying 😂

  32. Random User

    Random UserTahun Yang lalu

    look at me I'm mr meeseeks

  33. Dope Mx

    Dope MxTahun Yang lalu

    Joe daddy deserves deserves to have his balls chopped off mabye it’ll calm him down a bit! No?

  34. KommanderPie

    KommanderPieTahun Yang lalu

    3:25 how can you be so stupid and say US-Speaking instead of english

  35. The Pig Among Us

    The Pig Among UsTahun Yang lalu

    RAPE is NOT good!.i'l NEVER RAPE!.

  36. Cool Cat

    Cool CatTahun Yang lalu

    The first one is really scary

  37. MichaelD8393

    MichaelD8393Tahun Yang lalu

    Pin this comment to the top: 1:27 to skip the rape audio, you're welcome!

  38. Area-51

    Area-51Tahun Yang lalu

    Can't handle toxic people online...... just watch fucking cartoon network then...

  39. Earthbound Creations

    Earthbound CreationsTahun Yang lalu

    I enjoy watching your videos there very interesting

  40. Steve starcreator of Apple Jobs Celebrity#1star

    Steve starcreator of Apple Jobs Celebrity#1starTahun Yang lalu

    that's what you get and what you deserve feels bad man 😏✌🏻👍🏻

  41. Teemu Myyryläinen

    Teemu MyyryläinenTahun Yang lalu

    This Russian teenager, is like my similar aged dauther, when i take hes weekly money away from bad behaving and say no to going out with her friends.. ITS THE FCKIN END OF THE WORLD AND LIFE AS WE KNOW IT TO THEM, EVEN A. ITS NOT BIG DEAL, AND B. THEY BROKE THE RULES THAT WHERE SIMPLE AND FAIR.

  42. köny Laiho

    köny Laiho2 tahun yang lalu


  43. Atabrek

    Atabrek2 tahun yang lalu

    First one was really disturbing

  44. Failway

    Failway2 tahun yang lalu

    THEEEEEN krepo gets busted sending dickpics to underage girls and grossgore got instantly unbanned.....

  45. RealOlo Bonjourno

    RealOlo Bonjourno2 tahun yang lalu

    second one - Karina is already unbanned

  46. Lissy Ann

    Lissy Ann2 tahun yang lalu

    ok, it has been said,however....PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING PUT A GRAPHIC WARNING OR REALLY JUST GET RID OF THAT TWISTED AUDIO!!! Not cool to use people's horrific tragedy to get subs and view aka TOXIC!

  47. skte2die

    skte2die2 tahun yang lalu

    What's an AFK?

  48. skte2die

    skte2die2 tahun yang lalu

    xVertexGaming oh that makes sense now. Thanks

  49. xVertex ツ

    xVertex ツ2 tahun yang lalu

    AFK means your away

  50. Abu_Belarus

    Abu_Belarus2 tahun yang lalu

    lolol Karinа она гей

  51. Scott Zummers

    Scott Zummers2 tahun yang lalu

    It’s been Years since JoeDaddy incident. The 2K community has never been so mad at one person in our community. Fuck him

  52. The Edgy Grape

    The Edgy Grape2 tahun yang lalu

    i wanna eat that first guys organs

  53. Marcos Villa

    Marcos Villa2 tahun yang lalu

    The first one made my stomach twist

  54. I am Aslan

    I am Aslan2 tahun yang lalu

    So wait what, im new to this twitch stream site. As a steamer you dont have freedom of speech and as a viewer u can say whatever you want?

  55. Loltol1234

    Loltol12342 tahun yang lalu

    #1 is fucked up

  56. MichaelD8393

    MichaelD83932 tahun yang lalu

    (Pin this to the top is possible) 1:27 to skip the rape audio, you're welcome.

  57. Wheress_Aldo_

    Wheress_Aldo_2 tahun yang lalu

    Where netotiger

  58. Mix

    Mix2 tahun yang lalu

    Sharisha was mad because she didin't know why she get a ban, i love her

  59. Sandra Long

    Sandra Long2 tahun yang lalu

    "Toxic" "toxic" "toxic" Lol

  60. Fred C

    Fred C2 tahun yang lalu

    Is that the cat girl who got a guy to donate her 5,000$

  61. ninjajames_IX

    ninjajames_IX2 tahun yang lalu

    I've seen that second girl lol she's lame

  62. Football137462

    Football1374622 tahun yang lalu

    4:58 is the "Imposter SSSniperWolf".

  63. MasterJunior93

    MasterJunior932 tahun yang lalu

    I try to be careful when i stream. The bright side is at least i second guess myself; my thoughts or feelings for subject matters are not concrete and/or absolute, my opinions for things can change. It's good to show and acknowledge when you're wrong, because you learn something new every day. ^_^

  64. SoulliveBond

    SoulliveBond2 tahun yang lalu

    What's a view bot?

  65. Motalux

    Motalux2 tahun yang lalu

    A Canadian who doesn't apologize for everything. What ?

  66. The Clumsy Gamer

    The Clumsy Gamer2 tahun yang lalu

    Add me I got banned xD

  67. Svebor SG

    Svebor SG2 tahun yang lalu

    Gross Gore is not longer banned

  68. Thekingofprotoss

    Thekingofprotoss2 tahun yang lalu

    i didn't know shrek was toxic....