5 minutes of annoying tik tok vsco girls | Tik Tok Memes


  1. Compilation Crew

    Compilation Crew9 hari yang lalu

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    THECOOLONE903 hari yang lalu

    S is save the dogs


    THECOOLONE903 hari yang lalu

    The n is nikes


    THECOOLONE903 hari yang lalu

    Instead of vsco, it should be nsco

  5. PlatinumPalette

    PlatinumPaletteJam Yang lalu

    Do all vsco girls really just give you their stuff?

  6. Blitx π

    Blitx π4 jam yang lalu

    Me: NOPE * clicks out* My Friend: SKSKSKSK AND I OOP save da turtles Boi wot!?

  7. Ian Durn

    Ian Durn4 jam yang lalu

    Listen, I don’t usually believe in the complete annihilation of a group of people, but...... These people are pushing it

  8. ẞʟᴀᴋᴇᏣʀᴏᴡ ‘

    ẞʟᴀᴋᴇᏣʀᴏᴡ ‘4 jam yang lalu

    *_Ah shit, here we go again-_*

  9. fluffy midnight fox :D

    fluffy midnight fox :D6 jam yang lalu

    The vsco thing was cute now it's just annoying....

  10. PizzaGuy1

    PizzaGuy16 jam yang lalu

    The turtles died because they cringed to hard

  11. PizzaGuy1

    PizzaGuy16 jam yang lalu

    5:27 How we stop the vsco girls

  12. Savannah Montoya Personal Project

    Savannah Montoya Personal Project7 jam yang lalu

    Their Ancesters Must Be Proud

  13. the adventure cousins

    the adventure cousins7 jam yang lalu

    Vsco baby:*poops for first time* Also vsco baby: and I poop


    KWEEN AT LAST8 jam yang lalu

    The third one... 🙏💔 And for the rest... You'll be in my prayers lol...

  15. Colleen F.

    Colleen F.9 jam yang lalu

    I want to punch my self after the first girl!

  16. 2 Sisters & a hamster

    2 Sisters & a hamster9 jam yang lalu

    when youre in the zpne it feels like youre watching asmr!!!!

  17. Derek Alaniz

    Derek Alaniz9 jam yang lalu

    #kill the turtles 🐢

  18. Amanda Helliwell

    Amanda Helliwell12 jam yang lalu


  19. Courtney G

    Courtney G13 jam yang lalu

    I wanted to understand this VSCO girl thing that my students talk about and I wish I hadn’t.

  20. Мини - Морожка

    Мини - Морожка14 jam yang lalu

    10 seconds of this video are enough to get annoyed of girls with no style.

  21. lovemagic 123

    lovemagic 12315 jam yang lalu

    All of the perfume is made out of plastic u r stupid all the trends r stupid so grow up

  22. Joana London

    Joana London16 jam yang lalu

    Womp comp crimp ya lomp hehe dermmi

  23. Shena Pun

    Shena Pun17 jam yang lalu

    Oof so annoying vsco I like e girl

  24. David Hager

    David Hager17 jam yang lalu

    How many times can they say SKSKSKSKSKSKSKSKS AND I OOP

  25. im taestier

    im taestier18 jam yang lalu

    I cringe

  26. keisha russell

    keisha russell18 jam yang lalu

    The second one wasn't even annoying so shutup

  27. XxCrew Xx

    XxCrew Xx21 jam yang lalu

    annoying............... 😔

  28. Margaret Keyes

    Margaret Keyes21 jam yang lalu

    I see billie eilish head

  29. CKyogre

    CKyogre22 jam yang lalu

    0:00 That Save Tho😂😂😂 She Dropped Her Hydroflask😂

  30. Ariana Grandé

    Ariana Grandé23 jam yang lalu

    0:00 to 0:55 is what I came her for.😊. (Sksksksksk)😹😹😹

  31. Kayla and Jack Stearn

    Kayla and Jack StearnHari Yang lalu

    The class one was funny!

  32. Ram Ram

    Ram RamHari Yang lalu

    Are these videos mocking vsco girls? Or they are legit vsco girls? The former is more believable

  33. Mr Male

    Mr MaleHari Yang lalu

    vsco girl’s:AND I OOP welcome to ur vsco sleep over SKSKSKSKSKSKSKSK me:”calls in orbital airstrike” my friend:what else happened over there Me: I can’t explain what happened at that house..................................................... I can only have faith that I did the right thing.

  34. Kyaitsfunnehplayz UWO

    Kyaitsfunnehplayz UWOHari Yang lalu

    Skskkskskskskksks and i OOP

  35. Elite Rink

    Elite RinkHari Yang lalu


  36. Thanh Nguyen

    Thanh NguyenHari Yang lalu

    Wait I know why vsco girls have hydro flask! They wanna save the turtles so no plastic and *HYDRO FLASKSKSKSKSKSK*

  37. guitarbear

    guitarbearHari Yang lalu

    is this first girl gay or what

  38. Tim Rogers

    Tim RogersHari Yang lalu

    So, from what I can understand...these vsco chicks are trying to bring the 90s back? or...?

  39. Tim Rogers

    Tim RogersHari Yang lalu

    So I just found out it's a photo/video app? Are they like cam girls?

  40. Neko Ali Miku Kawaii 01 04

    Neko Ali Miku Kawaii 01 04Hari Yang lalu

    Song from the second tiktok?

  41. NORTEskXIV

    NORTEskXIVHari Yang lalu

    Kids are sooo fucking lame now

  42. Noobmaster69

    Noobmaster69Hari Yang lalu

    Deadass they be lookin like they are having a brain malfunction

  43. Cyphn Luis

    Cyphn LuisHari Yang lalu

    One more sksksks and i oop and i will sksksk skin you and turn your organs into soup

  44. Janet Rodriguez

    Janet RodriguezHari Yang lalu

    1:32 she’s not annoying the first one is

  45. Gwyne Silo

    Gwyne SiloHari Yang lalu

    I love how some vsco girls give away free items 😂

  46. exhausted being

    exhausted beingHari Yang lalu

    I am rlly annoyed lmao

  47. Georgia GREEN

    Georgia GREENHari Yang lalu

    Oml it’s just vsco girls, it’s none of your business so stop minding there business

  48. Meme Kurta

    Meme KurtaHari Yang lalu

    *the first one i wanna choke her slam her on the dumpster and drag her across the concrete and then choke her again run her over with a tractor and swing her to a rock and then slam a rock on her back until she s u f f e r s* that went dark

  49. Shen

    ShenHari Yang lalu

    1989: Valley Girl 2019: VSCO Girl


    DRAGONxMORTHari Yang lalu

    Kill me for watching this

  51. Adrian Esteban

    Adrian EstebanHari Yang lalu

    Eww criiiiinge

  52. waylon hurd

    waylon hurdHari Yang lalu

    my mom walked up and asked what i was looking at what was looking at "how to slap someone through the internet"

  53. ian fusi

    ian fusiHari Yang lalu

    Why is tbe song at 0:57

  54. Madi P

    Madi PHari Yang lalu

    I’m probably being stupid but the girl 4:20 did she SUNBURN her face with hearts?

  55. Madi P

    Madi PHari Yang lalu

    Guess will have to sacrifice you to the Egirls... E girl or Vsco?

  56. Pug Man

    Pug ManHari Yang lalu

    The last one is so cringe

  57. XxWolfie_actionxX 1234

    XxWolfie_actionxX 1234Hari Yang lalu


  58. XxWolfie_actionxX 1234

    XxWolfie_actionxX 1234Hari Yang lalu

    I meant so;-;

  59. Ruac Woensdregt

    Ruac WoensdregtHari Yang lalu

    I cant man i cant finish it i tried man God is gonna punish us for this and the asians are gonna hate us even more

  60. Angel Servant

    Angel ServantHari Yang lalu

    I hate how they’re “flexing cool” stuff

  61. Ęxćãłıbųŕ _

    Ęxćãłıbųŕ _Hari Yang lalu

    I need a vsco friend

  62. Libby Lewis

    Libby LewisHari Yang lalu

    Turtles wanna die after seeing this


    RADIOACTIVE FAN_YTHari Yang lalu

    Cringe Y

  64. Meaza Gebrekristos

    Meaza GebrekristosHari Yang lalu

    So gayyyyy!

  65. Jurre veldhuijsen

    Jurre veldhuijsenHari Yang lalu

    I lost more braincells than turtles that died from straws