5 Insane Russian Dash Cam Videos


  1. the alien

    the alien11 hari yang lalu

    Russia is just europe's florida

  2. J Rose

    J Rose3 bulan yang lalu

    I was in Orlando Florida, at the eye of Orlando and Darth Vader came on his motor bike and he was talking pictures, it was awesome.

  3. Random Thunder

    Random Thunder4 bulan yang lalu

    I got 2 right

  4. Lillie Bailey

    Lillie Bailey5 bulan yang lalu

    Love the babushka doll

  5. No Excuses

    No Excuses8 bulan yang lalu

    He was tilting the head back so he could look out the neck hole I'd say

  6. Sally Otley

    Sally Otley10 bulan yang lalu

    "That van is the Russian version of Universal Studios," lmao 😂

  7. Hi

    Hi11 bulan yang lalu

    6:34 I saw this on a reddit video

  8. Kate Kursive

    Kate KursiveTahun Yang lalu

    Borscht is Ukrainian. Russian is schi #tired

  9. bat c4t

    bat c4tTahun Yang lalu

    Hi how you doin

  10. XyTED

    XyTEDTahun Yang lalu

    I bet all of us knew the 2nd video.

  11. bang chan’s dimples

    bang chan’s dimplesTahun Yang lalu


  12. Time Stone

    Time StoneTahun Yang lalu

    I though it said Russian death cam videos.

  13. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

    Brooklyn Nine-NineTahun Yang lalu

    It’s bothering me that neither of you said good mythical morning

  14. Денис Лапкаев

    Денис ЛапкаевTahun Yang lalu

    Great episode! But there is no T in borsch. Well, at least in Russian language =)

  15. Kate Gunn

    Kate GunnTahun Yang lalu

    Rhett: You may want to choose one that's actually right so you have a chance to keep continue to win Link: OK well then I'll pick the exact same answer you just blatantly told me was wrong

  16. Carlos John Baldoza

    Carlos John BaldozaTahun Yang lalu

    That Russian nesting doll is called a "Matryoshka" (Матрйошка)

  17. Humble Tree

    Humble TreeTahun Yang lalu


  18. Annie Hendrix

    Annie HendrixTahun Yang lalu

    Y didn't link just choose D. In the last round he knew it was wrong!!

  19. crazyrussian73

    crazyrussian73Tahun Yang lalu

    For the second one, translation is as follows: Guy one: "Let's go, it's 3 am allready" Guy two: "I'm not in the best state for driving, my eyes are tired" Guy one: *yawns* "let's just go" And you know what happens next. BTW, sorry if my translation is off, my russian isn't the best.

  20. sam_garton35 on instagram

    sam_garton35 on instagramTahun Yang lalu

    6:20 *dont catch you slippin up*

  21. Megan Emily

    Megan EmilyTahun Yang lalu

    Don't know if any one else gets this but when Rhett pulled out the Russian nesting dolls my first thought was "maaatryoshka"

  22. Eduard Tsipan

    Eduard TsipanTahun Yang lalu

    I think the 4th video is from America.

  23. Sleep Man

    Sleep ManTahun Yang lalu

    Jovochivovovo. Link: 2018

  24. cole78600

    cole78600Tahun Yang lalu

    Cyka bylat

  25. Watchyourprofanity.

    Watchyourprofanity.Tahun Yang lalu

    Cyka Blyat.

  26. memes magic1

    memes magic1Tahun Yang lalu

    thats a dipper pines hat!!

  27. BurlyOIive002

    BurlyOIive002Tahun Yang lalu

    Rhett and link are you guys conservative

  28. Kohl

    KohlTahun Yang lalu

    I was very confused by the balloon one. I knew that there was no way that was in Russia

  29. Elegant Disarray

    Elegant DisarrayTahun Yang lalu

    "Why are we all just accepting that that's Alex??" Lmao! Seriously, I was thinking the same thing...😂

  30. Glory to Russia

    Glory to RussiaTahun Yang lalu

    Now do traditional Russian music

  31. Wanupgurl

    WanupgurlTahun Yang lalu

    I only got 1 right

  32. Anna Sprouse

    Anna SprouseTahun Yang lalu

    Notice link said in the one "they were getting a "kick" out of it." 😂

  33. Pat Franks

    Pat FranksTahun Yang lalu

    eyes wide open doggy style

  34. Victoria Rayko

    Victoria RaykoTahun Yang lalu

    Love from Russia, guys!

  35. Andrea Klempay

    Andrea KlempayTahun Yang lalu

    this video has taught me that I need to invest in a dashcam

  36. JR Games

    JR GamesTahun Yang lalu

    Why couldn’t it b Hillary’s emails

  37. OnlyAngel11

    OnlyAngel11Tahun Yang lalu

    THERE IS NOTHING TO LOOK AT😂😂😂 it’s like 1 second🤣 💀

  38. Angie Rogers

    Angie RogersTahun Yang lalu

    What the hell did I just see X-D

  39. Alfie Barker

    Alfie BarkerTahun Yang lalu

    Reporting housing union sophisticated throw incident willing woman.

  40. взрыво шоу

    взрыво шоуTahun Yang lalu


  41. взрыво шоу

    взрыво шоуTahun Yang lalu

    Борщ нот

  42. Nicole 🌸💞

    Nicole 🌸💞Tahun Yang lalu

    Barsch is not originally from Russia it's from Poland

  43. GooseWithDaGibus

    GooseWithDaGibusTahun Yang lalu

    Link is looking a little grey there lol

  44. nobuchika

    nobuchikaTahun Yang lalu

    rhett's flamingo shirt is so cute omg

  45. theMajorViking

    theMajorVikingTahun Yang lalu


  46. Rainy Day

    Rainy DayTahun Yang lalu

    I LOVE Russian dash-cam videos! I watch them a lot!

  47. Andreea McPufi

    Andreea McPufiTahun Yang lalu

    I knew all of them ! Do I have a problem ? neh im good I know them from ddh ! Very proud of my life choices!...

  48. Megan Stufflebeam

    Megan StufflebeamTahun Yang lalu

    Please oh please make some merch with the phrase "Queen Sweep" on it!

  49. Vladislav

    VladislavTahun Yang lalu

    2 последних видео не из России

  50. thedestroyer 99

    thedestroyer 99Tahun Yang lalu

    Russia is weird

  51. Simone SSF

    Simone SSFTahun Yang lalu

    Кто тоже из Питера, ставь лайк!) From Russia with love!)))

  52. TheShrimpLegend 2

    TheShrimpLegend 2Tahun Yang lalu

    ... I have a fear of vans and furries now.

  53. Made Evan P

    Made Evan PTahun Yang lalu

    I'm not hearing any funky music...

  54. Sam Hayduk

    Sam HaydukTahun Yang lalu

    rotten borche is bad news.

  55. Hellomylovelies

    HellomyloveliesTahun Yang lalu

    1 right. Wow haha

  56. S D

    S DTahun Yang lalu


  57. Yippy Skippy

    Yippy SkippyTahun Yang lalu


  58. Septra Ortis

    Septra OrtisTahun Yang lalu

    I want to know more about that couple with the Siamese cat.

  59. Lindsey Nicole

    Lindsey NicoleTahun Yang lalu

    They should totally make D right one of these days to confuse everyone.

  60. nosypolerbear23

    nosypolerbear23Tahun Yang lalu