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    Please don't cook steak for 4 hours...

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    Tasty has gotten so bad over the yrs

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    Very poor editing... Disappointing

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    Will definitely be trying the Tuscan white bean soup

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    CHANGE THE COLOR OF THE INGREDIENTS TO CONTRAST THE AREA ITS OVER, got these big ass white bars on the side of the video cutting off the names of the dishes and that annoying suggestion banner at the top, who edited this video? I bet they get paid good to fuck up, let me edit your videos, people would actually be able to read the ingredients!

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    They all look good, and my favorite is the last one - chicken and dumplings :) .

  8. FP Sentinel

    FP SentinelBulan Yang lalu

    For the Slow cooker Tuscan white bean soup, could you add rice into the soup? And if so, when would you recommend adding it so it’s thoroughly cooked?

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    I do wish they also put the recipe in the comments.mostly so you know what you need to buy.

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    Great for me

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    You just know that the slow cooked, pulled chicken breast was just the driest

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    Lol, anyone else notice that they made oobleck?

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    The editing for this video is extremely lazy.

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    No list if ingredients or recipes listed below the video. Seems a straight-forward item to include?

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    Wow! Looks delicious!

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    Because "dump dinners" sounds appetizing...

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    GiantBombCast Aftermath 3 AM Boyz!!!!

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    These look so yum :) I may need to try some of them out in my Thermomix with the new slow cooking function :) yay so many recipes to cook on these cold winter nights :)

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    I NEED MOUNTAIN DEW REDBulan Yang lalu

    Oh my god boomers don’t know how to do anything. When the banner comes up and blocks your ingredients, you tap the little “i” in the corner to make it go away

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    Tasty (in the end): o h..oh..ohhhh...yeeessss is missing now a days.....

  23. Fendii Ronn

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    Omfg these are so easy. Just gotta have the ingredients no skill needed! Im def gonna buy a slowcooker

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    What's this metric bullshit? This is America...we measure in freedom

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    T Ta Tas Tast Tasty Tast Tas Ta T

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    3:13 mmm Low cooker Ney Teriya Chicken

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    The music 🧐

  30. cuteableme21

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    Is there a vegan alternative to “cream of chicken”?

  31. GreatScott77

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    Actually this Korean content creator "Cho" (Cho's Daily Cook) made a vegan custard cream. It looks like you can use that type of a recipe, but substitute out the sugar. She uses soy milk and reduces it down so that it actually has a very creamy texture similar to cream of chicken or celery/mushroom soup. You can also soak cashews in water for an hour to soften them up then dump the entire thing into a food processor and season as necessary with similar seasonings as the cream of chicken soup. :) I hope this helps!

  32. Adrienne McMillan

    Adrienne McMillanBulan Yang lalu

    You would probably have to make your own. The cream of soups use cream/dairy. I haven't seen anything canned in store made with a dairy free alternative

  33. Opal

    OpalBulan Yang lalu

    Perhaps cream of mushroom or celery? I dont have any cans to check the labels but that is my best guess!

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    Wtf was that❓👀

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    Cool, but WTF is fuss??

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    Needs more beef!

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    slow cooker take a dump dinners!? fucking gross!!

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    Beef? Sirloin steak? It´s so expensive here, I am not millionaire.

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    cute partners #Rial forever 😍

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    Only complaint is when those banners cross the top. I can't see the ingredients or how much. Aggravating.

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    You can try going to settings and turning off annotations

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    Swipe right on them. I hate them soooo much on these cooking videos.

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    Can swipe those off, but yes annoying.

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    What’s up w the music ?!?

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    Best non fuss meal is a protein shake . Powder + water = done

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    Mere channel ko subscribe kre dosto

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    Need this while I'm studying for finals 😣😍

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    in one part of of the video it's like it's saying daddy pig da da

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    Does Tasty have ANY CLUE how much beef costs right now? Two pounds of sirloin~$28.00 or MORE! That roast in #1? Probably close to $40 where I live. We don't eat beef often. Maybe twice a year. We're on a limited budget, but we aren't poor so to speak but for $35-$40? I can buy a lot of chicken or fish to make several meals. Easy? Yes. Tastes good? Probably. Practical for families without hundreds and hundreds to spend on meats? No. Just. No. Time to NOT be tone deaf Tasty. Beef is waaaaaay too expensive for most people. Especially big pieces, like the roast. Jenn in 🇨🇦

  50. GabrielleduVent

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    @rhijulbec1 I googled. You know, I use this search engine? Also, is it that crazy to have a foreigner in the U.S.? Have you never met someone living in Canada from abroad? Wow.

  51. rhijulbec1

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    @GabrielleduVent Really? Quote from your post. ~ "The average price of sirloin HERE IN THE THE US..." So did you lie in your first post or your second or are you not American but living in the US? That little red and white rectangle emoji tells you where I'm from. I honestly hope this is a joke. Because if it isn't, it's pretty pathetic. Either way I'll not respond to another comment if you post. Because you're either really uninformed or a horrible humorist and I don't have time for either. Jenn IN CANADA 🇨🇦

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    @rhijulbec1 sorry, I'm not an American. Good try, though!

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    @GabrielleduVent Unh huh. YOU certainly sound like a yank, though 😂

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    @Ballsack Mcgee WOW! Why do I get the feeling we're being ripped off? A pound of xtra lean minced beef is around $6-$7 lb. As I said, sirloin steak is about 12$-13$ when it's on sale here! Cheapest roast (chuck or blade) is easily $12-$15/lb. PS~love your handle, 😂 Jenn 🇨🇦

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    Selling delicious gourmet popcorn to fundraise for cheer!!!! Flavors such as “it’s peanut butter chocolate time” “in queso fire” and so much more! dgood.co/19f7b4d5

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    Here is another video of tasty foods that I will watch but never will make lol

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    This video is a raw edit or something because there's text cut off and incorrect/repeated titles. WTF?

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    Jamie Bytheway eresweewere

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    I thought it was my phone, thinking I zoomed in.

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    Thank goodness I'm not the only one who noticed that

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    Jamie Bytheway I wondered about that too. Maybe they uploaded the wrong version or something

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    1:28 "C**k in paint"

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    She was aggressive with it

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    Omg this just posted! What?

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    Cream of chicken soup? what is it?

  67. Ballsack Mcgee

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    Jeanette Nejadi cream of chicken soup

  68. Kate

    KateBulan Yang lalu

    It's a canned food item. It's a condensed soup. It's used in the place of a gravy (roux and stock.)

  69. Pingu the smol bean with lumbago

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    Any non-alcoholic alternatives for wine?

  70. Rachelbabis55

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    The alcohol cooks out

  71. Pingu the smol bean with lumbago

    Pingu the smol bean with lumbagoBulan Yang lalu

    @Kate thanks :))

  72. Kate

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    Beef stock.

  73. Sindre Kristiansen

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    I love ‘ow cooke eef stew’!

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    The one with rice is the best 😅😋 Beef broccoli 😋😋

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    W A R R E N get out of here with your gay emojis no one wants them.

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    Look very tasty and easy! I'm going to try the chicken and dumplings/biscuits, look delicious!🎅🏼🤶🎄

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    Jip have you not heard of google ?

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    Just go to Budget Bytes. Tasty will just do brand name sponsorships.

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    Us kids can't cook our Steak with Wine

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    can you please do simple cheap dorm meals w/out microwave oven

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    @Kate hahahahhahah

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    Why cook when you can eat right out of the dumpster

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    Lol - why does the Beef and Broccoli dish say "Beef Stew"? That one looks super yummy btw!

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    It’s 3am wtf am I doing

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