5 Detective Riddles Taken From Real Life!


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    This will be very easy😏 🤩😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏

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    i wouldnt have given up

  3. Mridul Mishra

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    What a funny walk Brian has ( 1:36 ) and to catch the thief who stole the file he ran but he was running like a turtle (1.40) then how can he catch the thief 🤣🤣😂😂

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    I WOULD have try and try and try again and till I success. Won't you? 👑🐕

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    I wouldn't back up. It was a easy riddle video

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    What ????? The thumbnail lol

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    I don't think it is fear that they thought it was the lady without the cast it could have been either of them like I said they were just assuming

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    Im so satisfy for this video

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    i would've not given up on the third case! I wouldn't of gave up!

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    I solved all the cases correctly.......all were very easy

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    These confuse me

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    These questions are sometimes are and sometimes easy lol

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    I got them all right 👍

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    I found all the answers right luckyly

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    Rip rewind and pause button

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    When your a detective you don't choose your cases

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    All of them is about Brian

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    Peter = Mr Smith Husband

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    no class for 1 week me have nothing to do...and bored 7 second riddles,bright side & national geographis: say whatt??

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    the answer

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    My name is Brian

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    most of the time the detective was eating dounuts coffee

  23. inspired by you

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    I did em all!i only failed the last one by a clue

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    I answered all of them

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    no I did not Want to give up because I finished it

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    Sub to lime army

  29. Mobile Legends best game play Nana is my sis

    Mobile Legends best game play Nana is my sis18 hari yang lalu

    Too easily solved. I am ashamed if Sharlock Holmes got these questions, he would have died saying 😂😂😝😋😝😋😝😋😝😋😝😋😝😋what are these stupid stuffs Watson 😌

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    Why do you mention the same comment in every video

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    I got... 5/5! Thank you, 7 second riddles, you've made my brain into a riddle solving machine!

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    I got everything right 🤓

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    nope. i wouldn't have given up

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    Yea I would

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    Why is Brian smarter than me tho

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    Please that's not so hard it's eazy

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    1:33 the way he said aye and the way his face was made me crack up

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    Vicente Nunez it took about an hour ha😩

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    I hate 7 second riddles

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    Did that take a long time???😮😮 Cool impressive!👌

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    colonel Sanders enslaves children

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    @Epic Gamer me too

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    and I respect that

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    4 answers correct

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    The second one with the painting couldn’t it also be the third guy because he has no brush to draw? Just saying

  52. Jamie Caione

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    I agree for Number 2, the culprit escaping into the Art Studio, the person on the left is less likely to be the culprit as you can mix varying amounts of blue and yellow to make shades of green whereas the person on the far right was not even holding a brush so they are more likely to be the culprit.

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    Am I the only one who hates the comment questions?

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    It’s the middle one because her is card isn’t hers. It somebody else’s.

  55. Raghavi Makeup Artist

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    Last riddle one was so stupid. His wife had said that he dint have phone to contact when he went to his frnds house, wch means he had already left his phone in his house before leaving to his friends place!

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    I wrong only the last question

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    im a kid i love ur vids

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    ikr his running is hilarious xD

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    I got all but exept for 1 reeeea

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    Why would the woman with broken arm be at the bank..??

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    Just look at her shitty face

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    I know that the left one is fake

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    1:17 an alternate universe where June couldn't take Dr. Smith's identity in outer space so she took it here lol

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    That second nurse is fake why means dog photo

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    The 3rd case was easy but the 2nd oNe was hard for me😂

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    I would keep trying🏥🏦

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    Brian looks funny when he runs

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    Go Brian!!

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    I got them all right, so easy