5 Crazy New Inventions You NEED To See In 2018


  1. Loopy Luvpump

    Loopy Luvpump9 bulan yang lalu

    Wearable chair!!!! I've never seen anything so FUCKING RIDICULOUS in my life!!!!

  2. classicleon

    classicleon11 bulan yang lalu

    Those who bought Chairless Chairs told me this is most useless tool they ever used. You have to carrying a 2kg chair to work 8 hours a day, in the mean time you only sit for 15 min.

  3. Sucky Gaming5103

    Sucky Gaming510311 bulan yang lalu

    I didnt think you could over complicate napping and yet, someone has

  4. Dane Spacey

    Dane SpaceyTahun Yang lalu

    I'm sorry, I'm out

  5. ITz MaTtzB

    ITz MaTtzBTahun Yang lalu

    Flex tape.

  6. Ashok Kumar

    Ashok KumarTahun Yang lalu

    I think no 2 (noonee) is very useful for barbers

  7. Nelson Guerrero

    Nelson GuerreroTahun Yang lalu

    Who the F..k is going to wear a hip stroller???

  8. Raymond Monk

    Raymond MonkTahun Yang lalu

    How is he from the construction industry when he calls a surface mount flush... to be flush it must recess into the floor surface to be completely even with the floor surface, not just drill a hole for the magnet to drop.. then he tapered the collar so you can’t recess it to get that flush finish. Great idea but not as advertised.

  9. Sergio P.

    Sergio P.Tahun Yang lalu

    The last one (door stopper) is total crap, a door stop prevents the door handle knocking/damaging the wall. No way that magnet would prevent that.

  10. ngoc nguyen

    ngoc nguyenTahun Yang lalu

    2018 is here!

  11. roy romano

    roy romanoTahun Yang lalu

    hmmm, i think id rather shoot myself in the face. thank you!

  12. Fly Oz

    Fly OzTahun Yang lalu

    opey inventions that inventors think are good

  13. ss k Singh

    ss k SinghTahun Yang lalu

    Salwinder singh

  14. Dan Hill

    Dan HillTahun Yang lalu

    Everything on here was stupid especially your door thing people lying in bed at night wondering how they going to stop the door from hitting the wall

  15. Julie Johnson

    Julie JohnsonTahun Yang lalu

    Big difference from "nodding out" to napping and bigger difference..., I guess, big difference to reconsider it.

  16. Oynx Abyss

    Oynx AbyssTahun Yang lalu

    The hidden "jack"

  17. Ben Ayob

    Ben AyobTahun Yang lalu

    Hip star is stupid

  18. nicola Reay

    nicola ReayTahun Yang lalu

    That doorstop is amazing, I need at least 1

  19. Katori Eason

    Katori EasonTahun Yang lalu

    🎶A chair is still a chair🎶

  20. チルチルおじさん

    チルチルおじさんTahun Yang lalu


  21. Shivangi Patel

    Shivangi PatelTahun Yang lalu

    Number 1 and 2 were awesome. Number one very useful nice job. Number two was amazing.

  22. brown

    brownTahun Yang lalu

    magnetic door to lock all that has come but how for able to with stand when it is open maganetic has it capacity but strength of door when it is strong wind most of them struggle to get to bring either just as manudal door lock we need to have hook to hold it which creates almost irks but magnetic strength and wind blow strength of the wind makes u fail magnetic lock connection either disconnect it

  23. Craig Smith

    Craig SmithTahun Yang lalu

    Walabot, save your money. You'll spend more time calibrating and recalibrating with each use that a standard stud finder can do in seconds without wasted time calibrating for each use.

  24. Illidan Stormrage

    Illidan StormrageTahun Yang lalu

    Nice speakers and seat

  25. Akim Da Silva

    Akim Da SilvaTahun Yang lalu

    Number 3 looks like the salt and pepper shakers and It probably isn't waterproof where the holes in the speakers are

  26. Akim Da Silva

    Akim Da SilvaTahun Yang lalu

    I'm pretty sure that the first one was meant to stop you from having to wear backpacks 😂 1:35

  27. Harold young

    Harold youngTahun Yang lalu

    hipstar more like mule cart

  28. notdirtyflics

    notdirtyflicsTahun Yang lalu

    Flux hd ad sounds like a great idea too bad the Wi-Fi is destroying people's bodies it will soon be common knowledge that Wi-Fi causes all kinds of problems in human body

  29. Behrooz Mahmudi

    Behrooz MahmudiTahun Yang lalu

    عالی بود......

  30. Victor Hugo

    Victor HugoTahun Yang lalu

    the chair is actually very interesting, will be good outside the usa and canada where clients weigh under 280lbs

  31. Victor Hugo

    Victor HugoTahun Yang lalu

    is this american humor?

  32. wyatt m

    wyatt mTahun Yang lalu

    the hip star thing is a terrible idea as I don't see anyone ever wanting to be seen with one of those and backpacks just aren't that big of an inconvenience for most people to buy that. but I see that making millions selling to the military. if that was made way more rugged and designed for way heavier loads and more off road. that would be perfect for soldiers walking on patrol for hours on end with heavy ass backpacks. make it easy to take off in a second and easy to put on in a second. make the wheels able to turn in any direction incase the soldier needs to back up in any direction. and make where all the soldier needs to do to put it on his back is squat down and put his arms through straps and be able to have it on his back fast like that.

  33. wildsprig

    wildsprigTahun Yang lalu

    Hyah mule!

  34. Lee Francis Padla

    Lee Francis PadlaTahun Yang lalu

    #5 you'll lose your things when you come to my place

  35. Jamie Cox

    Jamie CoxTahun Yang lalu

    Does it come with an additional trailer for just in case

  36. Shaun Carter

    Shaun CarterTahun Yang lalu

    5:39 I came here for this 👍

  37. camgere

    camgereTahun Yang lalu

    I have to take a door off the hinges, drill a large accurate hole in it, put it back, then drill a hole in my floor. Or just drill a small hole in a baseboard (oh wait, the builder already did this) and screw in a cheap springy doorstop? Ohhhh, let me guess what I'll do. My landlord will love me when I leave. Is there a guarantee to fix the doorknob sized hole in the sheetrock if somebody slams the door open moving furniture?

  38. Abel Ponsel

    Abel PonselTahun Yang lalu

    Cari alat cangih pencukur jembut.

  39. buzzy one

    buzzy oneTahun Yang lalu

    The chair less chair would be good at public toilets and music festivals when ya need to hover poo !

  40. otomis2000

    otomis2000Tahun Yang lalu

    Oh ... a rickshaw.

  41. YouTube employee On my break

    YouTube employee On my breakTahun Yang lalu

    This thing makes a fanny pack look heterosexual.

  42. dinopad10

    dinopad10Tahun Yang lalu

    As a teacher, I could use that noonee chairless chair thing. I'm constantly on my feet, but also needing to sit next to a student at times when I'm helping them one-on-one.

  43. dinopad10

    dinopad10Tahun Yang lalu

    G Roc Perez You think being a teacher who helps students when they need specific attention is “creepy?” What’s wrong with you? I’ll often take a knee next to a student’s desk if we’re looking at an assignment together, or they need clarification, and they appreciate the extra guidance. It’s called one-on-one teaching. Didn’t you go to school??

  44. G Roc Perez

    G Roc PerezTahun Yang lalu

    Exactly how close do you have to sit to a student...and exactly what kind of a one-to-one are you talking about? Sounds creepy to me.

  45. dinopad10

    dinopad10Tahun Yang lalu

    Hip Star... if you have that much crap you're lugging around while jogging on the beach, there's something wrong with you.

  46. Eric Paroissien

    Eric ParoissienTahun Yang lalu

    The chairless chair is for challenged people, or because we've been brainwashed to believe that standing all day working is a challenge.

  47. Feelings Over Facts

    Feelings Over FactsTahun Yang lalu

    Doorstop awesome. Chair silly. Speakers ok. Napping is cool thing too.

  48. Feelings Over Facts

    Feelings Over FactsTahun Yang lalu

    Hahaha...the hip star! That shit is super funny.

  49. Original Gangster

    Original GangsterTahun Yang lalu

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  50. tammie heazlit

    tammie heazlitTahun Yang lalu

    Not for backpacking. sorry. obviously the inventor has never backpacked.

  51. Kadui Saui

    Kadui SauiTahun Yang lalu

    I wanted to make the wearable chair for trimming horses hooves. It's hard work and you must squat repeatedly then hold that position for a long time as you work with the horse. The chair thing might be really god for that type of job.

  52. G Roc Perez

    G Roc PerezTahun Yang lalu

    Have you heard of the latest hi-tech solution to your problem? It's called a STOOL!

  53. Sean C

    Sean CTahun Yang lalu

    Uhhh..ok so the speakers I guess are cool, but the description is odd. When they aren't physically linked they function as standalone units, which would require both of them have independent connectivity, which would also mean that while they ARE physically linked and function as a L/R pair that technically one speaker is linked to a source and the other speaker linked to the first. Seems like a preposterous connection nightmare with no purpose. Why would you even WANT them to function as 2 wholly separate units when not physically connected? The act of separating them would create a more complete "stereo" sound effect than you would ever have with them stuck together....and as I said, the connectivity issues are sort of ridiculous...

  54. Mishi Z

    Mishi ZTahun Yang lalu

    How dare they try to exterminate my first instrument with that door stop crap! 😡

  55. Mishi Z

    Mishi ZTahun Yang lalu

    I'm a hairdresser...that chairless chair thing is a spine saver

  56. sam ben

    sam benTahun Yang lalu

    hipstar is a stupid invention

  57. Blitz Krogg

    Blitz KroggTahun Yang lalu

    These are all not useful. Who has trouble with door stops first of all. And second I've seen a lot of business doors that latch from the bottom. I hate these products that act like they are reinventing the wheel, when in reality there taking someone else's idea and just making it look different. Like the black out thing.... I mean really. We have pillows with speakers, and bed masks have been around forever. Same with the standing item. I've seen all of this before. I will back someone if they come up with a new idea. Not stealing others. Not to mention none of these really fix a problem that needs fixing. If your employees are calling in all try he time, you need new employees not something to make the lazy.

  58. G Roc Perez

    G Roc PerezTahun Yang lalu

    Instead of "backing" someone for a new product, maybe you should invest in a good English class.

  59. Piet Perske

    Piet PerskeTahun Yang lalu

    You can pull 90% more than you can carry. However, nobody goes around lugging a ton around a city or in airports, for that we have invented delivery vehicles and wheeled suitcases. I have been thinking of a similar product for trekking over rough and hilly terrain, this will not do, because it is a city toy. I suggest the following improvements: 1) It needs an overrun brake, else the thing will push you over going down hill. 2) The wheels need to be at least double in size, and the wheelbase should be narrower. 3) The load needs to lie flat in order to lower the centre of gravity. 4) It could be fitted with a detachable winch. This way you can leave it behind as you climb a steep hill, and winch it up behind you. To facilitate this, a cone that fits over one end made of uhmwpe will let you drag it over rocks and round bends. Theoretically with all these improvements you can go into the wild with at least your own body weight in kit and supplies in tow. Both favourable and nasty comments are invited.

  60. Daniel Rodriguez

    Daniel RodriguezTahun Yang lalu

    That black out stupid shit, cheaper to get drunk and pass out,

  61. Aaron Stone

    Aaron StoneTahun Yang lalu

    Forget the office. I want the chairless chair for long lines.

  62. G Roc Perez

    G Roc PerezTahun Yang lalu

    Long lines? Here's a thought...take along a hat. When you sit, place the hat in front of you...people will think you're an interactive art display. This will allow you to generate a secondary, stream of tax-free income.

  63. devonferris

    devonferrisTahun Yang lalu

    Now I want some of that Nonee

  64. Mr

    MrTahun Yang lalu

    Hipstar 🤣🤣 would rather not

  65. Stone Cold Texan

    Stone Cold TexanTahun Yang lalu

    I build custom staircases for a few different homebuilders in Texas and I can definitely see some of the high-end homebuilders I contract with using the Fantom doorstop in the homes they build. Let's face it, most doorstops are pretty unsightly especially those damn springs with a plastic cap on the end of it. I think it could be a very useful product.