4 Levels of Hot Dogs: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious


  1. Tobias Lund Rauh

    Tobias Lund Rauh2 jam yang lalu

    Level 5: Heats up a dog

  2. African Saiyan

    African Saiyan2 jam yang lalu

    The comments are better than the video

  3. Kacie Star

    Kacie Star2 jam yang lalu

    Julie seems absolutely delightful and I want her to be my grandma

  4. dawntraveler42

    dawntraveler423 jam yang lalu

    Someone should explain to the food-scientist that many of the same spices and bio-chem reactions are also included in the level 1 and 2 hot-dogs and sausages. Pretending that only the level three professional chef is creating something unique is insulting to your audience.

  5. marvmarvoLP

    marvmarvoLP3 jam yang lalu

    Did she just BOIL Bratwurst?

  6. tio ricketts

    tio ricketts4 jam yang lalu

    I thought hot dogs were quick. Chef has me forgetting why I wanted a hot dog. “Like what did I order again?”

  7. Crow Eater

    Crow Eater4 jam yang lalu

    I will never understand Americans boiling processed meats. Just bbq a real sausage.

  8. Luis F.

    Luis F.5 jam yang lalu

    im from germany and by level 2 she is using a saucage that isnt used to be as a hotdog

  9. Marie Gattringer

    Marie Gattringer6 jam yang lalu

    This is not an original german/austrian Bratwurst, they are much thinner!

  10. Jolan

    Jolan6 jam yang lalu

    My guy used 5 Einstein machines just to make a hotdog xD 😂😂😂

  11. Joseph o. h

    Joseph o. h7 jam yang lalu

    Aaaales klar hotdog mit bratwurst 🤦‍♂️

  12. Patrick Svensson

    Patrick Svensson7 jam yang lalu

    You all should try some danish hotdogs. This image is from the Danish Hotdog Championship 2018 (yes we do have that) internationalcommunity.dk/Files/Files/hotdog%20dm.jpg

  13. Rextek

    Rextek8 jam yang lalu

    i am german and we dont use a bratwurst for a hotdog lol :D

  14. Neotopisch

    Neotopisch8 jam yang lalu

    I am Level -1

  15. Great Stranger

    Great Stranger8 jam yang lalu

    At 1:38 frank is giving us the finger

  16. seplayer

    seplayer8 jam yang lalu

    Those people really muricans?

  17. Hakuna Matata

    Hakuna Matata8 jam yang lalu

    Harissa with pickled onions? WTF

  18. Genci LL

    Genci LL9 jam yang lalu

    1:01 lol turn on captions

  19. Bhatia Rachit

    Bhatia Rachit10 jam yang lalu

    Frank literally puting everything he sees I am surprised he didn't put the camera man

  20. Silent Wolf

    Silent Wolf10 jam yang lalu

    I feel poor watching frank

  21. Elijah Brantingham

    Elijah Brantingham11 jam yang lalu

    Emily: no need to make your own hotdog from scratch, I just buy from the store Frank: And now for the casing, you need to find a Jewish male and rob him of his shmeet, typically I prefer mine to be around 26 years old

  22. Abhishesh Bhatta

    Abhishesh Bhatta11 jam yang lalu

    Level 1 always wins.

  23. Ren

    Ren12 jam yang lalu

    i rather eat a salad than the level one hot dog.

  24. Andy Manson

    Andy Manson13 jam yang lalu

    How most of these episodes go: Level 1: I brought some ground beef for my tacos. Level 2: I brought some steaks to grind up for my tacos. Level 3: I brought a whole cow and I'm gonna show you how to properly slaughter it to make the best tacos.

  25. Dr. Moviebee

    Dr. Moviebee15 jam yang lalu

    Level 4 chef: chops meat off his arm and makes a hot dog.

  26. omgx.lil.j

    omgx.lil.j15 jam yang lalu

    whats emilys @

  27. WaTeR LeMoN

    WaTeR LeMoN15 jam yang lalu

    The amateur hotdog looks best in the thumbnail

  28. Cherufuk McGee

    Cherufuk McGee15 jam yang lalu

    Level 1: Friends cooking for you Level 2: Your mom’s cooking Level 3: Food you’ll never eat cuz you’re broke...

  29. althn

    althn16 jam yang lalu

    she did not just put canned cheese on that hotdog

  30. KitkatJohn

    KitkatJohn16 jam yang lalu

    Why don't you let them try each other's creations instead of the pro-review at the end? I just watched them make the foods, I really don't need a recap, but It would be really interesting to hear the opinions of their peers. Maybe they would think differently about what they've made.

  31. meme marmol

    meme marmol16 jam yang lalu

    damn i must really be a level 0 chef cause I just cook my hot dogs in the microwave.

  32. Sean Cochran

    Sean Cochran16 jam yang lalu

    A bratwurst isn't a hot dog

  33. Ethan Lozier

    Ethan Lozier16 jam yang lalu

    Hot dogs are sandwiches and brats are not hot dogs, fight me

  34. adriel encinas

    adriel encinas16 jam yang lalu

    Hey im just saying one thing, mexican hotdogs are the best

  35. Andrew Yang's Hologram

    Andrew Yang's Hologram16 jam yang lalu

    Frank: Makes all these hot dog links. Also Frank: Takes one bite out of one hot dog link.

  36. Andrew Yang's Hologram

    Andrew Yang's Hologram16 jam yang lalu

    Emily: “ the hardest thing about cooking is the waiting.” Frank : "Am I a Joke to you?"

  37. Parker Hopkins

    Parker Hopkins18 jam yang lalu

    Julie's hot dog looks best

  38. Oscar Cruz

    Oscar Cruz18 jam yang lalu

    Can you guys add level 2.5 "street food vendor" we need a Mexican hotdog up in this joint.

  39. Johnathan Tronathan

    Johnathan Tronathan18 jam yang lalu

    Emily: Literally everyone while cooking Julie: Your grandma Frank: *Makes his own water*

  40. One smart girl

    One smart girl18 jam yang lalu

    I don’t get why people are “making fun” of Frank. He’s just doing his job. Yes, some of the comments make me smile but imagine working hard to make something on a IDreporter channel to scroll through the comments and see multiple people stepping on your work.

  41. dawntraveler42

    dawntraveler423 jam yang lalu

    It's not Frank that people are mocking, but the pretentiousness involved in making the video. The pickled onions? Overly complex and pretentious in the preparation. You can make them without jarring them. Especially since Frank stated that they were kept in the jar for a whole 20 minutes. Turn off the heat and keep the onions in the pot. Taa-daa, picked onions. Ice in the meat mixture to firm it up? Fine. Chilling overnight? Again, overly complex and time consuming. Especially after you added ice to the mixture to help cool and firm. It's not professional at that point, but pretentious.

  42. Enz0

    Enz018 jam yang lalu

    Imagine if Frank just spit out his hotdog the minute he ate it.

  43. Sean Kennedy

    Sean Kennedy19 jam yang lalu

    /hurray Emily

  44. HungryHippoBalls

    HungryHippoBalls20 jam yang lalu

    is it just me or is this the 1st time the lvl 3 chefs food looked most appetising?

  45. Ninja Bros

    Ninja Bros21 jam yang lalu

    SO is there a level 4 hot dog or not?

  46. I Don't Mine

    I Don't Mine21 jam yang lalu

    Emily is the type of girl to work at a Costco food court or the Walmart Nathan’s place where they just serve you boiled hot dogd

  47. Kim Fauley

    Kim Fauley21 jam yang lalu

    I will do level 2 tacos

  48. Owen Price

    Owen Price21 jam yang lalu

    They are all very epic

  49. Dan Pham

    Dan Pham21 jam yang lalu

    I hate her she’s so annoying

  50. Fide Nemini

    Fide Nemini22 jam yang lalu

    I'm just glad Frank didn't hang those sausages in a cellar for 5 years

  51. joe daddy

    joe daddy22 jam yang lalu

    bro frank took three days to cook a hotdog

  52. Stego Burger

    Stego Burger22 jam yang lalu

    you know s--ts getting real when they pull out the *level 4*

  53. Israel Barrientes

    Israel Barrientes22 jam yang lalu

    OMG I loved this video! The first lady is trying to narrate the cooking even though its super easy. The second lady is pretty good at cooking... but she had to buy every thing. The third guy is literally making every thing from scratch and using a lot of different spices

  54. Kk

    Kk22 jam yang lalu

    Frank's sauce just looks like a spicy tomato paste and not Harissa with roasted red bell peppers... Still Looks delicious though...

  55. Doodlebob108

    Doodlebob10823 jam yang lalu

    If a sausage and pepper sandwich is a sandwich, then a hotdog is a sandwich.

  56. ThatOneGuyJames

    ThatOneGuyJamesHari Yang lalu

    Wrongo emily the easiest way is the old 1 minute nuker

  57. Daantje

    DaantjeHari Yang lalu

    Emilyyy where is the ketchup

  58. Gimmsgar

    GimmsgarHari Yang lalu

    Wtf... dude, that ain't a fuckn hotdog! Lady Nr. 2 just ruined those awesome Bratwürste but cook lvl 1 knows how to do a hotdog!!!

  59. rorobisi rorobisi

    rorobisi rorobisiHari Yang lalu

    10:28 Frank:let me interdouce myself.

  60. Hala Bassar

    Hala BassarHari Yang lalu

    No you guys!!!! You cant have Emily, Frank and Rose but not have Lorenzo!!!! Why dont you get that you have stars to capitalize on. Please have an eye for the breadth of opportunity here...

  61. Orange Gremlin

    Orange GremlinHari Yang lalu

    Emily: *doesn’t put ketchup in her hotdog* Me: NANI!