4 Levels of Chili: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious


  1. Zimerman

    Zimerman24 menit yang lalu

    No more Lorenzo he's hella annoying

  2. px106l

    px106l2 jam yang lalu

    It is amazing that none of them made a good chili, the level 3 is a joke.

  3. Scharfy7

    Scharfy73 jam yang lalu

    level 3 is gumbo... smdh

  4. Cody Mays

    Cody Mays7 jam yang lalu

    Please tell me that crab was stunned before your "Level 3 Chef" made his fish stew

  5. Leon Chui

    Leon Chui9 jam yang lalu

    God I hate Lorenzo

  6. Rob Manning

    Rob Manning10 jam yang lalu

    No one here has made chili, absolutely disgusting


    JSLAYZ BEAUTY11 jam yang lalu

    Oh no he killed the 🦀!! Lol

  8. Lynn Shirley

    Lynn Shirley13 jam yang lalu

    Should do over and have them make chili this time

  9. missyj1221

    missyj122116 jam yang lalu

    Emily chilli was a level 2 this round

  10. Zoe Deal

    Zoe Deal17 jam yang lalu

    What is this bs. We need Emily, Lorenzo, and Frank. 😒

  11. Sheldon Daley

    Sheldon Daley21 jam yang lalu

    2:41 I too like extra virgin in my chili

  12. Sergio Not Sergio

    Sergio Not Sergio22 jam yang lalu

    I love lorenzo

  13. tati

    tati22 jam yang lalu

    Lorenzo is so fun to watch!! Wish I could actually taste all the food he makes 😄

  14. mnmlst

    mnmlst23 jam yang lalu

    Please give Lorenzo his own show!!!

  15. The Internet

    The InternetHari Yang lalu

    Level 3 chef made fish stew to misdirect everyone from the real crime - beans in chili.

  16. Stonemansteve II

    Stonemansteve IIHari Yang lalu

    I'm a level 2, but I'm a chili master!!! You wanna good chili? To Hell with the kidney beans, (at least the dark red) to Hell with the chickpeas, go for the cannellini beans!!

  17. Jr Jackson

    Jr JacksonHari Yang lalu

    Chris: That's what they call the "Tomale" Me: *LAUGHS IN MARYLANDER*

  18. malaquias sawoe

    malaquias sawoeHari Yang lalu

    The level 3 chef this episode seemed way more likeable than they usually are... Even though he tried to make fish chilli

  19. CaliCoin Digital

    CaliCoin DigitalHari Yang lalu

    Level 2 takes the W. Idk about that seafood chili. 🙄

  20. DOGGO992

    DOGGO992Hari Yang lalu

    level 3: finally, i’m gonna add orange zest level 3 a few seconds later: finally, i’m gonna add cilantro

  21. randomyoutubeguy

    randomyoutubeguyHari Yang lalu

    Lorenzo is the best

  22. Jimmy Petersen

    Jimmy PetersenHari Yang lalu

    Level 3 don't know what a chili is, and makes a seafood dish... WTF... Level 2 got it... And I'd be happy to come home, and eat level 1's chili... Very happy :)

  23. Frederique P.

    Frederique P.Hari Yang lalu

    I LOVE the kitchen choir! "GARLICgarlicGARLIC! chiliCHILIchili!"

  24. m9ba

    m9ba2 hari yang lalu

    I love watching these videos because I always feel like the level 3 chef is making fun of us

  25. Alee F

    Alee F2 hari yang lalu

    “But today... I’m gonna make a seafood chili” Imma head right out

  26. yunoletmehaveaname

    yunoletmehaveaname2 hari yang lalu

    RIP in peace blue crab

  27. Imajhine

    Imajhine2 hari yang lalu

    The best Chefs for this one

  28. ahmed pubg

    ahmed pubg2 hari yang lalu

    level 4 chef : being salty to level 1 level 1 : it's what they call for in the recipe online (shameless) xD

  29. Kati

    Kati2 hari yang lalu

    nice concept i don't really like that it's all so meaty though

  30. I_ben-e-dict211 b

    I_ben-e-dict211 b2 hari yang lalu

    This gotta be a Mandela effect. I've been a chef for 20 years never seen seafood chilli and when does Emily know about flavor profiles

  31. Andy

    Andy2 hari yang lalu

    Seafood chili with beer ? It's a no from me

  32. Penny Das

    Penny Das2 hari yang lalu

    As silly as "seafood chilli" sounds... holy cow, that looks f&#:@ng awesome!!! . . . I want it 🙂

  33. Joaquin James Rabauliman

    Joaquin James Rabauliman2 hari yang lalu

    Lorenzo is my Favorite

  34. Pikachu

    Pikachu2 hari yang lalu

    Nobody: Me: 2:43

  35. MrEasiertolie

    MrEasiertolie2 hari yang lalu

    Sometimes, level 3 is just too much. That's a spicy seafood stew.

  36. kayEs85

    kayEs852 hari yang lalu

    chili with seafood sounds awesome. never tried it but now im getting curious enough to try!

  37. Venus N

    Venus N2 hari yang lalu

    Bring on more of this Level 3 chef! Finally a level 3 recipe I don't need specialized equipment for.

  38. Chris Krause

    Chris Krause2 hari yang lalu

    Level 1: turkey Level 2: beef Level 3: I'm gonna rent a boat. I'll be back.

  39. Mildred Bailey

    Mildred Bailey2 hari yang lalu

    Level 0: Open a can. Heat it over a stove. Or just microwave it.

  40. H Baloch

    H Baloch2 hari yang lalu

    Yaaaaaaaam level 3