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    Great idiya

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    Ne vogliamo 3 di stivali

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    I at most saw 9 new crafts out of the whole video

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    0:43 oooooh she thiccccqqq😏😏

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    I really want to read the book of useless information

  7. Urmil Mehar

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    At 7:15 anyone noticed the name of the book THE BOOK OF USELESS INFORMATION

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    Thank You for Great Ideas 😊👍👍👍👍👍👍

  11. David Owen

    David OwenBulan Yang lalu

    They keep using those poor rocks! I know what its like to be used! Use a different heavy object for your projects Jeeze!

  12. David Owen

    David OwenBulan Yang lalu

    But... at 11:32 did they ever clean up the mess?

  13. Isabela Enciso

    Isabela EncisoBulan Yang lalu

    "ARET"not five minutes

  14. AmberRenee

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    Who eats crab flavored Pringles?

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    *coctail tube*

  17. J&M 21

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    At 4:58 the garden gnome looked like a smurf

  18. Shelleen Ockler

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    Awesome hacks live your vids!!!

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    Every video has repeated content.....bulshit

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    Love you 🇲🇽🇲🇽

  21. Ma. De jesus Barrios Villela

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    Like si es sierto

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    CAM RODOLPHBulan Yang lalu

    OMG she killed a fox 🦊

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  25. sprinkles sprinkles the unicorn

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    does anyone actually do these things me:no


    SREEJITH LBulan Yang lalu

    സൂപ്പർ VIDEO

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    I appreciate your creativity. Thank you for sharing.

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    Where do u get concrete at

  29. Ravi Krishna

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    How did you fit the bulb to the wall

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    Isst doch immer das selbe.

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    nice craft

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    hey, hey

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    5 minute crafts your running out of ideas

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    Very useful

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    Old tricks

  39. DIY emak emak males

    DIY emak emak malesBulan Yang lalu

    Keren haii aku dari indonesia

  40. Poonam smart kitchen

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  41. kjærlighet of my life

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    At 5:40 poor pupper, and catto!

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    4:20 who will waste the bulbs??? Bulbs for light not for other purposes...😜😜 Who agrees??? Tell me😁😁😁

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    None of this could be made in 5 mins.....

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    I'm just here for the song

  45. Cory Fran Sharp

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    When in doubt Dump it in cement

  46. Lori Whitaker

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    Am I the only one who notices the cement leaf one was in 2 other videos??!!?

  47. Paige Beach

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    Some of these are kinda useless...

  48. Nanari Vondergist

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    Why don't you paint the cement sfuff to make it look beautiful will paint make it look explode I don't think so

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    I love you HALLOWEEM !🎃👻🌑

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    Yo no amo halloweem ✌👎👎👎👎

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    2018. HmMmMmMm!??!?!? Okay then.

  52. Fashion and beauty

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    You will be showing all you have shown before Only 2 or 4 will be new.but they will be super 👌👌👌

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    What is the meaning of all these "life hacks" ???

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    Follow me on tik tok it’s lilpeanut8708

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    I like the cement ones

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    Cocktail tube? U mean... straw

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    Hii GUYZ

  59. Mr. MEM - 2002

    Mr. MEM - 2002Bulan Yang lalu

    13:54 - I'm actually a Barbie man, because I was born on Barbie's birthday, 43 years after her debut.


    SIBIN ALLU IBBulan Yang lalu

    🎩 😮 👗 👞 Poli sharathe track matte 👑 😎 👕 👖 👟

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    18:53 here we have a cute little stuffed animal being drowned in the dark abyss call concrete and at the end you can see him reaching out for help

  63. squid

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    @TawnTawn Paul I know right?

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    That poor fox 😝

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    Woi asu ngeteh,ngeteh asu ANJING NE

  66. Taman Bali

    Taman BaliBulan Yang lalu

    Woi asu ngeteh,ngeteh asu ANJING NE