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    Kitna boaring h ye pakau

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    Nice video ❤️❤️

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    please dont see old hacks please#5minutecraft


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    1:03 turn captions on

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    Who watch 5minute craft just for funy

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    Who do these crafts in real like

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    Which song is this please tell me

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    Me:sees rainboq syrup pouring on balloon Video:shows non of that awesomeness Me:clickbait....;-; Second edit:6:24:the staple flinged right in my eye!THX ALOT!!!

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    Is a magic

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    I love the fricky music

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    Am I the only one that thanks that the first song was really Fanny? 😂😂

  15. Besseva Raven

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    Ok this is ridiculous.......you're repeatedly showing the same hacks, crafts and dies in most of your visit AND your thumbnail is clickbait. STOP WASTING EVERYONES TIME. Oh and your actresses need to stop overreacting to everything. It's a common theme in your videos.

  16. Bella Commisso

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    Yeah! Like in one repeated hack, an actress was watching a baking video and licked her lips when the meal wasn't THAT good. i cringed

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    This song is doing my head in🙄🙄🤢🤢

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    Nice job not bad

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    I'..have no words to explain your talent...I'm..in..india .. you make in my India future.. in yeah very well...💕💕💕🙏😇 Abhay Dhanraj ..india ..Dehradun ..

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    Preciso saber o nome dessa música

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    Your videos very amazing

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    Bbaby shak

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    Waste the pencil

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    What is the music name

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    In the beginning, when they put glue on to stick on the shoe, it sound like someone is licking something.😝

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    no half of this is just a WAST.......

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    Which song have you used the love the song. 😘😘😘😍😍🥰🤭♥️🥰😍 Please answer me

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    Archana Singh idk

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    idreporter.net/v/video-O5n9X_ROspo.html 😉

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    You have waste a cauliflower 😖😖😖😞😞😞

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    Another video that does not show you the featured hack shown 😔

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    No one: No one in the world: Absolutely nobody: Me: wHO is KiLY mOn GeRAl

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    Hi, I'm zay I hope U don't mind checking out my video!

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    I’ve seen half of the things in your vids u do the same thing in practically every vid do something new for ONCE!!!


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    Yessss plzzzzzzzzz do 🙏🙏🙏

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    Who briefly watches the videos, and scrolls through the comments?

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    0:31 that is NOT diy and I knew all of these

  44. Xx_honored Conch_Xx

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    And 1:08 who just has a syringe?

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    А я русская... и я наверное одна... 😭😭😭

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    5 minute repeats have done it again...gone are the days we used to get excited over something.

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    Fun fact: Your not watching this on full screen (not original)

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    Don't every use 5 min crafts.

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    Brasileiro que tenque ver isso que eu botei a força da vanguarda em ação

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    Eu quis dizer força da ganbiarra

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    Who are hear who watches rimorav vlogs ❓❓ Hit like👍👍

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    how is that song called

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    Wahi wahi video dikhaya Jata Hai bekar h

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    Don't waste sprinkles

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    Pior canal do mundo já tentei recriar ficou um lixo não funciona

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    5 minutes craft ideas is very easy and nice

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    I am tried of seeing ur repeated hacks plzz do something new😡😬😬

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    You told that we don't know

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    00:32 caramel good but not to much 🤣

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    Why there's any new life hacks