31 One-Pot Recipes


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    Que ricas

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    Muy deliciosas a mi me encanta mucho

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    3:00 , 5:00 , 10:20 , 12:35 , 14:00 , 16:00 , 18:00 , 23:15 , 24:10 , 28:00 , 30:00 , 31:00

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    split peas are actually lentils lol..was so confused

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    I got so bored I started smelling it

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    I like it

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    looks yummy but high in calories. Not suitable for anyone trying to lose weight. Useful for bulking or maintaining... unless you limit to a small portion... which again looks difficult as too tasty

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    Best omelette Paratha recipe: idreporter.net/v/video-m9V1fFJmgtQ.html

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    31 pasta, cream and parmesan recipes with some other random stuff in it.


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    Man I bet that guy is getting reaalllyyy bored of playing the same two chords for 31 minutes.

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    Has anyone actually tried these ? Lmk

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    Too many shrimp ones. can't eat shrimp

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    Thats not jambalaya

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    are you guys afraid of putting any colour on meat?

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    Tried the first recipe. Failed miserably. Still recommend it.

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    I tried it today! It was incredible!

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    A lot of cholesterol and carbs can't forget wine lol

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    This was very good bc sometimes your vids are too short but switching them up is always good, thanks Tasty!

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    pasta jazz...nice.

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    for my later use: broccoli cheddar soup 1:54 split pea soup 18:41 chicken chow mein 8:11 pad thai 11:22 cheesy lemon chicken pasta 0:07 swedish meatball pasta 10:19 creamy chicken bacon pesto pasta 17:38 chicken alfredo 25:04 chicken, bacon, and goat cheese pasta 30:51

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    This was so fascinating, watched the whole thing 🤩

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    Petition to rename this video 31 cheesy pasta recipes

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    Easiest cream of broccoli soup with 4 ingredients - Cook 3 cups fresh broccoli florets and chopped stems with 3 cloves minced garlic, salt and pepper in 3 cups stock and 1 cup half and half on simmer on medium about 20 minutes till broccoli is tender. Remove 1/3 of broccoli with slotted spoon. Add 1 cup shredded cheddar cheese. Puree with immersion blender. Add reserved broccoli back. Soup. NOTE: If you are lazy use frozen broccoli and cook for 10 minutes only. You can always add grated carrot or finely diced onion with broccoli.

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    Three tips. Use chicken thighs instead of breasts. Cheaper, more flavour and will not dry out. Keep a bottle of dry white Vermouth in your pantry. Use when ever a recipe calls for white wine. Never saute with sesame oil. Sauteing requires high heat and sesame oil does not like high heat. It will tend to burn and turn bitter. Use olive or peanut oil. They can handle higher temperatures. Add the sesame oil later in the recipe for flavour.

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    Thanks mom :)

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    More like 28 ways of making pasta in one pot

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    These all look great! Why so many people bitching about cheese? Gonna try a bunch of these. Yes some are similar but with different variations.Thanks!

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    Should not be watching this high😯😖

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    I want to add more mushrooms to all of these!! Thank you for uploading this.

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    Its quite a few nice recipes, but the point of it being one pot is that you dont have a lot of cleaning to do. So having it be one pot but you need to take out things 10 times and store them in a bowl or something, that just makes it stupid

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    I'd really love to try these but it's too much work without a recipe of ingredients and preparation methods. Watched, and forgot.

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    did you know that Jasmine rice after you cook it you can bounce it like a rubber ball I don't think rice is supposed to bounce like a ball after you cook it you might want to stop using that brand

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    Must everything have cheese?

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    GAME: take a shot per addition of cheese or chug 5 large bottles of vodka within 5 minutes

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    4:26 if you brake spaghetti you brake italian people's hearts too

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    @Greg Jen i know that them taste the same, but if you want to eat short pasta, you should buy rigatoni or any tipe of short pasta... PORCA MADONNA!

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    What's wrong with breaking spaghetti? I hate them too long. Still taste the same I'm sure.

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    4:26 my italian heart is broken

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    11:20 I’ll eat it without the meatballs

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    Personal book mark 12:34 spinach chicken pasta

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    what do they do with all this food


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    idreporter.net/v/video-gKLSJIhcs_M.html How to Make Homemade CALZONE From Scratch (for beginners) - Nicole and Kristian

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    imma start putting this on as background music for my hw

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    Dude what kind of dorm life are you living? I can only buy pasta and veggies on this list with my money...

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    One-pot pasta recipe. Meat, cheese, pasta. Repeated 31 times. Yawn.

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    in my country we believe one cannot reuse oil used for cooking meat or fish, especially for cooking vegetables, neither we use to make paste by adding water, it is considered unsafe / unhealthy, we make meat/fish seperately and get rid of oil used in the process, i guess we just care too much about food safety

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    I loved this video 🧡🧡

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    God shit


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    mushrooms with parmesan cheese is not good i test this YOU ARE BITCH

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    14:33 yall put a fancy name in front of bowtie pasta

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    12:39 talk really just seasoned chicken with nothing but salt and pepper, the undies and socks of the spice world

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    9:10 advanced veggie pack

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    8:25 bruh you don't got enough of that maranade in that bag to say "let sit for 1 hour"

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    4:51 that's just spaghetti and meat sauce

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    11:17 Ikea pasta

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    So much meat 🙄

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    This was a good video thanks

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    Well, I'll tell ya, everything looked really good to me. Plus quick and easy.

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    Yall need more seasonings on these, they gonna be bland as hell.

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    I tried the creamy pesto pasta shit, bland! add chicken bouillon or some other type to make it more flavorful and I recommend only using about 3 cups of milk instead of 5 and chopped spinach is better hope this helped :)

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    An Italian screams in pain every time an American cooks pasta for more than 9 minutes.