29 EXTREMELY HOT HACKS FOR BEGINNERS AND CHEFS || Awesome Cooking Tips by 5-Minute Recipes!


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    Do you like cook or eat most🤤? Vote in the comments!👇

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    Meh i pick cook

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    I love only to eat😍😘😝😋😜😁😂

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    I love to eat food that is cook by me.

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    Eat and cook! Love both. But..We cook to eat!! So eating (;

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    It's very fun and useful too.

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    How blunt can a knife be to not be able to cut a tomato???

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    Title: for beginners Thumbnail: boiling hot lava

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    That rice ball making was shinchan favorite way of using rice 🍚🍚

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    Ah five minute recipes how I love putting molten lava in a cookie cutter I enjoyed burning my fingers off from it

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    5 minute crafts made our life even more easier

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    “HOT HACKS FOR BEGINNERS!” *shows lava*

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    4:11 but now you dont have any ice cream to go with the cake😝

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    Make some delicious veg food

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    What has you made with the food

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    But we have screw driver and candle stand!

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    They are people loving 5 min craft receipes 👇

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    0:49 Clever non stick grater. 👏❤❤

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