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    I never knew shrimp was a fruit...

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    Are you kidding a shrimp is not a fruit

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    Wasting food is human talent

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    Koje je to rozo voce

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    I liked very much this crafts keep it up

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    it is very easy for cutting fruits.gd.

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    7:51... Ham with raw chilli .... lol... who would eat that..???

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    Subscribe me for Million Dollars 😃👏

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    Is it good my Mom taught me 90% of this video?

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    This video: exists Undyne: are you challenging me?

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    It's EASY to remove the shells of Prawns without the legs. You don't even need a fork as SHOWN in the video 0:10

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    00:15 so guys shrimp is not a seafood anymore,, it's a fruit!

  16. Ragnor lothbrok

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    What u did to the pomegranate was unforgivable. disliked

  17. Louella Noronha

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    8:52 looks like a bum

  18. Nabila Shiraz

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    Why is there a mushroom , mushrooms aren’t a fruit or a vegetable they are a fungus

  19. John Abbey

    John Abbey4 hari yang lalu

    Some are veg

  20. Marshel`s Animation

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    I don't think that the author of this video knows what "fruit" means

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    Let's make this video the most disliked video in IDreporter! *_RATED M FOR MATURE_*

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    I love it

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    Guys, come on, shrimp is fruit. If you don't believe me, Google "fruits de mer meaning." Seafood!


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    The first fruit is dragon fruit

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    1:39 Dat finger

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    58 trieu nguoi dang ki lun ghe wa Chac lap day nut you túp r

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    Yes shrimp and mushrooms are totally fruits

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    You are not supposed to cut dragon fruit ur supposed to peel it

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    me: * looks at the title * Me: “ uh..just cut it with pride “.

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    Fantastic thanks 😊😊😊 and please make that much of amazing videos

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    Cool hehehe

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    When did they classify shrimp and mushrooms as fruit?

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    I didn’t know shrimp is a fruit

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    Is anyone going to talk about her finger at 1:39

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    1:55 гений сука

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    Ah yes my favorite fruits, shrimp and mushrooms

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  44. Yasmine’s Asmr,singing,danceing

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    Y'all know dam well that shrimp is not a FRUIT

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    I love you 5- minit crafts

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    58,000 likes and 58 Million subscribers! Cool!😎

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    is shrimp fruit?

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    Fun fact Shrimp = Fruit

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    I wonder why they did this scene 7:19

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    Cómo se llama la fruta q sale en la miniatura ??