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  2. Denise Sohn

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    📲whatps *00212.644.626.928* بــحــكــيــلــكــم💁‍♀️ يـا بـنـات عـن تـجـربـتـي الــفــريــدة🥳 فــي تــكــبــيــر الــصــدر👍 والأرداف👍 جـربـت وصـفـة مــذهــلــة ونـتـايـجـهـا عـن جـد رائـعـة 👈تــواصــلــي مــعــي عـــشــان أشــرح لــك الـوصـفـة الـواتـس اب *00212644626928*📲

  5. Mageswary Ap Doraisingam Mageswary

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    Wow amezing

  6. Rekhachandrahas Rekhachandrahas

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    Waste of cement and useless items....😒

  7. Rachel Freeman

    Rachel Freeman18 hari yang lalu

    do I need parental vision for this? xP

  8. Cement Craft Diy projects

    Cement Craft Diy projects25 hari yang lalu

    You have good ideas

  9. Hilary Wright

    Hilary WrightBulan Yang lalu

    I was just thinking- I need a cement shirt to hang on my wall.

  10. Hilary Wright

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    Do you think you should take a chance take a chance?

  11. Lele Love

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    I was here for who like eating clay 🙂

  12. Expelliarmus’ Book Reviews

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    The story of every 5-minute craft video: First 5 minutes: The actual video The rest of the video: Random already used clips of craft ideas People The length of the video is in the name 5 minute crafts 5 mins of actual crafts regarding the video Like if u agree

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  15. j tv

    j tvBulan Yang lalu

    Did anybody notice the CRAB PRINGLES that just seems disgusting but I have never had them so I can't say

  16. riast akia

    riast akiaBulan Yang lalu

    Sa lui arrive de peindre de mettre un peu de couleur comme du dorée du argenté je sais pas parce que c'est fade

  17. Bun Animates

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    I definitely have cement lying around my house :)

  18. arrow bunni

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    5:50 can you not just pick up the clips yourself orrrrr...

  19. Antônia Lopes Rodrigues

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    Que legal

  20. GachaRainbow

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    2:41 ok but like imagine if you stumped your toe on this-

  21. Zoe may

    Zoe mayBulan Yang lalu

    I.. Was.. Thinking.. THE SAME THING 😂

  22. Mefi

    MefiBulan Yang lalu

    I just wanna know where to find crab flavored Pringles! 9:24

  23. Josefina Carrasco

    Josefina CarrascoBulan Yang lalu

    4:53 it seems like they just put a piece of a tree leaf

  24. banjo oluwaseun

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    This is lovely

  25. Sadique Hussain Official

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  26. Yohannna Strobel

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    Seria legal se pintasse a estrela

  27. Otaku Bélanger

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    Can we talk about the crab Pringles?

  28. Lia Mia506

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    It'd be a cement's dust everywhere.

  29. Doniel

    DonielBulan Yang lalu

    1:10 👍🏻

  30. quack whore

    quack whoreBulan Yang lalu

    These are incredibly pointless

  31. Jas Makers

    Jas MakersBulan Yang lalu

    What a waste of books 😢

  32. Elainé 815

    Elainé 815Bulan Yang lalu

    In 12:16 is that a cement clothe?!?

  33. Skylar Rivera

    Skylar RiveraBulan Yang lalu

    Doesn't cement stick

  34. Jessie Matthews

    Jessie MatthewsBulan Yang lalu

    I do not beleive for one second that you could peel off an ice cream cone from cement

  35. Mohil Meenakshi

    Mohil MeenakshiBulan Yang lalu

    What is that white one

  36. chinchilla

    chinchillaBulan Yang lalu

    They changed the thumbnail or was that the Mendela effect

  37. Brittney Bonicelli

    Brittney BonicelliBulan Yang lalu

    @chinchilla Maybe they did? They've deleted and reupload tons of videos. They pump out so many videos a day I wouldn't be surprised if they did upload the exact same video twice with different thumbnails.

  38. chinchilla

    chinchillaBulan Yang lalu

    Brittney Bonicelli of the same edit? The other thumbnail was the same just diff colors overlaying the cement

  39. Brittney Bonicelli

    Brittney BonicelliBulan Yang lalu

    They've done multiple vids like this

  40. Elegia Cornell

    Elegia CornellBulan Yang lalu

    это разве русский канал? почему на 12:40 стакан с русской надписью "Макдональдс"?

  41. Tracey Bowyer

    Tracey BowyerBulan Yang lalu

    Were those Pringles crab flavoured?!

  42. Natasha Haze

    Natasha HazeBulan Yang lalu

    Very unusual video.. Quick n easy to do things... Loved it !!

  43. Natasha Haze

    Natasha HazeBulan Yang lalu

    12:15 then??

  44. Sana Prasad

    Sana PrasadBulan Yang lalu

    Nice!! What do you like?Likes for cement ideas and comments for clay ideas 😘😘♥️😋.....

  45. Sana Prasad

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    Good ideas!🤗

  46. Anitha Muthu

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    Very creative :)

  47. Peyjam1

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    *oh yeah cause everyone has cement just lying around*

  48. Pawan Bansal

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    That looks too funny at 8:06😂😂😂

  49. Haley Tathem

    Haley TathemBulan Yang lalu

    Crab flavored Pringle’s???

  50. Pink Magic

    Pink MagicBulan Yang lalu

    I wounded how much cement they used and how much it all was

  51. Salma Salsabila

    Salma SalsabilaBulan Yang lalu

    Ko no download

  52. Su Hana

    Su HanaBulan Yang lalu

    How do they do this so perfect 🤨🤨

  53. touching songs

    touching songsBulan Yang lalu

    What meterial you use to bake

  54. just an INFIRED person

    just an INFIRED personBulan Yang lalu

    Wow this was heavy

  55. Guus Schijns

    Guus SchijnsBulan Yang lalu

    Why did they just skip the hack at 10:00 and 12:20?🧐🧐😂So annoying thooo

  56. Lilou le loup

    Lilou le loupBulan Yang lalu

    14min of the same song.

  57. Ananya Chakraborty

    Ananya ChakrabortyBulan Yang lalu

    What they r trying to make with a rope in the cement mixture? In 10:00 It is incomplete I want to see the complete thing.

  58. LadyBeritanavatarius

    LadyBeritanavatariusBulan Yang lalu

    My guess is maybe a doorstop or something?

  59. Lenny Kat

    Lenny KatBulan Yang lalu

    Sure lemme just get my cement I have laying around my house.

  60. Cheesy_ Chipz

    Cheesy_ ChipzBulan Yang lalu

    Cocktail tube you mean a straw?

  61. Gayaraa Ukwaththa

    Gayaraa UkwaththaBulan Yang lalu

    Don’t just throw away that ice cream cone. EAT IT. PLEASE. EAT IT. I WANT THAT.

  62. Sarina Ail

    Sarina AilBulan Yang lalu

    5:10 your wasting a lot of book

  63. oh_mA_ga- xD

    oh_mA_ga- xDBulan Yang lalu

    Can u guys put more detail in what your using so ots easily to do it

  64. cutie cupcake

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    5:08 hmmmm intresting i need that book!!!!!

  65. Hozan Abdul

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    l will do something

  66. Shamim Hasan

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    এটা কি