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    Haha bobi kamo Gaho

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    Congratulation for 59 m subcribers

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    Guys what kind of clay they using I heard that some kind of poly mer clay How I have it???? 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫

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    I love 5 minutes craft But I don't try it I just only watch them Hit like pls

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    I am amazed that i founded the most amazing person Read the first 2 words >:)○

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    Yes I am

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    Too much work to get perfectly useless and horrible stuff

  9. Dxdelion The Unicorn

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    Okay the *tAkE A cHaNce, TAke a cHanCe wIth mE* was good the first time but that doesnt mean it would be good the like 100th time

  10. Sharon Sankar

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    Does anyone else think in their head or say out loud “ that takes way longer than 5 minutes!” Nope just me

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    5:23 omg they wasted soany books!!

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    Check out my crafts

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    the small little plant madde by white beans was totaly fake.

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    Is it weird that I wanna read “the book of useless information” Am I the only one? Yes Ok...

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    Not alone

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  19. Lisa McAllister

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    No one: Me at 5:47: N o w t h a t' s a l o t o f d a m a g e

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    Come on almost to 60 million subs and post the some of the same clips from other videos 🙄😒 like if you have noticed that in their videos

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    Everything after 5:16 was reused

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    The channel of useless information

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    How much does cemant cost

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    In this 2.9k comments if you find my comment then you and me both are lucky!😁

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    I found it easily.

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    which song have you put in your video?

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    Not intresting

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    I don't do them because when ever I try it fails. I am love to watch them.

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    Where will we get these elements

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    yang punnya ya utub cenel pea 😏

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    Great video i tried them all so good!

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    They molded and egg carton to use it when they already had an egg carton

  39. Intan Pwr

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    Honolulu ydfbs

  40. Who spilled My beans

    Who spilled My beans5 hari yang lalu

    Five minute craft walked into home depo and was like “CEMENT DRY? LIFE HACK”

  41. Who spilled My beans

    Who spilled My beans5 hari yang lalu

    5:15 why u gotta ruin books too

  42. Nell e

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    0:51 ета гавно аххахахахсхсххсс

  43. Swathi Shettigar

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    We have to mix sand ? Or only plain cement ?? Plz reply

  44. Hani Mohamed

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    U are the most stupidest people in the world U can just by these stuff at a store and who randomly has cement in their home

  45. Shreya Ramakrishnan

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    14 minutes of timepass😂

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    in 0:48 i thought it was choco late

  47. Maimouna Faye

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    where u get cement

  48. Marcello Bayu Aji Yusuf Cello

    Marcello Bayu Aji Yusuf Cello6 hari yang lalu

    I like

  49. Nothing Gacha

    Nothing Gacha6 hari yang lalu

    Let's see how many hacks They reused...hmmm...1..2...3...4...5...FIVE FRICKEN HACKS REUSED from OTHER videos of theirs!

  50. sejdi tv

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    Well done

  51. Breanya Francis

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    hey... 11:38, DID THEY STEAL MEAH BOWLS

  52. Komissar Hatta

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    5 minutecrafts: ****14:26**** 2018 me: what year is it !?!??! HAH 5 MINUTE CRAFTS!!

  53. Kori On'nanoko

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    Can I know what the background song please? I think it goes something like this ' I been trying to find my way....blah blah blah. Can you guys tell me I am curious!!!! Thank you n_n

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    itu yg di cetak2 apaan sih

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    Can you show briefly

  56. chanty

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    they act like everyone has like twenty pounds of cement just in their house

  57. Saaa My Dude

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    Did anyone else get sick if the song that was playing for 14 min straight ?

  58. hemlata mahaur

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    Love it I can’t like my own comment:D Looks like a new IDreporter feature Btw I’m a small IDreporterr:)

  59. xXGemstone

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    *Useless book of Information*

  60. Yuri Arca

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    Jejejeje that's what I'm looking for

  61. Siti Nur

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    Siapa yang main hp sambil berdiri komen ya

  62. zain choudhry

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  63. Jack Mathews

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    Because u can't just make a paper cone with tape 0:28

  64. Yuri Arca

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    Nobody: That funny book name: *THE BOOK OF USELESS INFORMATION*

  65. Eko puspitosari

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    Bagus banget sih kak 5 minuturs

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    You waited a ice cream cone

  67. Mackenna LaBarge

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    Y do u have to repeat the music 😫

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    Anyone knows the song ?

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    Nice hacks... 👍

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    Thank you 5 minutes crafts for this videos

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    Who else is in the bathroom and watching this like if u are 🚽

  73. Joanallys Rodriguez

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    Why does the book say”the book of useless information”? 5:09🧠🤔

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    Soys ridiculos

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    Like, what a waste of books

  76. Roger England

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    What where you using

  77. Natalia Molina

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    Clay hacks?..

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    I'm six

  79. Diba Ghods

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    You know every normal person has a gallon of cement lying around to make these VERY convenient hacks 😂😂😂

  80. Persona JIN

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    i do-

  81. ابو الجو كوره

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    احسنتي .....مبدعه وموهوبه *الله يحفضك

  82. Mylee widmer

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    what song were they playing it is stuck in my head

  83. 4skygirl :3

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    This video makes me question my existence

  84. Emily Savochka

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    Literally every single other person: let’s go to home goods to get some decorations for our house! 5 minutes crafts: let’s go to Home Depot for some cement to make some decorations for our house!

  85. Алина кошкина

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    Вот блииин... Взяли и вафельный рожок испортили!