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    Ile subówwwwwww

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    Oo no i cut my mouth

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    Guys if you watch this don’t listen you are Beautiful the way you are!


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    I want what are you supposed to do it in video it is not saying I didn’t really get it this is kind of interesting I guess🥴

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    so u think people with acnes is scary? dude

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    Me: **accidentally hit her by a notebook** Me: OMG IM SORRY! Girl: 2:01

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    The 2nd one is KUCHISAKE ONNA (She is a Japanese urban legend

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    Is that a real knife? Pls don't.

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    1:16 look like kuchisake onna

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    I see no difference in making your eyes bigger 😑😑😑😐😐😐

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    You get sticky note for none mess up Me umm hmmm blue ok umm dang it I don’t have it Friend where are u I need u to go for the party Me I hack with life hack You I won’t be late anymore Me running to the store Friend I give up You time to go Me I hate my life

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    Who will have the time to get stuff for a date like sticky note where u get from

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    OMG 😗

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    Dem theef doe

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    I WISH YOU Can put the glue ol over your fase

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    This girl is the psychotic internet wide version of my and I love it! Keep it up you guys I love you 😊🤗♥️❤️👻!!!!

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    The first hack is the thumbnail Its gonna be a great week

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    I cut myself

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    just telling you its not hallowen

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    I broke out just by watching this.

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    *5 minute crafts* - Wait 10 minutes. Me- You sure not five?

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    3:33 ohh nahh omgg eww

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    When they cut its crayzy I meant I can’t do such thing

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    4:20 her eye is red inside

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    noob 5 minute crafts

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    5:12 when my mother told me it was time to go to school 😅😁

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    Uh I don't want glue on me

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    Like someone got ten minutes

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    O,my god😨🤤😢😭😕😔😒😜

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    9:30 Is ThIs HoW aNiMe HaPpEnS!?!?

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    االفديو مسروق

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    1:56 *oh no bird box..*

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    8:33 man.....that's tough.

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    Kayak beneran ya ngeri

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    Seriously? They will use a banana tip to make a brow liquid my brows will smell bad!

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    It was nice. But I also never did it. Has any one watched evil dead? I'm planning to watch!

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    0:47 I thought u cut Ur lips..... This scared me for a second

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    I wear glasses and im not a nerd if anything in the baddest kid at school wanna know how? When the teacher says write your name first then the date I write the date then my name Ik I'm so bad 😂😂

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    Better than troom troom

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    I love your videos are my vaborito

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    1:16 shes the slit mouth woman like if u agree

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    Question Can you even PEEL the glue off

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    This Should Upload For Halloween Costume

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    0:42 the second craft and your already risking fans to get hurt?! Shame Shame Shame

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    Roses are red, violets are blue, I came for the thumbnail, and that’s true.

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    That girl teeth is morentellow than the sun

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    Did any of u mess up on this like if u did 👇🏻god it might be scary cutting ur face open

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    Cool hacks im gotta try this


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    09:28 tooths...

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    Is it safe to use your on faces? Because you can get allergic reactions or even more.

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    i try the hand thing and cut my hand no thats just a joke

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    I tried your "make up hacks" and it does nothing all its trying to do is get likes!😠😠😠 it a wast of time😡

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    Too much eyeshadow? Wipe it off with a makeup wipe! Hack!

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    At 9:28 also try to make your teeth whiter

  63. The spongy Crew

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    You guys don’t listen to them or do any, putting glue on your face makes your face break out, I had beautiful skin but then I tried it and now my luxurious skin has little pimples on it 😱😭😭😭😭😨😰😥😓

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    this was published like a week ago. Why are there makeup ideas That are for Halloween on this?

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    1:15 Momo :)))

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    Instructions not clear on the 5th one my heads stuck in a toaster and my cats dancing

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    Do they work???

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    1:18 the mouth was like kuchisake-onna

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    1:16 *kuchisake onna vibes*

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    Omg who wants the black part of the banana on their eyebrows

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    1:46 Making fake blood with honey yeah that’s not gonna stick at all!

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    Very nice video

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    #toy eggs

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    casually making halloween makeup styles when its summer..

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    Why do you keep 05:04 in all makeup videos??

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    Wow I’m wowed every time I watch this

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    Don't be sad but its creepy and weird..=_=


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    The second hack look like she was cutting her mouth

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    hi have a nice night who ever is scrolling though the comments

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    Recorder: how much ideas you want for this video? 5 minute crafts: yes

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    Wowww. Verry amazing for Helloween , i'm Verry like 5 minute crafts👍, salam saya from Indonesia🇮🇩

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    The first time the thumbnail is in the video

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    So so creepy

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    This was really weird

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    The thumbnail makes her look like she has a big head...

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    I want to try this but im not good at makeup 😂 2:06 me: *make fake pimple* me:wow it work! me: *removing the fake pimple* me: wait why it still on my face? me:oh, its real pimple

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    7:23 dem eyes

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    Jeff the killer saw this and was like IM GOING TO DO THIS 0:89

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    It's actually Kuchisake Onna

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    Thumbnail makes no sense... who wants to look old?

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    Let’s just take a moment to recognize how beautiful the girl is doing the Halloween make up looks?! Like she is GoRgEoUs

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    Where I saw this to: 5-minute crafts TEENS and 5-minute crafts Family Edit:the first parts

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    Pennywise. Now that is crazy. (1:15)

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    Who is Brazil like?