25 AMAZING FORK LIFE HACKS || Kitchen Items Tricks by 5-Minute Recipes


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    9:54 The easiest and coolest craft ever!!! Try it😉🤗

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    *If it is Fork life hack so why there is spoons*

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    Ready for that 😁👌💪😁👌

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    Nice video

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    Very very bakwas

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    Why they are destroying spoon badly

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    Why are you wasted

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    Only one line for this video .wasting of spoon...


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    I like this viedeo

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    Who try this 5 min craft

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    🐭very good video

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    Poda patti

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    The girl is very beautiful

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    Very very amazing

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    Bro fork no glue gun iam a disliker

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    Those noodles were eww


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    This is super busy day for the first time

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    Hi i really love your all hacks ... it brilliant

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    Super 👌 pa

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    Sendok nya berapa lusin 😂

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    But there are some videos that I had previously seen so I request that only take new videos 😔

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    Fantastic 👌👌

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    Love it😘

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    *5-Minutes Lol*

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    9:54 scariest craft

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    10:12 that bish just snapped that fork like it was nothin

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    Jaffp 😎😎😂

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    It's a fantastic 5 minutes crafts

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    We are not enough poor to use this hacks😂😂😂

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    Very good 5 minutes craft

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    On the last hack, why dont you just use one fork? Its much easier.

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    Some of these hacks are unnecessary tbh.

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    10:52 DIY Heroin candle