1. Alif Arrahman

    Alif ArrahmanJam Yang lalu

    6:04 real?

  2. Betty Slime

    Betty Slime8 jam yang lalu

    Creativity is an energy. It's a precious energy, and it's something to be protected. A lot of people take for granted that they're a creative person, but I know from experience, feeling it in myself, it is a MAGIC; it is an energy. And it can't be taken for granted.🥰 Greetings from Germany

  3. Hasana Simpson

    Hasana Simpson8 jam yang lalu

    You can tell by the thumbnail venom is going to get in this video

  4. The XyayX Institute Future

    The XyayX Institute Future18 jam yang lalu

    bru that was so aosome that blow my mind up

  5. gravey gamer

    gravey gamer19 jam yang lalu


  6. Guy Fiery

    Guy FieryHari Yang lalu

    To be honest this is very misleading and irresponsible of the creators; some people will actually try this. For example, i put this video on for my little brother to watch and he said he wanted to try the gold chain one.

  7. Sachin Yadav

    Sachin Yadav2 hari yang lalu

    Don't put fake video raskel 😡😡😡😡

  8. Celso Del Rosario

    Celso Del Rosario2 hari yang lalu

    U better not trust to it 5:54

  9. the cricketer

    the cricketer2 hari yang lalu

    you are not showing

  10. dragon girl gamer

    dragon girl gamer2 hari yang lalu

    u guys do know some of the tricks are fake

  11. stingley77

    stingley772 hari yang lalu

    What is the name of the song that plays during the first 5 mins? Anyone know?

  12. Shijo Thomas

    Shijo Thomas2 hari yang lalu

    Why are you putting same video blast shit fool

  13. Physics Activity & Fun

    Physics Activity & Fun2 hari yang lalu


  14. sarishna shakya

    sarishna shakya3 hari yang lalu

    5:32 fake. 6:11 isalso fake

  15. Aryany Guifarro

    Aryany Guifarro3 hari yang lalu

    Piensa en un cantante Sierra la boca Dale like Escucha tu vos

  16. Kentkenny

    Kentkenny4 hari yang lalu

    poop but good

  17. Abyssal

    Abyssal5 hari yang lalu

    Absolut shite

  18. prakash vlogs

    prakash vlogs5 hari yang lalu

    4:33 to 5:35 Lol create real gold.....

  19. Dewey G

    Dewey G5 hari yang lalu

    I used the ash to plant the egg in and now I have a golden egg tree

  20. Kyle Ran

    Kyle Ran5 hari yang lalu

    you cant grow eggs on a tree dumb booty hole

  21. Alana Caloroso

    Alana Caloroso5 hari yang lalu

    Please post exact measurements for fire snakes

  22. Alana Caloroso

    Alana Caloroso5 hari yang lalu

    For lighter fluid


    FELIXTRICKSHOTS6 hari yang lalu

    Was is the name at the experience at 8:49, I have a school project and I need to know the name?

  24. nellakantam muniprasanna

    nellakantam muniprasanna6 hari yang lalu

    You have made egg tree in this video is this true

  25. Cinnamix Rolls

    Cinnamix Rolls6 hari yang lalu


  26. Give me subs with no vids

    Give me subs with no vids6 hari yang lalu

    It’s funny cause egg trees don’t actually exist

  27. sasa chan gacha

    sasa chan gacha7 hari yang lalu

    Eggs can only be in ckickens not in a tree

  28. sasa chan gacha

    sasa chan gacha7 hari yang lalu

    Is that possible

  29. sasa chan gacha

    sasa chan gacha7 hari yang lalu

    But wait egg tree?

  30. Bhuvana Padala

    Bhuvana Padala7 hari yang lalu

    Make 50 chains in that way and also the egg farm and send the vedio then I will subscribe all 5 minute craft , magic , family , cooking ect.

  31. אוריה איל

    אוריה איל7 hari yang lalu

    Egg tree?

  32. Shreyas Kalambur

    Shreyas Kalambur7 hari yang lalu

    uou fricken liars u think u can make fricke gold out of milk and poop looking dirt

  33. md malda

    md malda8 hari yang lalu

    Is the hack showed on 1:42 true?

  34. Ishaan Rath

    Ishaan Rath9 hari yang lalu

    This sucks

  35. haidar firdaus

    haidar firdaus9 hari yang lalu

    That egg tree hyhenic or no

  36. Aziz Fatema

    Aziz Fatema9 hari yang lalu

    The egg plant is a lie

  37. Carter Christopher

    Carter Christopher10 hari yang lalu

    Of all the stupid things I've seen in my life, an egg tree... really?

  38. Phe rayuth

    Phe rayuth10 hari yang lalu

    Wth EGG TREE???

  39. Nivash

    Nivash10 hari yang lalu

    u asked for this 🖕

  40. DeeAngel Arroyo

    DeeAngel Arroyo8 hari yang lalu


  41. Jessica V

    Jessica V10 hari yang lalu

    Fluid viscosity does not effect magnetic properties. Fluids that are highly viscous make it harder for objects to move through said fluid’s particles, is all. The only thing different with each fluid is the force of attraction, speed of particles and space in between the fluid’s particles.

  42. Marvel heros

    Marvel heros10 hari yang lalu


  43. Augustas Blazys

    Augustas Blazys10 hari yang lalu

    You can definetly grow eggs on trees

  44. Otaku Pin Club{ where passion belongs}

    Otaku Pin Club{ where passion belongs}11 hari yang lalu

    fucking video is this you asshole youtubers😈😈😈

  45. Debalina khan

    Debalina khan11 hari yang lalu


  46. Chris Krzyzak

    Chris Krzyzak12 hari yang lalu

    egg tree is fake and gold is too

  47. Joe McCaffrey

    Joe McCaffrey12 hari yang lalu

    egg tree? real gold? this is so fake lol i mean if u believed this like lol

  48. khant myo aung

    khant myo aung12 hari yang lalu

    i just came here to talk shit about gold chain and egg tree, but everyone did that already. keep it up smart fokes. nice prank 5 min

  49. AKSHAT Agrawal

    AKSHAT Agrawal12 hari yang lalu

    I try gold chain experiment it really works I am literally shocked 😲😲😲

  50. Leeland Johansson

    Leeland Johansson12 hari yang lalu

    Hey wasup dude, I was wondering if you could drop a sub to me, @Leeland Johansson because I am new to IDreporter and I really want to grow my channel. It would mean the world to me.

  51. skd7 los balcons

    skd7 los balcons12 hari yang lalu

    Gold seriously

  52. Orioners of SNHS

    Orioners of SNHS13 hari yang lalu

    What's a spirit in the expirement? 9:19

  53. usman wiyamin

    usman wiyamin13 hari yang lalu


  54. Bishu Chakrabarty

    Bishu Chakrabarty13 hari yang lalu

    Like here if u came after watching gold chain and egg tree

  55. IEatMacarons ForLunch

    IEatMacarons ForLunch13 hari yang lalu

    Hmm... i thought eggs come from chickens.. 5 minute crafts can't trick us in any way

  56. Brayden Grimm

    Brayden Grimm14 hari yang lalu

    This is cool do more


    DANIYAL ABBAS14 hari yang lalu

    No way*


    DANIYAL ABBAS14 hari yang lalu

    5:40 that’s fake now way

  59. meow kpoopy

    meow kpoopy14 hari yang lalu

    6:01 THAT'S A TRUE? EGGS!

  60. Dabbing Kangaroo

    Dabbing Kangaroo14 hari yang lalu

    i created a egg tree last week

  61. Harrison McNeill

    Harrison McNeill14 hari yang lalu

    And gold doesn't form automatically into a chain

  62. Harrison McNeill

    Harrison McNeill14 hari yang lalu

    Make your own gold, fake. Grow your own egg tree, fake. Egg that holds multiple kg/lbs, fake.