1. Usman TV

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    Or u could just FLIP THE HECKING SPOON OVER ia am pakistani

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    Duqeq mez ban sovoracnum

  3. Айбийке Абдимиталипова

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    Я из-за вас палец уколола

  4. Айбийке Абдимиталипова

    Айбийке Абдимиталипова2 hari yang lalu

    За ваши лайфхаки на работе меня поругали не работают они

  5. Squidwards Nose

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    That thumbnail tho😉

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    The eyes one would surely work Edit:am fired


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    Wow nice👍👍👍💙❤💚plz subscribe my channel

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    Hahahah you don't know how to eat with spoon🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣plzz like

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  10. Nicolas calin

    Nicolas calin7 hari yang lalu


  11. johnny oof

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    they have to be trolling right?

  12. lokesh mekala

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    I guess you don't know how to eat with spoon 😂😂😂😂😂

  13. manoj sakariya

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    Chutia logo

  14. Tino Ppppanj

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    Now I really dont know are they joking with us or...

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    Ye to tatti hai

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    1:58 when I send a picture of me to anything:

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    You ate the spoon Your teeth are gone mate

  19. Divinity_Redwolf PS4

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    So no to mentos, and yes to c#m?

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    Save the turtois

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    Кыз суротко тартып жонот кондо бала окшотура албаптыр

  23. Faze lwiay 87

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    Yeah put hot glue on someone's phone for a single prank Yeah I do that to my dad I am automatically dead Same with anyone else

  24. Flakoll Alejandro

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    2 idea fue la más tonta

  25. Sophie Stewart

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    That screen hack is dumb you flip it over

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    This video sucks...

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    Ay esta el comentario en español que tanto querías like

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    ( < അലവു ദിൻ

  30. Lunas Life

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    So... what was the point of putting ketchup on the book she was reading? They should change the name to 5-minute daft

  31. Leo PH

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    8:10 just use gloves not waste ur card

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  33. doge doge

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    Roses are red ❤ Violets are blue💙 I came for the thumbnail and you did too.

  34. doge doge

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    3:13 wouldn't he be back by the time she was done cuz i mean it has to dry

  35. Nikaa11

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    Môže ma niekto zabiť


    CAT BORIS17 hari yang lalu

    7:39вопрос что ты там увидела?😂😂😂😂😂

  37. უცნობი 2009

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  38. lps sprinkle wolf

    lps sprinkle wolf17 hari yang lalu

    0:52 that so OBVIOUS litterly u can tell these are fake eyes -o-

  39. lps sprinkle wolf

    lps sprinkle wolf17 hari yang lalu

    0:29 that's kinda gross tbh

  40. games and stuff

    games and stuff17 hari yang lalu

    You still hot glued his fing Phone

  41. Gracie Girl

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    None of these are hacks it’s just them showing of their stupidity

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    Eli beli

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    مين عربي هنا

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    5minute crafts tell you to destroy stuff to make something I think we should sue this channel

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    That second one tho o.o

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    4:52 how the heck😨

  47. 12 12

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    3:52 how the heck she broke the wall

  48. 12 12

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    2:55 when they break the nail it was fake it was already brok

  49. Rudra Prakash

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    Trigerred insaan was right

  50. Jdnzn Dndnnd

    Jdnzn Dndnnd20 hari yang lalu


  51. Jdnzn Dndnnd

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    Он что тупой нето страну вбрал

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    كيف تكون غبي

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    My subscribers are 99.01M

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    5:37 she was holding the spoon upside down

  56. Proximity Paw

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    Who watches there videos but doesn’t do any of the *H a c k s*

  57. Alpha Wink

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    those eye won't work

  58. XxxTerry xxX

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    5:39 or you could just use the other side of the spoon isnt that just genius?

  59. Rifga Shafeeg

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    2:56 the nail was half already

  60. 견찰서

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    5:35 숟가락을 돌려 먹어!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!