22 kg (48.5 lb) Aluminium Casting of a Red Imported Fire Ant Nest - Solenopsis invicta - 2016/08/27


  1. jackredking

    jackredking13 hari yang lalu

    500 ant snacks disliked the video

  2. Moritami Kamikara

    Moritami Kamikara28 hari yang lalu

    They fucking deserve it.

  3. superbrownbrown

    superbrownbrownBulan Yang lalu

    I would've left it in the ground as a warning to the other Fire Ants.

  4. ants flagstaff

    ants flagstaffBulan Yang lalu

    I hope this was not active

  5. Ann Mittelstadt

    Ann MittelstadtBulan Yang lalu

    I wish they can zoom in on the final art so we can see all the crevices too. They don't show the piece long enough at the end.

  6. Rishikesh hk

    Rishikesh hkBulan Yang lalu


  7. Rishikesh hk

    Rishikesh hkBulan Yang lalu

    Also I don't see any hardrole done in ur videos, cz the house are already built by ants, u r just pouring molten aluminum n washing it away, THAT'S IT, NOT A BIG DEAL

  8. Alexis Soto

    Alexis SotoBulan Yang lalu

    Lets get dirty cleaning the cast.

  9. Sandrian Tan

    Sandrian TanBulan Yang lalu

    Why no ants actually bite anyone of u??

  10. SpaceGhost 4k

    SpaceGhost 4kBulan Yang lalu

    Fried ants anyone ?

  11. doger51

    doger51Bulan Yang lalu

    Human being is the only animal that kills not for survival but for pleasure without mercy even with little harmless insects

  12. Palpatine McSenateFace

    Palpatine McSenateFace12 hari yang lalu

    How are invasive species harmless

  13. PJ

    PJBulan Yang lalu

    Loving the cask and butt crack

  14. Marcus Long

    Marcus LongBulan Yang lalu

    what a sociopath

  15. Moonstar The Wolf

    Moonstar The WolfBulan Yang lalu

    Fire ants are invasive insects he's doing the world a favor

  16. Mitchell Pak

    Mitchell PakBulan Yang lalu

    I wonder how long it took for those ants to build that complex.

  17. Kevin Brown

    Kevin BrownBulan Yang lalu

    The only good ant....is an aaaaluuuuminiuuum 🐜

  18. Clayton Warner

    Clayton WarnerBulan Yang lalu

    Is it hard to find an ant nest that big?

  19. daniel tsiprun

    daniel tsiprunBulan Yang lalu

    When you kill millions of creatures and call it art. This is way better then modern art for sure.

  20. bgcvetan

    bgcvetanBulan Yang lalu

    We need more such artists, making the world a better place.

  21. Cathy Benson

    Cathy Benson3 bulan yang lalu

    I like it. Lol.

  22. Nippy Preet

    Nippy Preet4 bulan yang lalu

    It whould be more beautiful if someone put molten mettle into your asshole

  23. Palpatine McSenateFace

    Palpatine McSenateFace12 hari yang lalu

    Maybe stick your penis in a fire ant colony and let them bite you until their venom kicks in

  24. assassinlexx

    assassinlexx5 bulan yang lalu

    Ants inside working when they hear shiny lava coming. Well there goes the neighborhood.

  25. Garden Warrior

    Garden Warrior6 bulan yang lalu

    Wish i could afford one of these. They are beautiful.

  26. Garden Warrior

    Garden Warrior6 bulan yang lalu

    Death to all ants!

  27. mary mullis

    mary mullis7 bulan yang lalu

    Can you pour a cast of California soon? I'd like to get rid of them too.

  28. Sergio Solano

    Sergio Solano8 bulan yang lalu

    There are 10 fire ants for just one human. Do the math. I like these vids.

  29. jose fabio de Oliveira Moraes

    jose fabio de Oliveira Moraes9 bulan yang lalu


  30. Brandon Turner

    Brandon Turner9 bulan yang lalu

    Want to see some one do it with gold

  31. B F

    B F9 bulan yang lalu

    The steam is the screams of thousands of fire ants vaporizing.

  32. Yorkazuna

    Yorkazuna9 bulan yang lalu

    The imported killing the imported. I wonder which species is more destructive?

  33. TJ NightTrain

    TJ NightTrain10 bulan yang lalu

    fuck australians. they sound like fuckin english retards when they talk.

  34. Andrew Armoogam

    Andrew Armoogam10 bulan yang lalu

    Final fantasy 7 remake project

  35. ᮆᮊ ᮛᮂᮙᮒ᮪

    ᮆᮊ ᮛᮂᮙᮒ᮪10 bulan yang lalu

    The ant killer

  36. Carl Bailey

    Carl Bailey10 bulan yang lalu

    What fucking jolly do you imbeciles get from pouring a toxic heavy metal into the structures of other creatures, hmm? Is this some sort of fetish for you? A proxy for having little dicks? Or are you just fucking ignorant and stupider than fucking shit? It ain't hard to figure out why you never show your faces. You definitely deserve the prison sentences poisoning land would bring your sorry fucktarded asses.

  37. Palpatine McSenateFace

    Palpatine McSenateFace12 hari yang lalu

    Do you understand the concept of invasive species and the damage they cause to the ecosystem, you stupid fuck

  38. Brian Washington

    Brian Washington11 bulan yang lalu

    Hmmmm. Australia can add fire ants to the list of venomous creatures they have there.

  39. Alex Waltman

    Alex Waltman11 bulan yang lalu

    Is there a distinct smell that comes from all that steam when you pour the aluminum into the hill?

  40. Australian Ant Art

    Australian Ant Art11 bulan yang lalu


  41. emilio perez

    emilio perez11 bulan yang lalu

    Those are a very dangerous ants. Be careful to not being sting by them.

  42. Carolina Demetria

    Carolina Demetria11 bulan yang lalu

    Those fire ants are the spawn of Satan! I’ve seen them eat birds alive. They have caused serious damage to local animal populations

  43. Michael Stack

    Michael Stack11 bulan yang lalu

    Recent figures indicate that there are more than 1.4 billion insects for each human on the planet An article in The New York Times claimed that the world holds 300 pounds of insects for every pound of humans. Ants have colonised almost every landmass on Earth. They. Will. Be. Fine Sierra Charlie hotel mike uniform Charlie kilo Sierra

  44. Dragonuv2002

    Dragonuv2002Tahun Yang lalu

    It sucks y’all have to deal with the fireants too. They’re so prevalent here in Texas that we joke about them being our state mascot. Nice work, guys, that is awesome looking!

  45. klsar1

    klsar1Tahun Yang lalu

    Nice piece of art

  46. Brit Giv

    Brit GivTahun Yang lalu

    Anyone that sympathizes with fire ants have never had them crawling over their body.

  47. bgcvetan

    bgcvetanBulan Yang lalu

    i was in sixst grade when i've encountered a nest of those little monsters.

  48. Brit Giv

    Brit GivTahun Yang lalu

    Australia is so cool.

  49. Karlina Cantik

    Karlina CantikTahun Yang lalu


  50. Michael From Kentucky

    Michael From KentuckyTahun Yang lalu

    Good choice of music. Love it!

  51. Marcus Fifield

    Marcus FifieldTahun Yang lalu

    I know they are now joke I fell backwards into a fire ant nest so I know first-hand there are more humane ways to kill them than pouring molten medal down there front door

  52. Utama Raj Nathan

    Utama Raj NathanTahun Yang lalu

    You just stole the Ants master piece.

  53. Brian Chandler

    Brian ChandlerTahun Yang lalu

    Who was the jack ass that purposely imported fire ants shoot him/ her on site!

  54. Kevin Lebby

    Kevin LebbyTahun Yang lalu

    0:31 That isn't smoke. That's the souls of the millions of ants rising to the heavens.

  55. buru kenge

    buru kengeTahun Yang lalu

    when will u people learn this are fire ants the heat just makes them stronger and angrier

  56. Alfredo Baker

    Alfredo BakerTahun Yang lalu

    Anybody who has been bitten by a fire ant would tell you that them fuckers deserve this, they’re nasty little bastards man

  57. Marcus Fifield

    Marcus FifieldTahun Yang lalu

    And just so you idiots know I fell strait back into a fire ant nest and I love ants and think your wrong for doing this to a living colony's you can find old nests that don't have ants in them douchebags

  58. Marcus Fifield

    Marcus FifieldTahun Yang lalu

    I just want to know I'm an ant lover so do you guys feel bad about burning million's of living creatures because I know you don't find old colony's that don't have ants in them

  59. Ryan Estes

    Ryan EstesTahun Yang lalu

    They are invasive fire ants. These ants specifically target baby animals and eat them alive. They are bad for the environment and this method is quicker than poison and produces a work of art. Fire ants are no joke.

  60. Victor PONCE

    Victor PONCETahun Yang lalu

    Thats freakin cool. All those intricate tunnels. Myriad of passages. WOW!😆😅😄

  61. Chris Davies

    Chris DaviesTahun Yang lalu

    Just curious but what is the actual point of this exercise?

  62. The Alaskan Potato

    The Alaskan PotatoTahun Yang lalu


  63. farmove

    farmoveTahun Yang lalu

    Burn mf burn

  64. Mark Cannon

    Mark CannonTahun Yang lalu

    I'm missing half the experience because I'm forced to listen to some stupid music instead of what's actually going on.

  65. JA Phillips

    JA PhillipsTahun Yang lalu


  66. tinaamariee😘

    tinaamariee😘Tahun Yang lalu

    Somebodies wife is going to kill them when she realizes they used her good meatloaf pan to play in some dirt w/ his boys😂

  67. Азим Асанбеков

    Азим АсанбековTahun Yang lalu

    өзүңчө эле исскуство болуп калатко

  68. jose guzman

    jose guzmanTahun Yang lalu

    Tendran hormigas de estatuas

  69. Ramond Ferreal

    Ramond FerrealTahun Yang lalu

    Like a fire ant death star.