2019 U.S. Open, Round 3: Tiger Woods Extended Highlights


  1. Richard Devanna

    Richard Devanna3 hari yang lalu

    He's clearly breaking down. Looks awful at OPEN..mind is willing but body is not cooperating. Look for retirement announcement at end of 2019 season. He's got nothing left to prove anyway and he knows Koepka can clean his clock.

  2. Richard Devanna

    Richard Devanna2 hari yang lalu

    Chase Golf if you listen to his post round press conferences he clearly states he can't do what he did before. He can't practice for 5 hours. If your back isn't good when playing golf is that a sign he's healthy? His 43 year old body has serious mileage on it and the body eventually breaks down. His body is telling him you are pushing it too much. For those that say he needs more rounds he can't play them with any sort of frequency. He didn't play for a month before because he couldn't.


    CHASE GOLF2 hari yang lalu

    Richard Devanna he didn’t play for a month before The Open what do you expect him winning the Open he is not breaking down he just was rusty and cold conditions for his back isn’t good either

  4. renely gabriel

    renely gabriel9 hari yang lalu

    Yes as idol Tiger woods

  5. Paul Letchworth

    Paul Letchworth22 hari yang lalu

    Pretext107 tiger dick rider ,yeah you are wrong you snapperhead!

  6. 이은굥

    이은굥Bulan Yang lalu


  7. John

    JohnBulan Yang lalu

    Tiger can't concentrate because he lost the most beautiful girl in the world, she's now banging a stud football player.

  8. Theoneandonly88able

    Theoneandonly88ableBulan Yang lalu

    He chose to cheat on mutiple occasion because he was bored with his wife. Why else do people cheat? Because they're bored and dont find the person as interesting when they first met. He has himself to blame.

  9. Paul Letchworth

    Paul LetchworthBulan Yang lalu

    You457wx lol your a dumb fuck you got that out of everything I said wow you really are a tiger dick rider clear his jizz out of your eyes and maybe you can see more clearly , oh yeah your boy got waxed tiger is done , he will never do what woodland did ever again in his career or what’s left of it , to clearly take the lead and hold it those days are over your boy has to have people implode in order to win a major , but keep on sucking up to tiger makes you look like a bitch boy !

  10. D Me

    D MeBulan Yang lalu

    Tiger, after the good vibe off of his Master's comeback win, soured it by allowing The Idiot Trump that ill-advised photo op, for a meaningless, bullshit hunk of junk medal. That Trump stink/bad jou-jou is gonna be hard to get rid of.

  11. Stork Legs

    Stork LegsBulan Yang lalu

    Playing like he ate some bad gas

  12. Paul Letchworth

    Paul LetchworthBulan Yang lalu

    Joesph exactly I couldn’t have said it better , one guy up here said that jack had poor character lol I said what dude , wth but tiger is good character 🤔crazy right

  13. navynugget7

    navynugget7Bulan Yang lalu

    Tiger can only play the masters well now. He knows the course, when it comes to the other tournaments, hes average at best and the field is just better than him!

  14. CJ the baka

    CJ the bakaBulan Yang lalu

    The only pro golfer that I can really get behind. Even when he isn't playing well, it's a joy to watch

  15. Joel Wright

    Joel WrightBulan Yang lalu

    Tiger hit a tree and 12 women fell out of it.

  16. Gypsyfirefly

    GypsyfireflyBulan Yang lalu

    Tiger is having a tough day but he’s still my favorite & the only reason I tune in. Love you Tiger❤️‼️❤️‼️❤️

  17. MrRex2U

    MrRex2UBulan Yang lalu

    Ancient adage... Drive for show... Pitch and *_PUTT_* for dough... Kudos to his playing partner who shot a 68...!!

  18. MrRex2U

    MrRex2UBulan Yang lalu

    Who else is completely over all this "get in the hole" crap...??!!!??

  19. Ace Feeley

    Ace FeeleyBulan Yang lalu

    Hawhaw! No roar today, Sligger! Just a pathetic meow...

  20. Sir Sly

    Sir SlyBulan Yang lalu

    6/16/19: Tiger; Buddy You Look real tired today. Breaks my heart.

  21. Paul Letchworth

    Paul LetchworthBulan Yang lalu

    Maleko your stupid ‘o

  22. americanalltheway Redneck

    americanalltheway RedneckBulan Yang lalu

    This guy is the best golfer of all time..The latest green jacket hangs in his closet...nuff said

  23. americanalltheway Redneck

    americanalltheway RedneckBulan Yang lalu

    theres always some bozo yelling in the hole...Tool..

  24. Tom Patrick

    Tom PatrickBulan Yang lalu

    Watching anyone that is 10-15 strokes off the lead, is of absolutely no interest to me. Featuring such players makes me immediately change the channel.

  25. Tom Patrick

    Tom PatrickBulan Yang lalu

    I watch other golf videos, so this one popped up as a suggestion. I neither searched for, nor watched this video.

  26. dubnessIII

    dubnessIIIBulan Yang lalu

    Interesting that you searched for and watched this video. Seems like you care an awful lot to go out of your way to watch highlights from someone 10-15 strokes off the lead.

  27. RM

    RMBulan Yang lalu

    Tiger has the Trump, skank jinx on him! Will never win again!

  28. Gypsyfirefly

    GypsyfireflyBulan Yang lalu

    RM...And what have you won RM? Trump won the presidency, Tiger has won everything under the sun in the world of golf. You can’t even formulate a halfway intelligent statement. You’re in over your head with your demonstrated low IQ.

  29. alexandergoldman

    alexandergoldmanBulan Yang lalu

    Great highlights. For me, even more impressive was South Korean, Byeong Hun 'Ben' Ah, who was Tiger's playing partner for this round. It was Ben's first time being paired with Tiger and its at the 3rd round of a major. Ben completely outplayed Tiger with, i believe 3 birdies to no bogies...clean scorecard. To outplay Tiger on a course Tiger is so familiar with and under the pressure of the crowd is no small feat... Entertaining round

  30. alexandergoldman

    alexandergoldmanBulan Yang lalu

    At 12:42...did the commentator say Tiger was using a 5 iron for the 209 yard hole? I would have thought Tiger would be using a 6 iron for that distance.. Maybe he's easing off his 5i..

  31. Samich Haze

    Samich HazeBulan Yang lalu

    Not everyone likes tiger . Specially me . It’s not always about him !! Plenty of great golfers there

  32. Paul Letchworth

    Paul LetchworthBulan Yang lalu

    Adam the excuse maker!!!! 😂😂😂😂your killing me

  33. Kilt Xan

    Kilt XanBulan Yang lalu

    People screaming get in the hole at the tee off are fucking morons

  34. tcfreestyler123x

    tcfreestyler123xBulan Yang lalu

    4D chess baby, 61 on Sunday

  35. harry b

    harry bBulan Yang lalu

    Maybe Tiger can get some pointers from the dumpster. Or the waitress at the Waffle House. Screw Tiger and his Trump medal.

  36. Paul Letchworth

    Paul LetchworthBulan Yang lalu

    harry b thank you sir I loved what you said I’ve been telling all these tiger dick riders they sound like school girls

  37. Judah Randolph

    Judah RandolphBulan Yang lalu

    I think Tiger has won at this course like ten times lol

  38. Paul Letchworth

    Paul LetchworthBulan Yang lalu

    Judah nice one tiger dick rider your a true comedian not!!! Keep sucking on that tiger teat 😂😂😂😂😂

  39. Judah Randolph

    Judah RandolphBulan Yang lalu

    Paul I bet you anything I can tell you where you got your shoes at!

  40. Paul Letchworth

    Paul LetchworthBulan Yang lalu

    Judah Randolph not this weekend

  41. Paul Letchworth

    Paul LetchworthBulan Yang lalu

    I love it he sucks playing terrible golf and you people riding on his ass like a broke hog , keep it up tiger and if I was in the gallery I’d ask tiger how was his family the one he ran out on piece of crap

  42. Paul Letchworth

    Paul LetchworthBulan Yang lalu

    Hey you ignorant people there’s a guy that playing that has won two pga and two us opens back to back and all yo guys can do is talk about the wife cheater and family destructor , you people are so brainless

  43. Steven Dudley

    Steven DudleyBulan Yang lalu

    I love Tiger but why are we watching extended highlights from someone that far back? Brooks great round, Rose good round and nothing?

  44. Paul Letchworth

    Paul LetchworthBulan Yang lalu

    Steven Dudley exactly I thought I was the only one it’s ridiculous

  45. Chris Bryant

    Chris BryantBulan Yang lalu

    We forgive him his transgressions simply because he can hit a ball oh and while we're at it let's have the orange baffoon give him a medal. Wow

  46. Paul Letchworth

    Paul LetchworthBulan Yang lalu

    Chris Bryant thank you sir , this gets by with being a shit heel and people suck him up

  47. Arjan Petersen

    Arjan PetersenBulan Yang lalu

    American crowd are getting out of control. What a bunch of idiots.

  48. The Truth

    The TruthBulan Yang lalu

    I know tiger's not in the hunt but still like watching his round

  49. The Truth

    The TruthBulan Yang lalu

    @Paul Letchworth suppose I just appreciate how golf legends plot their way round the course

  50. Paul Letchworth

    Paul LetchworthBulan Yang lalu

    The Truth course you do your a true tiger supporter almost like a jock strap

  51. Lawrence Fishberg

    Lawrence FishbergBulan Yang lalu

    Even though he is far from winning, golf covers him almost exclusively like he is winning....must make all the other golfers feel real great....and oh yes, golf is NOT a sport, it is a skill....sorry, fans of this.

  52. Lawrence Fishberg

    Lawrence FishbergBulan Yang lalu

    Paul Letchworth It hurts golf.

  53. Paul Letchworth

    Paul LetchworthBulan Yang lalu

    Lawrence Fishberg thank you , what Brooks has done and no one talks about it all you hear is tiger this or that even when he’s 12 shots from the lead amazing really

  54. Hairy Chinese Kid

    Hairy Chinese KidBulan Yang lalu

    is he sponsored by Nike?

  55. Hairy Chinese Kid

    Hairy Chinese KidBulan Yang lalu

    @Paul Letchworth He hurt you in some way?

  56. Paul Letchworth

    Paul LetchworthBulan Yang lalu

    Sorry ,if you can’t tell I hate tiger woods

  57. Hairy Chinese Kid

    Hairy Chinese KidBulan Yang lalu

    @Paul Letchworth I'm disappointed in our interaction, I wish it could have gone better, I'm left feeling deflated.

  58. Paul Letchworth

    Paul LetchworthBulan Yang lalu

    When you grow up you will

  59. Hairy Chinese Kid

    Hairy Chinese KidBulan Yang lalu

    i dont know what that means

  60. D B

    D BBulan Yang lalu

    Look at all these people hating on Tiger. Dude has accomplished so much for so long. He's clearly not in his prime. Put back together with nuts and bolts. Still could whip my ass any day.

  61. Shri Pithqm

    Shri PithqmBulan Yang lalu

    Tiger is trying to get his form back/ he's been through a lot give him time he's too tense Relax Tiger dont dwell on the past go forward

  62. Shri Pithqm

    Shri PithqmBulan Yang lalu

    @Paul Letchworth hope u get it good luck don't write him off he's a history maker

  63. Paul Letchworth

    Paul LetchworthBulan Yang lalu

    Shri Pithqm yeah I’m trying to get that Ferrari

  64. Pissanuwat Keowamrat

    Pissanuwat KeowamratBulan Yang lalu

    He needs more competitive rounds to piece everything together. No matter of hard he practice, it won't sharpen his swing and mind like playing a real tournament.

  65. Freddy Lim

    Freddy LimBulan Yang lalu

    There are off days for geniuses!!

  66. Paul Letchworth

    Paul LetchworthBulan Yang lalu

    Freddy Lim 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂I cant stop laughing oh god whew now your a funny guy calling that oof that

  67. ARider Nanthipat

    ARider NanthipatBulan Yang lalu

    He will come back to wear a red dress. Lol

  68. Paul Letchworth

    Paul LetchworthBulan Yang lalu

    ARider Nanthipat maybe you would like that , sounds like

  69. Ikaika Maleko

    Ikaika MalekoBulan Yang lalu

    adam adam.......lol😂😂

  70. adam adam

    adam adamBulan Yang lalu

    Same as you do everyday lmao😂😂

  71. bigjohnconnect

    bigjohnconnectBulan Yang lalu

    I can here that get in the hole guy again, he just follows tiger everywhere he goes.and another thing, why do they say get in the hole when tigers tees off on a par 4? Know dam well he won't even reach the green.

  72. Razlan Johari

    Razlan JohariBulan Yang lalu

    Because he is stupid to the max

  73. Mr. Wig.

    Mr. Wig.Bulan Yang lalu

    Tiger you are simply the best keep going..

  74. Paul Letchworth

    Paul LetchworthBulan Yang lalu

    Mr. Wig. 😂😂😂😂😂he ain’t shit sucking egg playing like crap got his ass handed to him yesterday by who ? Your funny dude give you that your a comedian

  75. Ken Phillips

    Ken PhillipsBulan Yang lalu

    For heaven's sake, Eldrick is not in the top ten today. He got lucky when others self desructed but he's short on both morality and ability now. Some years ago the late Peter Thomson said of a prodigy that he had not yet learned to miss putts and Thomson was right. The truly great golfers do not have such deep troughs of putting as Eldrick is now experiencing. Eldrick seems to have learned at last.

  76. pretext107

    pretext10722 hari yang lalu

    Paul Letchworth i’m glad you and ken found each other and think both of you have a brain. Even stupid people need friends! Also - you categorically wrong since the rankings shows he is in the top 10. Idk maybe your opinion defies facts. So I could be wrong.

  77. Paul Letchworth

    Paul LetchworthBulan Yang lalu

    Ken you are right sir he will never win a major out right again someone will have to shit on themselves for him to win just like the guy who won the open when Phil handed it to him where’s that guy been since tiger is washed up glad of it

  78. Paul Letchworth

    Paul LetchworthBulan Yang lalu

    Ken Phillips yes thank god someone sees it like me how soon people forget what he did to his family how he drug them in the dirt the embarrassment that lady had to deal with , thank you sir !!!!

  79. pretext107

    pretext107Bulan Yang lalu

    Ken Phillips dumbest post on here ken. He got lucky that the top players self destructed? Uhm its golf - whoever makes less mistakes wins. And the “truly great golfers” are nicklaus and woods based on their career accomplishments. So no matter how he is putting right now, any other comment from any other golfer apart from nicklaus is irrelevant.

  80. Topbloke Golf Vlogs

    Topbloke Golf VlogsBulan Yang lalu

    Really, really tough out there ...

  81. Mordor Batagor

    Mordor BatagorBulan Yang lalu

    I suggest him to change his putter and star considering long putter, either belly putter or longer than it. Hope it works well for him. Furthermore, i prefer his balance and calmness in The Masters than in The US Open. Good luck, Tiger.

  82. Paul Letchworth

    Paul LetchworthBulan Yang lalu

    Mordor Batagor great job I’m sure he will do what you said try maybe it will make him play even worse which will be awesome !!!

  83. LRN_News

    LRN_NewsBulan Yang lalu

    God no, not the long putter. Tiger is against long putters and belly putters. He believes that the putter should be the shortest club in the bag

  84. The Home Depot House Plant

    The Home Depot House PlantBulan Yang lalu

    These commentators are fucking shit

  85. Joakim Fredriksson

    Joakim FredrikssonBulan Yang lalu

    He has hit it as well as the leaders in round 2 and 3 unfortunatly the putter was ice cold :/

  86. Mil Sneler

    Mil SnelerBulan Yang lalu

    Putting was okay considering most of the putts were difficult, because he was not hitting the irons very good, which is completely contrary to what you concluded after watching exactly the same thing I did.