2018 JYP Global Audition in USA/CANADA - Stray Kids


  1. 「vuneralia- qutecake」

    「vuneralia- qutecake」17 hari yang lalu

    why did I miss this ugh!

  2. Haha Ha

    Haha Ha5 bulan yang lalu

    please add the musical instruments in those categories☹️

  3. Dragon Butler

    Dragon Butler6 bulan yang lalu

    Will their be 2019 auditions

  4. MultiMinHOE

    MultiMinHOE6 bulan yang lalu

    can i just say how jisug said toronto wow im proud of where i live now

  5. MultiFandom사이다모 - 은지

    MultiFandom사이다모 - 은지6 bulan yang lalu

    Good to live in 🇨🇦 but Toronto is on the other side of my Province 😂 I just wanna go to some of these and watch people audition~

  6. pickthepug

    pickthepug7 bulan yang lalu

    i came back here just to hear jisung say canada and toronto

  7. Chiara Dal Col

    Chiara Dal Col9 bulan yang lalu

    swipjiahne, i lack talent, have a not so very supportive family and so on ;-;

  8. Hana kang

    Hana kang10 bulan yang lalu

    I’m watching this right now and I totally missed it!😱

  9. 지용이GOD Dragon is Back

    지용이GOD Dragon is Back10 bulan yang lalu

    han's english.....

  10. Layla Official

    Layla Official11 bulan yang lalu

    The only reason I would even try to audition is to meet stray kids( and twice, got7, day6 etc.) 😅

  11. smhaaokir

    smhaaokir11 bulan yang lalu

    I want to audition buy I'm not from USA :(( Please explore more Asian countries

  12. MokBongDRAGON 4

    MokBongDRAGON 411 bulan yang lalu

    Damn sadly I’m jus seeing this video

  13. Sandra Vilimäe

    Sandra Vilimäe11 bulan yang lalu

    I wanna cryy.....I live in Estoniaaa😭😭😭😭

  14. horsesthatfliesareunicorns ksm

    horsesthatfliesareunicorns ksm11 bulan yang lalu


  15. Alicia Morimoto

    Alicia Morimoto11 bulan yang lalu

    anyone going in hawaii?

  16. Adelyn Liuz

    Adelyn LiuzTahun Yang lalu


  17. 휘야asmr

    휘야asmrTahun Yang lalu

    독일애서도 오디션 진행 했음 좋켓당..ㅜㅜ

  18. Maria Fernanda

    Maria FernandaTahun Yang lalu

    I fall in love with Jisung's english.

  19. WoW wowza

    WoW wowzaTahun Yang lalu

    Does moral support count as a category?

  20. chimchim taetae

    chimchim taetaeTahun Yang lalu

    Yooo what about Chicago??

  21. chimchim taetae

    chimchim taetaeTahun Yang lalu

    I always see NY, LA, but Chicago is also part of the top 3 biggest cities in the US but they just don’t seem to come here. Even SM skipped us for their global auditions....

  22. friendly bleach

    friendly bleachTahun Yang lalu

    I know I'm late but.. can I sign up to be a broom? You won't have to pay me or anything.

  23. Sam Fab16

    Sam Fab16Tahun Yang lalu

    If i am going to audition i have to travel around the world for a walk in audition??

  24. Wern Ying

    Wern YingTahun Yang lalu

    My ears has been blessed😍

  25. grettell santos

    grettell santosTahun Yang lalu

    You y'all see how Jisung (Han) said "modeling" like kill me now......

  26. undeoral

    undeoralTahun Yang lalu

    crying because i dont live in america :,)

  27. Choco Cone

    Choco ConeTahun Yang lalu

    Hey who’s going tomorrow? Hope to meet some of y’all!(:

  28. jazmin rose

    jazmin roseTahun Yang lalu

    I can't find the address of the LA audition, can someone help me??

  29. Yessica Morales Hernandez

    Yessica Morales HernandezTahun Yang lalu

    Latinoamérica por fa a Perú

  30. Mirrored Dance Videos

    Mirrored Dance VideosTahun Yang lalu

    am i the only one confused as to where the LA(O.C) audition is held plz help

  31. Marena Glaister

    Marena GlaisterTahun Yang lalu

    Hi guys!! Okay so I have a serious question here.... I am not of any Asian descent what-so-ever, but I REALLY want to audition still. I'm just really nervous they won't take a half Italian, half German, American girl... I have been putting in a lot of work with practice and then I went to a concert and have to go on vocal rest because I was screeching like there was no tomorrow (lol) but does any one think I would just be wasting my time there if they don't take Americans of European descent??? (I have been really stressed about this for a while, along with just recently starting to teach myself Korean) please help!!! Thank you guys so much!!!! :))

  32. Sabrina Brasil

    Sabrina BrasilTahun Yang lalu


  33. sumponpakdee

    sumponpakdeeTahun Yang lalu

    does anyone know the times for the audition? Or is it like all day..?

  34. Precious Vicente

    Precious VicenteTahun Yang lalu

    Please be notice Philippine Jebal~~ JYP Entertainment😘 Ps:I'm pretty sure I'm gay😘😝😎

  35. نغم على وتر ناصر الحمصي

    نغم على وتر ناصر الحمصيTahun Yang lalu

    a question makes her next year too🤔😂😂💕

  36. Skz Playah

    Skz PlayahTahun Yang lalu

    Wait does it matter what age cause im a 2007 liner

  37. Candice Chang

    Candice ChangTahun Yang lalu

    Its literally less then 2 weeks from now and Im still debating haha but i dont have talent i just wanna experience

  38. hyunjeans

    hyunjeansTahun Yang lalu

    I might audition- watch me fail this

  39. content_and_content

    content_and_contentTahun Yang lalu

    Please add Vancouver to your list 😭

  40. Jinri Sarfati

    Jinri SarfatiTahun Yang lalu

    i watched it just for hearing them to speak english kk

  41. Rachel

    RachelTahun Yang lalu

    I’m crying I want to audition but I don’t know what to do at all and I live in Washington and the closes one is the one in Cali but my family’s to poor to drive all the way down there and back

  42. Swag TaeTae

    Swag TaeTaeTahun Yang lalu

    UwU I wish it was in Australia

  43. ツAddie

    ツAddieTahun Yang lalu

    Can I just come and say hi? :')

  44. Syaida Rosly

    Syaida RoslyTahun Yang lalu

    Wow wow wow

  45. ellie jelly

    ellie jellyTahun Yang lalu

    everybody say thank you jisung

  46. Ana Gumarang

    Ana GumarangTahun Yang lalu


  47. Lee Know I love you

    Lee Know I love youTahun Yang lalu

    Minho very lost:))

  48. Sarah Kim

    Sarah KimTahun Yang lalu


  49. jess has jams

    jess has jamsTahun Yang lalu

    so let’s just say I can speak korean fluently but I’m not Asian -.- can I get it :’)

  50. Felix’s Freckles

    Felix’s FrecklesTahun Yang lalu

    This is great apart from two slightly small problems: 1) I don’t live in Canada or the USA. 2) I can’t sing, dance, rap, act, or model Other than that I am totally ready!!!

  51. Corinne

    CorinneTahun Yang lalu

    I live in vancouver not toronto why

  52. Gimi Kim

    Gimi KimTahun Yang lalu

    I cant stop laughing because changbins expresion😂😂 i sorry changbin

  53. Baek Hyunieee

    Baek HyunieeeTahun Yang lalu

    I’m trying for the audition in hawaii😂

  54. andrea

    andreaTahun Yang lalu

    hawaii getting the recognition it deserves are any of yall going to the hawaii one?

  55. Eden MOA

    Eden MOATahun Yang lalu

    JYP really missing out not coming to Dallas. There’s SO many talented and beautiful Korean people here

  56. Masaki RENARD

    Masaki RENARDTahun Yang lalu

    Okay so the audition in Hawaii is on my birthday I'm gonna cry

  57. Jeon Jungkook

    Jeon JungkookTahun Yang lalu

    Even if you audition for dance/modeling you still have to be able to sing right?

  58. han le know

    han le knowTahun Yang lalu

    Changlix 😍😍

  59. han le know

    han le knowTahun Yang lalu

    Minsung again 😍😘

  60. Kayla B. Lee

    Kayla B. LeeTahun Yang lalu

    Does anyone know what time the LA auditions going to be and I'm doing a walk-in so what time should I be there?

  61. Park _Sunmi

    Park _SunmiTahun Yang lalu

    Pls make a loop of jisung speking english