2014 / 2015 / 2016 BMW iDrive Touch Infotainment Review ( with finger writing recognition)


  1. RawSouce

    RawSouceBulan Yang lalu

    Elegant and simple 👍

  2. Pablo D

    Pablo D2 bulan yang lalu

    I hate every time he hits the center button so hard .... I can imagine him doing that to mine ....

  3. Mellisa XD

    Mellisa XD4 bulan yang lalu

    Alex please show me where is doors lock button in case we do not use key fob. Thank you

  4. Bkarna

    Bkarna4 bulan yang lalu

    Jasmine Phan it’s under the hazard light button

  5. Ldrift

    Ldrift5 bulan yang lalu

    Press the button, don’t slam it!

  6. Tools & More DIY

    Tools & More DIY7 bulan yang lalu

    Very good explanation.... TKS for sharing your knowledge on the system.. uff I'll have to take a few hours to "learn the whole system" well enough and take full advantage of the futures.. TKS again .. just subscribed 👌🏻.. God bless,.

  7. Mike Jones

    Mike Jones7 bulan yang lalu

    Is there away to display a screensaver or pictures? In order to not display the menu screen!!!

  8. WuPiDu

    WuPiDu8 bulan yang lalu

    Mama Mia, here you go again with all these high tech car

  9. teknodogg

    teknodogg8 bulan yang lalu

    how to get weather on navigation? ... have 2015 535i I don't see that in my nav

  10. Riley K

    Riley K9 bulan yang lalu

    its like you really hate that centre ok click function....

  11. Shawn Ferrell

    Shawn Ferrell9 bulan yang lalu

    I had to stop watching I can’t stand the way he’s smashing the button

  12. Conquissstador

    Conquissstador9 bulan yang lalu

    Muchas gracias! I found this very useful

  13. cubmixit

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    Thanks for the help!

  14. Net Hook

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    Great review thanks 👍

  15. Teresa Dattoli

    Teresa DattoliTahun Yang lalu

    whydoes mysystem only work on voice activation

  16. Jan Jacenik

    Jan JacenikTahun Yang lalu

    idreporter.net/v/video-U-Fu_OtDEq4.html bmw idrive film test muste see !!

  17. Алина Ипполитовна Унтилова

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    Спасибо брат

  19. Marks Man

    Marks ManTahun Yang lalu

    Thank you. Just got my BMW X 5. This helps!

  20. Malc B

    Malc BTahun Yang lalu

    Got a 2015 328 using my note 8 with bmw ConnectedDrive and still not able to see art cover anyone can help ?

  21. Thirty7

    Thirty7Tahun Yang lalu

    2:23 oops 😂😂

  22. Brandon Ferris

    Brandon FerrisTahun Yang lalu

    i have a 2014 and for some reason, i CANNOT play music from my iphone 7 to the car...it only allows me to use "telephone"

  23. LOADING...

    LOADING...Tahun Yang lalu

    2018? No touch screen? Lol


    ZEMOS GATETahun Yang lalu

    I'm using Bluetooth but I don't see the album art on the display

  25. Irakli Inasaridze

    Irakli InasaridzeTahun Yang lalu

    Hi, Great Review! One question, is it possible to change miles to KM on the instrument cluster?

  26. Adrian Haynes

    Adrian HaynesTahun Yang lalu

    Is this the same system that is in the 2015 650 gran coupe? And will my galxy note be able to work with the apps or do i need an iphone?

  27. Keonna Wilcox

    Keonna WilcoxTahun Yang lalu

    I feel bad for that knob guy

  28. Makinja

    MakinjaTahun Yang lalu

    What ver of idrive is this? Not seeing some of these features on a 2016 435i. Could I update the software between BMW website using a flash drive to the car's USB?

  29. Sub Zero

    Sub ZeroTahun Yang lalu

    Why don't you just grab a nearby fckn sledgehammer and hit this damn Idrive button down to hell fam

  30. Cymone W

    Cymone WTahun Yang lalu

    This video was much needed. I definitely will make sure to reference this often

  31. Patrick Guerrisi

    Patrick GuerrisiTahun Yang lalu

    Can I follow this guide to use idrive in my 2017 X3 m sport ?

  32. pavan m

    pavan mTahun Yang lalu

    Just didn't get it..... y d hell u r ramming it down like dat.....

  33. Jens Nolte

    Jens NolteTahun Yang lalu

    horrible usability. Lightyears behind Tesla.

  34. Sylvan Tieger

    Sylvan TiegerTahun Yang lalu

    I Just bought a 750 IL and I have a Lexus 460 L AWD ... The Lexus is really user friendly compared to the overkill electronics BMW has . At least the Lexus gives me the option to talk or manually put in where to go without reaching for that DUMB ball that is really quite dangers if your driving and need to out a location in

  35. Back Track

    Back TrackTahun Yang lalu

    take it easy on the button dude chill you are not fighting it damn

  36. Nemo D333

    Nemo D333Tahun Yang lalu

    it just retarded control. BMW put bloody touch screen in.

  37. mnash3

    mnash32 tahun yang lalu

    Cool video... I was thinking about returning to the world of BMW, buuuuut if or when I buy a new vehicle my opt for the QX80. I like the review that you did on that one. It is a much larger vehicle than what I need, but it appears to carry over some features that I have on my Nissan Pathfinder that I really like. My assumption is that backup camera and surround camera was not an option on the BMW that you tested as I watched the whole video really looking for that. That feature is such a requirement for me that it may prevent me from returning to BMW. I do remember that I liked even loved the way my BMW X5 handled, but like I said that camera is a necessity. Thanks again for sharing your experience.

  38. Lana Haddad

    Lana Haddad2 tahun yang lalu

    Great video! Can I connect a 2014 528i via Bluetooth to listen to audio music?

  39. Deed!zel

    Deed!zel2 tahun yang lalu

    Lana Haddad yes

  40. ripseeze

    ripseeze2 tahun yang lalu

    good video, very informative

  41. Catarino Bernardo João

    Catarino Bernardo João2 tahun yang lalu

    Is with additional direct menu control buttons makes for quick and intuitive opérations.... Is so much fun to drive !!!!!!

  42. # Vadya

    # Vadya2 tahun yang lalu

    can update 2015 menu to 2017?

  43. Donna Peroche

    Donna Peroche2 tahun yang lalu

    less bulky? more airy and welcome? Looks like somebody ducktaped an ipad to the dash.

  44. THEND

    THEND2 tahun yang lalu

    Thank you for the explanation. The guy at the dealership was useless. HA HA!

  45. raj popat

    raj popat2 tahun yang lalu

    Can anyone suggest to fit Upgraded sat nav with large screen on BMW 320i 2016 model Please call me on 07710408123 thanks

  46. Mr Polo2u

    Mr Polo2u2 tahun yang lalu

    Is that touchscreen too?

  47. deJongBoy

    deJongBoy2 tahun yang lalu

    Thanks, informative video. But that 15.4 mpg seems very low, even for a top sec model.

  48. Bend Em

    Bend Em2 tahun yang lalu

    Come on BMW support iPhone messages don't let one phone and not the other.

  49. Joel Calvary

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    thank you, very helpful.

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    Outstanding 👍🏽👍🏽👏🏽

  51. LeeYong Lim

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    Can we save musics?

  52. Sache0190

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    why would you hammer that button?

  53. Moustafa Badr

    Moustafa Badr2 tahun yang lalu

    Hey Alex, I am a big fan of BMW but never rode it hahahaha and it was interesting to know these features and next time do not press so hard on the button its sensitive

  54. Lionel Desir

    Lionel Desir3 tahun yang lalu

    You think this update is available for the 2011 BMW 750Li

  55. Steven Richards

    Steven Richards3 tahun yang lalu

    I tried pausing the video,,, but once I hit play again you were still talking to fast,,, :-)

  56. Steven Richards

    Steven Richards3 tahun yang lalu

    It's a good video but you're talking and demonstrating WAY to FAST !

  57. Red Adams

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    Theres alot to get through plus you can always rewind

  58. Robin J

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    Oh yea i understand him so amazing when the video is paused -.-

  59. Dwight Vaughn

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    Ummm... Pause the video?

  60. Crazy Card

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    I feel like cutting your fingers for clicking so hard on the console.Great video.

  61. alex farfan

    alex farfan3 tahun yang lalu

    hi any wan not how to fix it my bmw x5 35xdrive 2013 after I change my battery the i drive not working any more please help mee to fixed

  62. alex farfan

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  63. Järvinen

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    4:39 - No traffic on 17? Likely story...

  64. djbasx007

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    Like for ABBA!!

  65. Cameron Tu

    Cameron Tu3 tahun yang lalu

    iDrive is amazing and honestly has probably helped stave off potential Audi/Merc detractors. iDrive and BMWs interior is really all you need if you still believe in BMWs philosophy. Other than interior design being bland (to some), a general cheapening of quality (undeniable), and some minor caveats across the range (sound, number steering compared to other gens, etc), there's not too much reason for a BMW fan to change brands.

  66. Winston Miller

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    Excellent!! This was very helpful. Thank you.

  67. Ve Higbee

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    Went way too fast for my retention abilities. Great video pretty much covered everything.