20 Business Ideas With 30,000 Rupees Investment

  • 15 Peb 2018
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  1. nikhil katta

    nikhil katta9 bulan yang lalu

    i dont understand how can u organise a gym and antique shop with 30k. in a city to rent a area of gym vl cost min of 20-30 k. how vl u maintain equipment.. foolish

  2. Sagar Gupta

    Sagar Gupta2 tahun yang lalu

    Hello, like your list of the collection on most of the videos, can you make some videos to explain how to start all those services or work with investment. What is the actual procedure and what are the requirements, and what the problems can become, or what are the things anyone should consider, pros or cons etc. So that it will be more helpful for the people. If i wrote anything wrong then please ignore it. Thanks