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    @Eddie Soto Italians built and ran NY 💪

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    Thank you. I really like your shows.!!!!

  4. Keith E. Bilitsky

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    Excellent videos. I get to see some of the people l used to know.

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    @Demetrion Mason Thank u Broski

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    U are the best documentary composer i've come across. If not the best, u are numbered among the best.

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    Hezakya ! Hey bro , Do you have any news footage or anything on Carmine Galante ??? He was the real deal .

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    It's on my channel already

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    The funny thing they don't say about the Russians gangsters is that they are all Jews .

  10. amy bastian

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    What a shameful thing to do ,Peter Mitchell . Im sure its way different dealing with cops when your a black man but anyone with a conscious would not let a man rot in jail for 20 years when you had the power to set him free. There is a witness protection program . Pussy !

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    Lol 36:58 . Mad Max has been there forever and yet its even worse now because of her .

  12. amy bastian

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    The feds majorly screwed Casso . His attorney must have been shit. We know those detectives were bought and paid for . They are full of Sh*t . Luckily , they are both locked up in 2019 .

  13. amy bastian

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    @dave g Oh, I would have thought gaspipe would have had the best attorney money could buy . So the Feds chose Gravano over Casso , even If Sammy was lying . I remember he went right back into dealing exctasy in the Midwest afterwards .

  14. dave g

    dave g12 jam yang lalu

    No they had to much invested in Gravano . Casso knew Gravano was a drug dealer and that went against the story the Feds were pushing .

  15. amy bastian

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    Wow , this is awesome ! I cant believe ive never seen this . Tony Ducks Corallo always spitting on camera .lol . Lots of shots of Rusty

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    Wow great footage tony “ducks”, the boss of lucchese family taken down in 85.

  17. Thomas

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    17:37 it’s pretty funny that fortune magazine’s “Number one mafia boss” wasn’t even an actual boss of a family. Fat Tony Solerno was the front boss of the Genovese family. Phil Lombardo, then Chin Gigante were the actual, behind the scenes bosses.

  18. BAY 8TH 718

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    It's funny to me when people say GOTTI Sr destroyed LCN.Not sammy the Bullshitter.

  19. BAY 8TH 718

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    @Nicco Lascelle Now Frank Locascio That's a Man's Man! He didn't say shit about sammy He barely even spoke on the Ravenite tapes How come he didn't turn on Gotti?

  20. BAY 8TH 718

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    @Nicco Lascelle What about everyone on else sammy put in jail?

  21. Nicco Lascelle

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    He did gotti was all about himself NOT the family. Gotti wld take more taxes off ppl n also had a hair dresser everyday come to his house to trim his nose hairs. Gotti was doing everything for himself. And thats not whatbits about. And he took himseld down remember. On top of the shop gotti told a member "turn dwn the radio" cause gotti was defbin one ear n thats how the feds cld hear himsel incriminate him n the family. Then the bull ratted. Im against rats by the way. But gotti was for himself n wld of let sammy rot if gotyi got off n every1 knows it

  22. BAY 8TH 718

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    Goodfellas henry hill's story based on facts.yea alternative facts.geez he gets a table up front.this segment starts out with a lie.great story tho.

  23. BAY 8TH 718

    BAY 8TH 7183 hari yang lalu

    How come Mr Salerno did not become a Turncoat he was convicted and received 100 years for being the boss.guiliani knew he wasn't the boss.according to gravano's mafia logic Tony should have cooperated.he was double crossed and died in jail.RIP to a Man's Man.

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    Yeah FT was the real thing

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    Those names.

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    "I won't have this on my appetite." Hahaha, too funny! Caraccapa was a real brain surgeon...

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    @Thomas lol

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    He said epithet, not appetite.

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    Great channel love your stuff

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    57:45 Hear that?? Quote: "Killing her father in front of her (a 7 y.-old girl) would have been very traumatic ..FOR US..." What?? :D ...wtf??..

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    Thanks for the Mob videos

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    Hezakya news you have the greatest footage of all kinds of news all yrs. This site is the bomb my dude glad I found this your mob//mafia docs off the hook always giving us top shelf your are that dude 👍🏼

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    @Hezakya Newz & Films the pleasure is mine is my brother

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    Thanks Pete

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    What happened to Carlo's other kids or what did they do for a living? Only one I knew of that got involved was Tommy who ran the garment district. Also Gotti had a ton of siblings...only Gene and Peter were heavily involved in the life...you never hear or see anything from the other siblings at all. Gigante's daughter has some really interesting articles online. Also has a book I haven't read. Big Paul's sons moved to Florida and one has a pizza shop. A lot of the kids got to live nicely off the legitimate businesses. I bet Paul had millions of legit money in the bank when he died. Very curious what Carlo's bank account looked like. Tommy is clearly still a millionaire. There's gotta be a whole lot still sitting in foreign accounts too.

  36. jpratx

    jpratx12 hari yang lalu

    @Gestapo Brad yes I know that. Another brother Vincent was involved but a druggie. That leaves I think two brothers and 6 sisters. But I wouldn't want to be in the spotlight either. I'm sure they were bugged for interviews. John's mom Fannie lived passed to 94. Poor lady had 13 kids, two died as babies, and half her sons became criminals.

  37. Gestapo Brad

    Gestapo Brad12 hari yang lalu

    Gotti's younger brothers Vincent and Richard are still in the mob Peter in prison Gene just got out

  38. geoff edwards

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    Fucking hot chocolate at the end giving false evidence,so a man could get life for nothing!!!Creepy little freak.

  39. jpratx

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    That commission case was no joke! And those bosses were straight from the old school.

  40. jpratx

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    Man how do you get all this footage and to put it all together. Nicely done!

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    This guy is da bomb

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    C’est quoi qui t’intéresses chez les italiens !!!

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    Black gangs only power= Race Cards.

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    Lol can you blame them though look how they live

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    Dude you spoil us! I was only a 19-20yr old Canadian girl when all of this went down so I appreciate anything you upload! Thank you! New sub!

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    Love the videos. Keep La Costra Nostra alive!!🇺🇸🇮🇹

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    There is no "mafia." J. Edgar Hoover said so himself! Nothing to see here.

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    You got that right russ

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    29:50 Phil Lucky Giacone, Anthony Bruno Indelicato and Sonny Red Indelicato

  50. Gestapo Brad

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    Then Neil dellacroce turns around set's them up to die in Sammy the bull's club

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    you black piece of Shit.

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    If they can kill pablo Escobar. The italian mafia has 100% approval to operate in the USA thanks to the gov bosses.

  53. I Robott

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    From todays New York Times newspaper ....(complete article) CAMBRIDGE, Mass. - Patricia Donahue’s husband, Michael, was killed in a spray of bullets in 1982 when he offered a ride to a neighbor whom the mobster James (Whitey) Bulger wanted dead. The murder, which Mr. Bulger was eventually convicted of, left Ms. Donahue a widow, and her three young sons fatherless. So when Ms. Donahue learned in recent days that Mr. Bulger’s estate had filed a $200 million wrongful death claim against the federal government over Mr. Bulger’s fatal beating in a West Virginia prison, it rekindled her pain, she said. “I know they’re looking for answers because they didn’t like the way that their brother died, and all I would say is, ‘What goes around comes around,’” she said. “The ironic thing,” she added, “is that we never got answers, you know.” The legal claim by Mr. Bulger’s estate accuses the Bureau of Prisons, Justice Department and United States Marshals Service of abuse, negligence and recklessness in Mr. Bulger’s death last October. It seeks answers about why Mr. Bulger, a former F.B.I. informant who was 89 and in a wheelchair, was transferred to the Hazelton federal penitentiary in Bruceton Mills, W.Va., a prison known to be dangerous for informants; hours later he was found beaten to death in his cell. Mr. Bulger was serving two life sentences for his role in 11 murders, including Mr. Donahue’s.

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    @13:32 You do your own shtick, they'll do mine! You pull your own handle and they'll pull my jackpot handle!

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    Damn this intro music is swagged out haha

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    @Cham Cham Quao open.spotify.com/track/5D1w5OWgL5FpAg4pzwmvjt?si=1-mRiDsGTBCwJTAGZWXClA

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    Richard Smith lol I know but I don’t have another phone atm so I’m saying if that’s something you already done you can just tell me the name haha

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    @Cham Cham Quao play the music into Shazam from another device it will find it. That intro music were talking about only plays half way through the track it's a different melody at the beginning

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    Richard Smith what’s the name? I don’t see anything under time traveler

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    @Cham Cham Quao it took me a while to find it. If you Shazam it will allow you to open it through iTunes or Spotify or whatever

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    But the Jews are all supposed to be poor.

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    Who told you that lie they are some of the richest in the world

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    Is Woody Allen in the mob?

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    2:52 Woody Allen aka The Beak...

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    LoL. Why is he there?

  66. Jordon Nicolosi

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    Who was the guy walking down from the court house after Tony ducks corallo? I'm guessing Phillip rusty rustelli from the bonannos since it was around the time of the commission trial. I could be wrong, let me know please. Thanks!

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  68. Joe Hill

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    Theres a new sammy the bull gravano interview on valuetainment

  69. Joe Hill

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    Im from NYC my first job i had after school and on the weekend i used too work around greenwich village Manhattan ive seen The Chin in his bathrobe walking he lived literally a block away from the store.

  70. Jordon Nicolosi

    Jordon Nicolosi18 hari yang lalu

    @Joe Hill but ur right Christy tiçk fornari was gaspipes mentor at first when he was supposed to join genovese like his father n his family connects w Genovese but his mentor Christy tick is one of reasons he joined Lucçese family

  71. Jordon Nicolosi

    Jordon Nicolosi18 hari yang lalu

    I Kno the guy who brought Anthony gaspipe casso in the game and his name was Christi tick fornari. He was not part of the commission trial.....càrmine persico, Tony Salerno Paul castellano before they killed him Tony ducks corallo and the bonanno fàmily boss Phillip rusty rustelli. Christy tick wasn't part of the commission trial

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    man I thought I had rinsed out all of the mob documentaries on IDreporter...boy was I way off base.. NEW SUBSCRIBER thanks man

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    Hes soooo full of shit.

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    Mackenzie should go to jail what a jerk he is none of his charges were ever panned out who's trying to make money from a Blog the guy should be in jail with the trouble he's caused everyone

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    R.I.P to The Snake. The balls on that guy. The only boss who represented himself during The Commission Trial.

  76. DonConner Thefutureisnotset

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    To put someone innocent in prison knowingly...those two corrupt cops deserve the fate of bulger! He got beat bye two guys with socks stuffed with something hard to death. A fitting justice for such a foul person.

  77. DonConner Thefutureisnotset

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    1hr 19min.It's obvious Carracappa is guilty. Besides his eyes and face. A person not guilty will immediately know where they were when all these things were said to have happened. All he keeps saying is he's not guilty, he's a great guy, he would never do this. Like throwing a bone with no meat on it. Dancing around the substance, and ONLY denying with no corroborating facts that can exonerate him. 🤔 CARACCAPPA:Trust me im not guily. ask anyone, im a great guy...lol FBI: OK that's not the point for the millionth time. Where the fuck were u during all this shit happening? Caraccappa: I forgotti, i was sleeping alone. Nope Nobody seen me enter my house. Lol!!!🤔🤣

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    Man Hez please keep making videos. I don't know where you get your content but it's 1 of a kind. No body has these videos.

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    The problem with Italians is that they think they’re white.

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    @A Zach Nope. You must be confused with Albanians, or other eastern europeans. Italians are white, Caucasians. Even you know that, you uneducated pleb. I'm starting to detect negroid in you.

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    Charles Carter they are not white they are closer to Arabs with they’re dark skin colour and hairy bodies

  83. Charles Carter

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    @A Zach They are, troll. They are actually the greatest Europeans of all time.

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    Charles Carter Italians are not white

  85. A Zach

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    Adrian At And T Italians are not white

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    Oh No! U can govern vices, if the government refuses to and still be a man of honor! But to fuck with the public's meat supplies,,,this should absolutely be a death sentence! No mercy. The dirty inspectors should be lynched in public! That's horrible! People like myself eat kosher. Somtimes for economic reasons may stray from the rabbis stamp! Id hate to be bonanno right now boyyyy!, all the money in the world ain't worth it! He's been suffering in agony since the very day his corpse expired!!!😪

  87. DonConner Thefutureisnotset

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    Isn't there an armed guard at the welfare office? Millions, even for thousands of dollars in diamonds, and they can't afford an armed security guard? That's like the Madoff victims crying they lost everything, but who but the dumbest of the dingbats would sink all their money into ANYTHING! Smarten up people

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    Loading all the bums in a van

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    How the hell at 2:40 did they get that van in between the wall n steps lol fuck it just drive over em frankie

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    Those shots of NYC in the 1980s look awesome 😎

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    I Wish They Went After DNC Party with Such Tenacity as they did the Mob.. After What We Learned from Wiki Leaks, How Are the Clinton’s an People Like GORGE SOROS & Debbie Washermen Shultz, M. Waters,& N. Pelosi

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    Soviet neighborhood? Replete with commissars and mini gulags?haha.Fucking crackpots.

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    Thank you my friend, thank you

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    Whitey got butchered first day in the yard never find him hahaha

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    The man was rubbing shoulders with his people salute mr sanatra that's why till today people still listen too his songs not cuz of the mob cuz he was the Justin beiber of that era while he was a teen

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    1:27:10 - WTF is an epitat? He can't say epitaph...

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    11:44 three chinamen from Hong Kong..LOL

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    Please stop calling Mr. Salerno "Fat Tony". That's not nice.

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