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    Fak you

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    Umi kalsumBulan Yang lalu

    Dewi persik dan Saipul jamil sapi dan susu beruang

  3. Umi kalsum

    Umi kalsumBulan Yang lalu

    Lihat kan penyayi dang DUT Dewi persik sama Saipul jamil

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    99% des gens regardent et ne feront pas ces astuces 😂

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    Wow ☺☺


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    This video should be renamed 17 ways to play with your food

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    i just clicked somewhere and the first thing i see is the finger under the knife 7:20 Jesus christ guys.....

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    Guess the fruit on 1:51 ???

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    Easy. Dragonfruit A lot of ppl know that😂

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    Amazing...so useful

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    Very nice

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    Wow, an orange in the shape of a rounded cube! What will they think of next?! 😂

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    كلش حلوات الفكرات☺

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    Vocês são um lixo🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡

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    Wat is dat tweede ding

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    Why is bloty

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    Ahh..lier macaan komentar nage🤣🤣

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    Life hack?

  23. anny sophia mendes

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    What is pink one fruit white inside,?

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    اڪـو ؏ــࢪب ...☻؟!!

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    Like jis jisko lgta hai wo aisa nhi kr payega 😂😂

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    It's so good 😂

  30. Bandaru Nageshwararao

    Bandaru Nageshwararao2 bulan yang lalu

    It's so good 😂

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    Waste age of time

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    Wow it is yomy

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    Kiss nots use kifnite

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    los niños no usan cuchillo

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    Wasting of food 🥘

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    I don’t see the point of these tbh

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    Wouldn't it be more fulfilling to be constructive with your life? Please ask your most liberal-minded friend as to what is constructive.

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    5 minute crafts waste my time edition

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    Eu amei

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    خوش 😍

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    highly unnecessary

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    This video should be renamed 17 ways to play with your food

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    Cool! A bunch of dumb ways to peel fruit

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    What is the pink fruits called

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    I get the chills watching that knife miss your fingers on each fruit you cut.

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    No me deja

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    And I am waching this being alergic to all tropical food, I'm hungry😢

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    شيء رائع😜

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    5:40 nice coconut juice that tastes like screwdriver

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    Mir gefelst des fideo

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    As if kids are gonna be able to cut pineapples and watermelon..

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    So, if none of these become my favourite, do I get a refund or something?

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    تابعرنا علي قناة كالوشا كوميدي حتموتو من الضحك بجدد 😂😂😂😂

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    Wat.s these 2.07

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    using a melon baller on a melon? inspired

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    What is that pink and yellow fruit I need it!