13 Etiquette Mistakes You Should Stop Making By Age 25



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    2:59 I know a lot of people who always break this rule. And you? Learn how to be extra polite here idreporter.net/v/video-BjN7Sp-DwQ4.html

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    You mean husband shouldn't carry wife handbag ?? Huh

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    You see for when your finished eating it must be crossed

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    Most of people break call manners during date.....

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    Try telling my parents to knock my door before entering and they'll knock you down and say we don't let her use her room till yet. #Indianteenagers

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    milKy boi Is this irony?

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    Sorry PJ'S go on when I get home.

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    Good luck to parents today, they need to be better role models and stop texting, and interact with their children. Liked your video! Thanks Good message!

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    I beg to differ on the man carrying a woman's handbag, we live in a time where people get robbed and a Gentleman usually carry a woman's handbag I see nothing wrong with it, some men do because they feel if they carry a woman's handbag that they are considered feminine, but I don't I think it's a bad thing, I think it's quite honorable! I know when I walked with my belated husband was never ashamed to carry my handbag nor does any of my sons. I guess it's to each is own a gentleman is always a gentleman Regardless whether he carries a woman's handbag or not.


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    Tip no 12 is really nice...

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    Quite enlightening.

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    Imagine there r people over 25 herw

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    Zero video

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    What is the logic behind placing your cutlery parallel in plate after you've finished?!

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    Most annoying music ever!

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    Knock on your child's door, depends on all sorts of factors starting with how old the child is.

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    Exactly. If my kids want to have privacy they can have it when they move out of my house otherwise I'm the boss. My way, my rules.

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    Tip No. 13 is a myth if you are in India...😜😜😜

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    Good thing I'm 24.I still have time.

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    With everything that's going on in the world today how important can any of this be?

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    #1 Then it will take 1 year to dry

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    Okay I’m sorry, we’re not all perfect and we don’t have to be. Don’t tell me what to do in *my* home and life.

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    You must be a 10 y.o child

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    I agree with one or two of these, but the rest are ridiculous. Do whatever you want, just don’t be rude to people. Done.

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    This video is all about , come out from your comfort zone and live your life according to others perspective

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    I liked the second last one . It gives a Harry Potter kind feeling . Don't you guys think ?

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    Another mistake you should stop making is to avoid loud background music !!!!

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    Great advice!

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    Nice yaar 🌹

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    If they are both ok with him carrying her bag then it should be ok. Silly.

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    Very silllllyyyyy😂😂😂

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    I feel personally attacked

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    Crossed is not a wrong way

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    No:13 Whose having a big child under 25

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    I feel like a fifty year old now

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    Knocking on your child's door before entering.. Hahahahaha! Not in a black MoMA's house

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    Not in my house, either... and I'm not Black. Love ypu Momas!! = - )

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    It's wonderful to know everything from Bright Side channel. I do really love your hard work guys! God bless you!

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    The music in this video is horrible!

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    A woman can leave a hat on. Men must remove hats indoors in a house or church. Only the person you're talking to should be able to hear you. Sad. Know by age 25? These are things I knew by age 5/6. 25 years old means your parents didn't know or teach you at home. Pitiful. Sweats or yoga pants mostly when I'm home. Or really comfy jeans and shirt. Pajamas are a guarantee for everyone and their brothers to show up. Kinda like when you don't do your dishes! Lol!

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    Music is so annoying

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    Who made all this rules? My home my rules. I could careless what others think. 😡

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    An umbrella holder is not available everywhere in our country. So we have to keep it open.

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    Awesome background music

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    Only numbers 8,9,13 are correct. The rest of it is just garbage.

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    Wrong.... 3:52 Crossing the knife and fork is the Continental style and Parallel or keeping knife above side of the plate is American style... Both are right.

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    I'll start knocking on my teenager's door when they start paying BILL'S.🤑🤑

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    Exactly You get privacy when you work and pay bills otherwise leave your bedroom door open period.

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    You can say THAT again!! I read a ton of the comments and wondeeed when someone would finally mention thus 'rule'. As my kids got into high school I would knock if I thought they might be dressing ir getting ready for bed.... otherwise .... we are FAMILY and tgey are still CHILDREN.

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    Thanks so much for

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    I don’t understand some of your wrong sides , which is quite contradictory.

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    Useless wasted 2 minutes of preacious time...

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    y we have to knock our chid room..? if they do any mistakes in child hood wat happened 😧

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    you yourself learn the etiquette of music in the first hand before u teach etiquette to others .....

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    The fork and knife one is just surprising how many people don't know how irritating that is two Waiters, servers and bussers cuz when they're like that they always end up on the floor and that can get you fired

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