120mph Mega Crash! - Fifth Gear


  1. Roan Lozano

    Roan Lozano7 jam yang lalu

    Omg is this car crushers!? 😂

  2. Prab Han

    Prab Han20 jam yang lalu

    Yep Never driving on the freeway again

  3. StopFear

    StopFearHari Yang lalu

    Just think how most car crashes occur due to the vehicles being able to reach speeds that are beyond any allowable speed limits. If the countries imposed a legal ban of vehicles with engines that can go that fast, probably half of all the crashes and deaths could be avoided. Really, there is absolutely no need to go, I guess above something like 70-80

  4. Ivan Hernandez

    Ivan HernandezHari Yang lalu

    That sounded like bomb 😢

  5. Plush Chick

    Plush Chick2 hari yang lalu

    Thats why i always sit in the trunk

  6. Buick 401

    Buick 4012 hari yang lalu

    This is impossible. On 911 2 planes made of aluminum went through concrete and steel and came out the other side.

  7. Badly_Dubbed

    Badly_DubbedHari Yang lalu

    No they didn't.

  8. Guy Appino

    Guy Appino3 hari yang lalu


  9. Drizzy Williams

    Drizzy Williams3 hari yang lalu

    Sponsored by the Samsung Note 10.

  10. Crazydogoplays

    Crazydogoplays4 hari yang lalu

    Thats a lot of damage

  11. Adrian Mata

    Adrian Mata4 hari yang lalu

    The video stars at 6:00. You're welcome.

  12. Psycopathic Blood Wizard

    Psycopathic Blood Wizard5 hari yang lalu

    Poor Focus

  13. Rücklicht

    Rücklicht6 hari yang lalu

    Nikki Catsouras

  14. Rücklicht

    Rücklicht6 hari yang lalu

    3:19 "wait, I´m still in the caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhrglhh.........."

  15. S M

    S M6 hari yang lalu

    That’s why I drive at 99 mph

  16. aboyandhiscamera

    aboyandhiscamera6 hari yang lalu

    4:49 *queefs in disbelief*

  17. ccrpalex

    ccrpalex6 hari yang lalu

    3:04 when did this world get wussified to the point where watching crash dummies or a test car crashing is disturbing?

  18. allstar -J

    allstar -J7 hari yang lalu

    How much for the back tire? Can you give me a good price. I means you don't need it right

  19. Jimbonius Maximus

    Jimbonius Maximus7 hari yang lalu

    The car hit the wall at 120 mph. So would that mean that if two cars traveling at 60 mph collide head on, then the summation of the forces would be the equivalent of this 120 mph impact? Did I surmise that correct?

  20. Badly_Dubbed

    Badly_Dubbed4 hari yang lalu

    No, because cars absorb lots of energy whereas a steel plated concrete block does not. So what you see is the rough equivalent of two cars of the same mass hitting each other at 120mph (Combined speed of 240mph). A 60/60mph (Combined 120) head on crash would be similar to one vehicle hitting the concrete at 60mph and the damage would be considerably less and in some cases survivable.

  21. Rusty Shackleford

    Rusty Shackleford7 hari yang lalu

    If you can get a stock Ford Focus to go 125mph I'll tongue your ass.

  22. Yaboii_cobie

    Yaboii_cobie7 hari yang lalu

    Worldstar anyone?

  23. Shawn Sloan

    Shawn Sloan7 hari yang lalu

    Two cars going at 120 hitting head on is equal to 240 mph of force into a solid object, right? So this is equivalent to two cars going 60 hitting head on, which is realistic on roads today. My area has 55 mph rural highways with no barrier between the lanes, head on collisions happen weekly.

  24. Badly_Dubbed

    Badly_Dubbed4 hari yang lalu

    No, it's the equivalent of two cars hitting at 120mph. Cars hitting each other at 60mph wouldn't be anywhere near this level of carnage and in a modern car in most cases would be survivable. You forget that the solid object does not absorb energy at all whereas cars do.

  25. cbenji07

    cbenji077 hari yang lalu

    Anybody got the link to the 7 seater video???

  26. Danim24

    Danim247 hari yang lalu

    "No pollution here", says the idiot who forgot to drain the fuel tank!

  27. Badly_Dubbed

    Badly_Dubbed4 hari yang lalu

    Would have been replaced with water.

  28. Math Don

    Math Don7 hari yang lalu

    Ahh, That is what a Decepticon with birth defects look like.

  29. BlackxxWatchz Gaming

    BlackxxWatchz Gaming7 hari yang lalu

    Slow mo guys should've been featured

  30. AOFsm95

    AOFsm957 hari yang lalu

    Garbage ford

  31. Thomas Shook

    Thomas Shook7 hari yang lalu

    Tis' but a scratch

  32. El Mago

    El Mago7 hari yang lalu

    Congrats on becoming math idiots. Two cars driving at 120 miles an hour collide on impact will result in 240 mph worth of damage for each car. Your example is NOT worst case scenario try again. It only requires each of the cars to travel 60mph before colliding to equate your test. Kind of a shame you go through all of the work yet you can’t get basic math or physics right. But still good video though. Stay in school. :)

  33. Badly_Dubbed

    Badly_Dubbed4 hari yang lalu

    @AOFsm95 Because it's an old video.

  34. Badly_Dubbed

    Badly_Dubbed4 hari yang lalu

    I'm sorry but you're are very wrong here. Two cars hitting at 60mph is nowhere near this level of carnage at all and are in fact survivable. Remember a steel plated concrete block does not absorb energy any at all. You can't just double the speed and not consider that cars are deformable masses. So yeah, back to school for you mate.

  35. AOFsm95

    AOFsm957 hari yang lalu

    Not only that but they're using an older car... why not try the test on newer safer models

  36. Alex N

    Alex N7 hari yang lalu

    I call this piece. The texter

  37. Mad Space Poet

    Mad Space Poet7 hari yang lalu

    By the time Elon's children leave this earth, the drones will be able to survive impacts like this.

  38. ScienceGuy

    ScienceGuy7 hari yang lalu

    I remember when I was in HS I was going maybe 5-8mph in a parking lot with friend driving and someone drove right out in front of us who we t-boned with no braking. I was shocked by how jarring that impact was and it was a big wake-up call that car accidents aren't a joke. Especially crashes on the highway. This here is just brutal. Imagine racing down the highway in your mustang at 125 and you lose control and hit a barrier, or another car, or whatever. Pretty much guaranteed death and there are people who are stupid and careless enough to drive that way on the freeway.

  39. ryan2stix

    ryan2stix8 hari yang lalu

    This dummy is acting like real people are in the car....what a dummy.

  40. Sov iet

    Sov iet8 hari yang lalu

    *Mario shrinking noise*

  41. asm826

    asm8268 hari yang lalu

    If you're going 65mph and so it the other car in the opposite direction, this is still the result. You don't have to be doing anything wrong or illegal to have this happen.

  42. Badly_Dubbed

    Badly_Dubbed4 hari yang lalu

    This test equates to 120/120mph head on crash with another vehicle of the same mass, not 65mph.

  43. Alexandros Krabby

    Alexandros Krabby8 hari yang lalu

    that was brutal...

  44. NutellaGott

    NutellaGott12 hari yang lalu

    And what is with the wall ? 😢

  45. Jonas P

    Jonas P13 hari yang lalu

    Imagine ford sierra 1991 would Do

  46. gaelrdz112

    gaelrdz11215 hari yang lalu

    Would a driver be okay?

  47. JaeRob2009

    JaeRob200918 hari yang lalu

    i absolutely will not be thinking twice *foot down*

  48. AirsoftUK M

    AirsoftUK M18 hari yang lalu

    U should hire me I’ll stay in the car

  49. Moto HQ

    Moto HQ19 hari yang lalu

    It hard to even tell what sort of car it was!

  50. Sasha Petit

    Sasha Petit23 hari yang lalu


  51. LaTam 001

    LaTam 00124 hari yang lalu

    No cop no stop if it can crawl it can brawl

  52. spikey 27

    spikey 2725 hari yang lalu

    That resembles the devastation when someone on a motorcycle traveling an estimated 150mph crashed headon into an army vehicle, an episode on IDreporter a few years ago. As expected the army vehicle showed a fair amount of damage, but otherwise there were parts strewn everywhere for 1/4 mile. Motorcycle parts, body parts, and who knows what else - it wasn't a pretty sight.

  53. dh m

    dh m25 hari yang lalu

    Pancake recipe

  54. Moua Xiong

    Moua Xiong26 hari yang lalu

    My civic only does 119 so I should be good..

  55. Parker Campbell

    Parker Campbell26 hari yang lalu


  56. Alex Harris

    Alex Harris26 hari yang lalu

    I can’t go 120 I’m my car, I can go 110 down a hill hehe

  57. Mike Louw

    Mike Louw27 hari yang lalu

    And the cars are getting faster and "safer". It's a pity the Leadfoots take others with them on public roads and not themselves on a race track. Fit in or fuck off they say. Yeah Leadfots, you're fucking us Off the road, one Fuck You at a time! At least most of you will go with your victims. Keep up Your amazing attitude, I'm sure your families will be proud of the slaughter/culling of the Cruzers who enjoy a mellow road trip. But you know it'll never happen to you and practice does make perfect. Pedal to the metal! Keep it Planted...........it's only 6 foot away.

  58. LiL Nick_ E

    LiL Nick_ E28 hari yang lalu

    I’m 11 but watching this makes me not ever wanna sit in or drive a car ever

  59. Stefan

    Stefan28 hari yang lalu

    Here in Germany, you can experience this scenario in real life first-hand.

  60. The Truth

    The TruthBulan Yang lalu

    you would be gone very fast

  61. Bignose Peterstien Coengoldshekelbergschnozz

    Bignose Peterstien CoengoldshekelbergschnozzBulan Yang lalu

    Do one with the host in the car.

  62. skylineXpert

    skylineXpertBulan Yang lalu

    can we see a volvo of today do the same?

  63. Badly_Dubbed

    Badly_DubbedBulan Yang lalu

    Volvos of today are owned by a Chinese company so likely wouldn't make any difference. The perpetuation of Volvos being strong Swedish tanks are long gone as the company split 20 years ago from the Volvo Group.

  64. Kahli HD

    Kahli HDBulan Yang lalu

    3:58 half of the car went into another dimension LUL

  65. bright eyes

    bright eyesBulan Yang lalu

    nice wheels now that's what you call a compact ford

  66. Macedon NKW

    Macedon NKWBulan Yang lalu

    Now do 200

  67. JRM HD

    JRM HDBulan Yang lalu

    Even this is better than the new Top Gear

  68. Darrell Rahyanda

    Darrell RahyandaBulan Yang lalu

    Wow litterly the car turned into a sushi like litterly

  69. Alex Williamson

    Alex WilliamsonBulan Yang lalu

    400g, bs it works out at 80m/s^-2 which is 8.2g...