12 Types of Reactions to Exam Results


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    Aura ver nio10 jam yang lalu

    I hate vincent bc of this vid

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    100th reply!

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    Lusna De Legend I have a ps4 slim

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    buy me a ps4 pro @JianhaoTan

  7. SA - 05FN - Burnhamthorpe PS (1156)

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    caros warda

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    My teacher: today, take you science notebook home My friend: BURN IT!! Whole class: *laughs* Lol XDDDDDDDD Denis and terry So cute together Who agrees? | | \/

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    7:33 omg the look on Denise's face HAHAHAHAHA

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    When will Madam soot beng come

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    I'm starting to like Juhi

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    Many more

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    11:21 ridwan: I just want to kill this beaver so bad... Kevin: XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

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    Jianhao you and denise are perfect why did you not pick her

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    Are Nicole and hao really siblings ???

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    It's so annoying with vince

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    My situation is like the overjoyed students

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    How many likes to slap and kick Vincent

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    A 0 is better the -30

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    Why school type videos these days, the teacher is always hot.

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    how to be a ViScOH gUrL

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    "A doctor a day, keeps the apple away" -Jianhao 2019 😂

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    Wait... , when exam , Jasmine doesn't do her exam paper, how can she past ?? :V

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    What is VSCO girl? Sorry i dont know😂

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    Vincent is such a jerk 😡😡

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    I think nicole and ben are perfect match

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    When i saw your last vid where the fat guy exchange papers with his best he dosent even realise that he didnt place his own name

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    Mega bruh last part

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    Pack u vincent

  31. Romar Elison Ingal

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    Pack u vincent

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    I ship terry and Denise

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    terry is a pervert, go watch jianhao's new video.

  34. TikTok Videos Compilation

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    I wm eo mad at Vincent its like i want to fight him hes jealous of everything!!

  35. Costa Korakianitis

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    two things about 7:33 denise lmao that face but also was she not in tears a second ago? and if she's so upset about 99 she's in no position to be making sassy faces at others unless im missing something here

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    Exactly like India

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    Ship not sheep

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    You should go to New Zealand

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    If I had an opportunity to slap Vincent I would

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    I got 5 crush in class TlT5

  42. — Mewtwo TMCS21 —

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    0:28 I just love kevins reaction

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    Debbie should be with jan hoa and Denis should be with Terry

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    11:13 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    10:33 is my favorite

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    If I need Jianhao to help me introduce my products.. who should I look for?...

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    Why is jasmine rude to denise

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    Vicente should of shuted up because it is not nice to tell everyone if they want it a secret

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    Ms shrliy is better

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    I guess class parasites are in every school (classmates who are copycats and stuff)

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    Is Denise a lesbian

  52. KíttenLòvér 101

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    Is nobody gonna talk about how at the end They were gonna learn how to be a Vsco girl/boy without a scrunchie?? 😂

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    Ben is so mean 1 like for slaps for Ben | | |

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    Menggunakan bahasa negara lain

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    Like debbie like Ben ben dosent like debbie but debbie already married Jianhao Tan but sometimes ben nice sometimes no

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    9:37 Miss sherly looks like an Angry Eagle or a Angry Cow or An Angry Shark

  58. Trava

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    Why is nobody talking about how this is a recreation of the original?! Edit: I realized that this is the second part... whoop de doop

  59. Wolfie Angel

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    Ridwan Theres No reason to be mad at Kevin since even if you change your paper YOU DONT CHANGE YOUR NAME *face palms* (No hate)

  60. BLAZE Gaming

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    When the girl went to study with the boy I said oh no it's no nut November

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    You guys should make a video of different kind of people on graduation day 👩🏼‍🎓👨🏼‍🎓

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    I had an exam with 120 marks guess how much I got.

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    ne-ne-ne-ne-ne-ne-ne-ne-ne-nene-ne-negative thirty???????

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    Almost every comments I see are like beggars, WHY?!?!!?

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    4:38 but if the doctor is cute forget the fruit

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    Juhi: 85😃 Vicky:60😌 Me:60😎