12 Times Lionel Messi Surprised the World!


  1. Абдухалил Артыков

    Абдухалил Артыков8 jam yang lalu


  2. João Pedro Rodrigues Azevedo

    João Pedro Rodrigues Azevedo9 jam yang lalu

    1:27 golo golo golo narração em espanhol é melhor

  3. Jay Ali

    Jay Ali9 jam yang lalu

    Do 12 times Cristiano ronaldo suprised the world plz 👍

  4. Jean LM

    Jean LM5 jam yang lalu


  5. mcera gamers

    mcera gamers10 jam yang lalu

    I respect and like messi because of his positive attitude and trust me there is no man on this planet who can beat him

  6. saim az

    saim az12 jam yang lalu

    I love LM10

  7. Jhonatan Romero

    Jhonatan Romero13 jam yang lalu

    Jajajaj. Y cristiano ara esto algun dia

  8. Jean LM

    Jean LM5 jam yang lalu

    No solo penales y una chilena de mierda nada mas

  9. Joel Embiid

    Joel Embiid15 jam yang lalu

    Le meilleur footballeur de l'histoire de l'humanité.

  10. Jai Prabakaran

    Jai Prabakaran18 jam yang lalu

    9:30 Did Messi just picked something there but its in the middle of the feld. Looks like a waterbotttle

  11. Bhim Yadav

    Bhim Yadav19 jam yang lalu

    God of football

  12. Rough Dozer

    Rough Dozer21 jam yang lalu

    Why does it look like he gets younger as years pass. 😂

  13. Pablo Mills

    Pablo MillsHari Yang lalu

    Hahahaha messi , Ronaldinho leave him with 10 jersey spirits

  14. Romeo Haker

    Romeo HakerHari Yang lalu

    Ronaldinho is the best noobs

  15. Jean LM

    Jean LM5 jam yang lalu

    Messi>> Ronaldinho

  16. Naved Hasan

    Naved HasanHari Yang lalu

    I don't know what is messi Ronaldo camparision all about can't they understand the difference between ordinary and extra ordinary soccer .It's clear messi is the greatest

  17. Supreme Fham

    Supreme FhamHari Yang lalu

    how is ronaldo ordinary coming from a fellow messi fan hes out of this world just like messi

  18. Dikri Maulana

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  19. Mata Langit Gaming

    Mata Langit GamingHari Yang lalu

    Tapi dia belum menyanyikan balon ku ada 5

  20. ashok korade

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    Best player messi but ronaldo is best of all

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    45 000 000 VIEWS FOR THE GOAT

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    Almost 45 000 000 views

  23. Akarsh Kashyap

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    Every Top Player in Europe scores goals - Griezmann, Neymar, Ronaldo, Aubameyang. It's not just about the goals but the way you score goals.. MESSI is just phenominal. Ronaldo might be the best player in the World. As for Messi, he's just from another planet.

  24. Jose Ordonez

    Jose Ordonez2 hari yang lalu

    Messi is dope.

  25. Alexander Brownie

    Alexander Brownie2 hari yang lalu

    It was not the World Cup 2018 7:21 It was in 2016 or 2017

  26. Akarsh Kashyap

    Akarsh Kashyap2 hari yang lalu

    it was world cup qualifiers for 2018 World Cup

  27. D Qi

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    Thats my idol

  28. Santiago Plata

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    The best messi

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    Hit likes if you think Messi is a gift to humanity

  30. Guntur Rizky

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    Best Player : Like=C.Ronaldo Komen=L.Messi

  31. Rafa Nadal

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  32. Raúl Silva

    Raúl Silva3 hari yang lalu

    Guntur Rizky Ronaldo is like shit

  33. harsh thakur

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    What a player...amazing...

  34. Dyco TV

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    Nome da música/Name of music.

  35. ebrima jatta

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    Battle of kings (david miori)

  36. Ariel Alberto guerrero

    Ariel Alberto guerrero3 hari yang lalu

    Me encantaría que ganes un mundial para sentarte a la par del Mejor Jugador del Siglo!! por supuesto a la par de Diego A. Maradona !!! Como jugador el mejor de todos los tiempos!! es lindo que te comparen con él...

  37. Elnur Calalov

    Elnur Calalov3 hari yang lalu

    leo messimi yoksa diago maradonami diyenler icin jn football kanalina baksin tabikide messi gelmes kecmisin en iyi futbolcosudur

  38. Cristian Ramírez gonzales

    Cristian Ramírez gonzales3 hari yang lalu

    Yo solo puedo decir k es una verga

  39. Abeng Bang

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    Iklan nya CR7 tapi yg di bahas messii🤣🤣

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    18k madridistas dislike this video

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    Like si te sorprende que no gane con la albiceleste..

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    #PrinceOfAllSaiyans. #Majin. \m/

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    #NowItsAllAbout. #10000Hours. #WORLDCLASS!

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    Lionel Messi🖒

  47. Yusuf Laupu

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    Messi, ronaldo,ronaldinho,maradona,dan banyak lagi pemain lain nya.....itu sudah tidak aksin bagi kami...kalau pemain liga INDONESIA,yg melakukan itu ...itu baruh berita hebat .......

  48. Muhammad Rifki

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    Such ball skills are often used by other players

  49. samareshwar ruidas

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    Messi or maradona ????? Who is the best?

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    @Raúl Silva jajajqjqjqjq

  51. Jean LM

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    I'm a big fan of ronaldo but I gotta admit that messi is above him the truth is such a pain

  56. Ayyinda 11

    Ayyinda 115 hari yang lalu

    But still to me we can't really compare these two legends because we all know messi is talented while ronaldo is the one with hard work and determination

  57. Leo Cuccitini

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    Messi deserves every awards

  58. Leo Cuccitini

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    Best ever

  59. Leo Cuccitini

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    Greatest Of All Times

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    August 2019 Still watching this

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    Gênio messi 6

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    The best 🙌🏾

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    3:03 busquets was like enjoy

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    Don’t forget he won it 6 time but got robbed

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    It's like one Ferrari Fxx against 11 Toyota Corolla

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    Still ronaldo💖

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    Love you so much Messi

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    キャプテン・ファンタ・凱旋を高らかに告げる虹弓〔アルク・ドゥ・トリオンフ・ドゥ・レトワール〕5 hari yang lalu


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    Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Alexis Sanchez tienen mejores goles q los excibidos aquí.

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    Messi should not be allowed to play ,cause HE is from another planet !

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    We made it well. blog.naver.com/7heppy7

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    Messi is number one G.O.A.T

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    Amazing messi


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    That's why MESSI is the best.

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    Messi messi messi best off histori futball

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    Barrilete cósmico!!

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    Cristiano Ronaldo should watch this😃⚽

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    Who is watching but isnt even interested in football?

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    ahora delen culo pues

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    August 2019 still watching this

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    Paskibraka halmahera barat

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    Paskibraka Halmahera Barat

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    Thousand years to see another Messi or perhaps never else...

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    Xavier Torradas idk bout u but I have never in my life seen a soccer player that was exactly like another They are all different that’s what makes a team work

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    Full skilled but not greatest.

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    amazing ...I shared this amazing video on my Blog ,,, samiabouzidmusic.blogspot.com

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    Messi the great