12 S’mores Lovers Recipes


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    12 smore recipes...more like 12 easy ways to get diabetes

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    الكثير من السكريات......

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    Twisted iz one one of my favorite channel....

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    smore mmmm never tried but will do

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    Yeah that first recipe did not turn out the way it’s supposed.. tried it

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    This just made me fail no nut November

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    Muy riquísimos

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    Muy ricos

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    It is mouthwatering I will make it sure😍😍

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    This video is similar to how tasty uploads some their vids

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    Who hasn’t tried a smore but wants to try one

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    you guys are MISSING OUT

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    I love smores

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    delicious hot schmoes

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    Who else thought this was gross? #videodisliked!! They need to understand that putting chocolate or marshmallows on something doesn’t make a s’more!!

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    WTF you didn'tv even give the ingredients for half of the recipes

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    I love s'mores cookies,cake😍😍😍😍

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    12 ways to get diabetes

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    The music reminds me of twilight. _.

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    5:19 I gotta remember that

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    Here I am; minding my own business. Looking at IDreporter videos on healthy eating and what pops up in the recommend videos?! 😔🤦🏽‍♂️ I have no choice but to make all these 😂😂. For crying out loud.....there was a Nutella lasagna!! Where you have you ppl been all my life?! 🤤🤤🤤

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    Me: *instantly dialing mom who's at the grocery shop* Mom!! We need chocolate, marshmallows, condensed milk and butter like ASAP!!!! Mom: what emergency!?! I'm going to get them in a jippy and I'll be home in 40 mins ok? *gets home* what is the emergency? Are you in your period now and want some sweets!?! *puts bag of groceries on table and rushes to me* Me: Nahh.. I just want to make smores.. Mom:WTF!?!

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    Im fasting and watching this

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    Whichever did you use for the bread dough?

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    This is awesome

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    They’re called schmoes

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    *drooling on keyboard *😛😛😛😛😛 Hey! Why's my keyboard all wet !? 😕😕

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    @Twisted 👍👍👍👍

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    Happens to us too 😂😂

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    I want s’mores

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    @Twisted I do!!!😂

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    We always want s'mores 😂

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    I used to bake like mad until I started to read about the effects of sugar on the human body. We all know it’s bad but not many know how DANGEROUSLY bad it is for our health! One of the reasons why people are so ill today. Educate yourself if you don’t want to struggle with your health.

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    Rucksana Begum shut the fuck up. If people want to die early, let them. To each their own, so mind your own. Don't click on videos you know you won't like just to bash other people for watching it 🙄

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    Rucksana Begum baking is fine, as long as you don’t do it too often,or like me,I bake every 1 or 2 weeks,I workout a lot!

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    I will bake that s'mores brownie this monday😂 it will be my first time baking as well. I will not do it often, I promise! I bought 2 boxes brownie mix bc it's buy 1 get 1.

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    Are you really that concerned that ANYONE watching these videos actually makes ANY of these recipes. This is food porn. Nothing more.

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    To much sugar!!!!

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    I came.

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    مين عربي يحط لايك..😗😎

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    This is great. In place of marshmallow you could do white chocolate bark. I use it for choc strawberries but would work 4 that too.

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    Wow, that's a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

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    I hate cinnamon

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    Please sir, can I have s'more

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    @FantasyDepression worst joke ever

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    Some oar!? Here's an oar! *hands you an oar and laughs*

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    *are you trying to give me diabeities*

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    Oh the horrors of white crystal sugar, animal gelatine, burnt fats and cocoa butter in overdose. Your heart will thank you for this, not

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    I love you i am the fan of s'mores

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    I'm not surprised if u get diabetes after eating em all.

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    What's a digestive 5:17

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    You know Mcvites cookies, those digestive versions They sell them everywhere, depending on your country

  64. Isabelle Smith

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    A slightly more healthy British cookie that typically has half dipped in chocolate

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    La' Lessia it's a biscuit

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    Omg I need this like ASAP

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    So how would I grill the loaded charro fries?? Could I do it in the oven?

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    Ameilia Stinson late reply, but some ovens have a grill option

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    Did anyone else notice the wrapper 3:55 😂

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    No I don’t get it

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    Bruhh yes i thought i was the only one

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    I did - my kids saw it - She put foil in it!!

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    Felicia Mei oh 😂 I'm so dumb

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    That's one of the choco chunks lol

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    Im a smores lover i can have it all day long!💓💓💓😘😘😍😍

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    What kind of sugar for the smore brownies granulated or normal

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    Sophie Garbett granulated

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    Actually It's Long

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    Soooooooo yummy

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