12 Cool Science Tricks That Will Make Your Friends Go "Omg! How?" DIY Tricks & Life Hacks by Blossom


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    No heat creating pressure would push the water out. Fire uses the oxygen up creating a vacuum

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    Right around 3:54, I really don't think its the heat creating pressure, causing the candles/water to rise...rather the flames are consuming the oxygen in the glass creating a vacuum, a suction, drawing the water and candles up. This would actually be creating a lack of pressure..... a low pressure compared to the outside of the glass.

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    I have a trick 1. Take a matchstick and some wax 2. Using a matchstick box light up the matchstick and let it burn fully (do not brake the matchstick) 3. Dip the burned matchstick in melted wax and try to burn the matchstick with another source of fire. 4. The burned matchstick will start to burn again.