11 iPhone 11 Giveaway - Celebrating Our 4th Anniversary🔥🔥🔥


  1. Technical Guruji

    Technical Guruji25 hari yang lalu

    Thanks for all your love...Jaldi se 2 Million likes poore kar do dosto...Fir aur kuch naya aur bada karte hai :) 4 years...2603 videos...1,467,680,318 views...80,399,646 likes...26,909,702 comments...12,493,041 shares...14,343,116 of you to see and 1 of me to run it all...🙏Thanks for all your love all the way, will try to improve everyday as we move forward🙏 ❤️ @IDreporterIndia

  2. Armaan Singh

    Armaan Singh25 hari yang lalu

    Jb bhi mein thoda lazy hoo jaata hoon aapke vlogs or videos dekhkr mere andar positivity aa jati hai

  3. Patel Shalin

    Patel Shalin25 hari yang lalu

    Aapki channel bahut helpful Hain aur bahot Acha technical knowledge milta Hain yaha pe aur meri dua Hain ki aap video banate jao aur aap ke billion main viewers ho Jaye..and happy 4th anniversary

  4. harish kumar

    harish kumar25 hari yang lalu

    May God bless you for your bright future

  5. Shivam Gupta

    Shivam Gupta25 hari yang lalu

    Thanks for your give aways

  6. Abdul Hadi

    Abdul Hadi25 hari yang lalu

    Technical guruji is the best channel special for me kyunke is channel me Tech k janne k liye Bahut kuch he.. Waise bhi guruji k samjhane ka andaaz.. Bahut Bahut pyaar bhara he.. 🥰

  7. Smart CK

    Smart CK18 menit yang lalu

    You are best IDreporterr. because you are trying to satisfying us. Thanks bro. 👍👍👍

  8. Dineshbhai Valand

    Dineshbhai Valand20 menit yang lalu

    Motabhai I Want One Of These......

  9. shahrukhkhan shahrukhkhan

    shahrukhkhan shahrukhkhan23 menit yang lalu

    congratulation bro 4th anniversary insha allah bahut jaldi 2 million ho jayenge

  10. Saurabh Verma

    Saurabh Verma23 menit yang lalu

    Always a unique giveaway 🎉

  11. un Gole

    un Gole24 menit yang lalu

    Bhai i want to be like you you are so talented. Love u😘

  12. Jay Biswas

    Jay Biswas42 menit yang lalu

    Bhiya pls ak de dona hume 11 pro mera phone me 7 yrs se chala raha hoon 😞😞😞😔abh to phone kharab bhi ho gya he pls bhiya only one I phone.... Aup jo mango ge me aup ko wo dunga pls ak iphone de do

  13. Bijan Paul

    Bijan Paul55 menit yang lalu

    hello sir I am your new subscriber

  14. Monti Miracle

    Monti Miracle56 menit yang lalu

    Sir, your channel is the God Father of unboxing.... And one of the oldest channel of India....and obviously old is gold.... So, As a subscriber i wanna say go further grow higher......love#TG

  15. Shaikh Saleemuddin

    Shaikh Saleemuddin59 menit yang lalu

    Bhai bas ek dedo

  16. Parmeshwar Vishwakarma

    Parmeshwar Vishwakarma59 menit yang lalu

    Hi sir Khuksh log hote Hai Jo dusaro ki help ke kite koi kam karate h ....and thanks sir Fourth enversary channel ke liye Apake channel se mujhe bahut hi jankari mili.

  17. Shaikh Saleemuddin

    Shaikh SaleemuddinJam Yang lalu

    Best giveaway of 2019

  18. Saurav Raj

    Saurav RajJam Yang lalu

    Clearing and smarting way of your telling technique,I just fan of you.😍

  19. cricket lover

    cricket loverJam Yang lalu

    I think aapki. Unboxing and knowledge aapko sabse alag banati h and aap kisi bhi cheez ko saaf saaf bata dete ho chaahe wo us Product ke against ho ya favour me


    JYOTI DIWAKARJam Yang lalu

    I view all video in my mobile but my Mobile is broken .I am able to be informative about mobile by watching your channel ,thankyou #techinical guruji

  21. Nusrat Jabi Shaikh

    Nusrat Jabi ShaikhJam Yang lalu

    #bologuruji I am your biggest friend

  22. zaigham

    zaighamJam Yang lalu

    i love you and your channel too ..

  23. Kiran Kosre

    Kiran Kosre2 jam yang lalu

    Sir aap ki smaEl bhut aachi he sir

  24. Tech hindustani

    Tech hindustani2 jam yang lalu

    You are best bro Aapki mehnat hi rang lai hai Aapki tech Video se bhut log inspire hoye hai Aap hi ho Indian badshah in Dubai sir You are really best ever

  25. Alongbar Gamer

    Alongbar Gamer2 jam yang lalu

    Sir you are the best youtuber for me

  26. vaibhav thorat

    vaibhav thorat2 jam yang lalu

    The main reason that makes you different from you others is delivering the information on time & true... And also what is important in phone when you buy.... Which is harmful for Mobile as well as your body.... Thank you 🙏 Guruji for making such type of video.. Love you ❣️ #BoloGuruji

  27. Mahi walia

    Mahi walia2 jam yang lalu

    Sar aap is channel ke liye मेहनत करते हो इसलिए हमें टेक्निकल गुरुजी चैनल बहुत ज्यादा... बहुत सीखने को मिलता इसलिए हम चैनल को लाइक करते हैं

  28. Ravindra Dutt

    Ravindra Dutt2 jam yang lalu

    Nice vedio mughe bhi chahye i phone 11 pro

  29. crazy boys life crazy

    crazy boys life crazy2 jam yang lalu

    Hi the video is very helpful for people who can't buy that phone " But after entering all the details the page is not lodging" Please help me sir 😭😭

  30. Harshal Bane

    Harshal Bane2 jam yang lalu

    Congratulations sir for 4th anniversary of channel.


    GAMER BOY2 jam yang lalu

    Nice guru ji thanks Jo guru ji ke sath Hai vo like Karo

  32. Md.shabab Alam Khan

    Md.shabab Alam Khan3 jam yang lalu

    Big giveaway of 2019

  33. Md.shabab Alam Khan

    Md.shabab Alam Khan3 jam yang lalu

    TG is great channel of you tube

  34. Bhavya Bangera

    Bhavya Bangera3 jam yang lalu

    I want to win this😍❤️❤️

  35. Karri Satya Sai Sriram

    Karri Satya Sai Sriram3 jam yang lalu

    "awesome i win giveaway Anna 😍😍😎😎"

  36. hum singh bista

    hum singh bista3 jam yang lalu

    Aapaka channel Subscribe gareneke bat me bahut nakali product se bacha hu. I’m so happy

  37. Dr Ranjan Yadav

    Dr Ranjan Yadav4 jam yang lalu

    Can't wait for the giveaway.........

  38. Suraj Yadav

    Suraj Yadav4 jam yang lalu

    You are the best tech man in the world...🥰🥰🥰😘😘#Bolo Guruji

  39. Abhishek Rawat

    Abhishek Rawat4 jam yang lalu

    to sir aap jaldi kijiye thanks sir

  40. Rock stven

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    Nice video 👍👌👌. aapko video bahut acchi hai

  41. Rock stven

    Rock stven4 jam yang lalu


  42. Gurpreet Khaira

    Gurpreet Khaira5 jam yang lalu

    Best channel ever

  43. sajan mudhal

    sajan mudhal5 jam yang lalu

    hi guruji osmm video

  44. Shark Prabhu

    Shark Prabhu6 jam yang lalu

    Hey Guruji Best tech channel on IDreporter 👌👌

  45. Dipankar Sikdar

    Dipankar Sikdar6 jam yang lalu

    1st of all, congrats for your channel's 4th anniversary 🥳🥳 The Best #Tech channel I've ever seen.☝️☝️ Asehi pyaar dete jaiye hum sabko 😁😁

  46. XxX legend

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  47. Rupesh Shinde

    Rupesh Shinde6 jam yang lalu

    😘I love this channel ❤️ as every time we get to know about new facts and knowledge and get surprised also ❤️ you are the Indians best technology IDreporterr and best unboxing of the video me apse milna chahta hu me apka bohot bada fan hu I love you and your channel gurujii ❤️❤️. 🙂

  48. Aryank Sharma

    Aryank Sharma7 jam yang lalu

    First of all my experience with technical guruji has been great! We get the latest info about tech before anyone else ! You have been the best IDreporterr of 2019 ! Love you guruji! #bologuruji

  49. Parimal Kemaye

    Parimal Kemaye8 jam yang lalu

    Happy Fourth Anniversary To you Sir.... You directly describe the useful features of the gadgets and we are not in confusion weather to buy it or not...... And your tech talks are very updated

  50. Toli Chishi

    Toli Chishi8 jam yang lalu

    Congratulations on your 4th anniversary! I pray this family will grow more each day. It’s amazing to see such influential people like you become more known to people. You deserve to be known by everyone. Also, please choose me for the giveaway! I’ve already done all the steps mentioned. 🙏🏻 I would remain forever grateful to you.

  51. Ganesh Kamath

    Ganesh Kamath8 jam yang lalu

    Congrats 😎 amazing camera of Iphone 🤩


    RAKESH KUMAR NAYAK8 jam yang lalu

    Best technical videos ever. Ur information is most important for us. Thank you @Techinacalguruji 🙏🏻. Big fan of your channel ♥️♥️♥️

  53. SR Create

    SR Create8 jam yang lalu

    First experience

  54. Sarita mohan

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    Amazing video

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  56. Gaming Girl

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    please mujhe dedo bhai aj tak mujhe kabhi kuch nhi mila apka bohut ahsan hoga kabhi nhi bhulungi 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  57. Aniket Shirodkar

    Aniket Shirodkar9 jam yang lalu

    iPhone seems to fascinate us with the new series of iPhone 11 launched by Apple. But the more interesting fact is that the giveaway done by our technical guruji is beyond imagination. I mean literally 11 iPhone 11 devices. Hats off to you sir.

  58. Devendra Kikani

    Devendra Kikani9 jam yang lalu

    Best channel i have ever seen...

  59. Santu Mondal

    Santu Mondal9 jam yang lalu

    Big fan dada

  60. Anas Ansai

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    I love thise channal very much love you GURUGI for giving us thise channal love you bhai And 2019 biggest giveaway 😊😊😊😊love you bhai

  61. Ravi Kumar yadav

    Ravi Kumar yadav9 jam yang lalu

    I always watch your video on technical guruji before buying any phone

  62. amar more

    amar more9 jam yang lalu

    Happy 4th anniversary sirji but i want to celebrate 🥳10+ yrs and more. hats off💪 u sir ur effort is speech less🤐 thank you sir for this type of help thank u and happy anniversary again.....

  63. Nima Naz

    Nima Naz9 jam yang lalu

    One of the best IDreporter channel I have ever seen. Sir apki videos sab se alag or exclusive hoti hai hamesha. And main apke har videos ko dekhti v hoon and like v karti hoon.. You are the best IDreporterr Gaurav sir

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    Best channel ever...❤❤

  65. The Devil Boy

    The Devil Boy9 jam yang lalu

    Thank you guruji for your gift love u guruji. Hamare or apke ye payar aisehi bane rahe ohi chate ha. Or ha mey Kolkata se hu love from Kolkata