11 DIY Soap and Bath Crafts You Need To Make


  1. SKarma Undertaker

    SKarma Undertaker2 hari yang lalu

    You should have just let her eat it

  2. Lilyian Cutsforth

    Lilyian Cutsforth5 hari yang lalu

    Pineapples are weird reply if you want to know why

  3. inspire734

    inspire73412 hari yang lalu

    People you don't need a lot of bubbles in order to use soap. People think you need a lot of lather in order to wash. You really don't. Try it and see. Most good laundry detergent doesn't foam up anymore because the new washers now days makes it harder to get all the foam out of the clothing. You really do not need all that foam to wash with.

  4. Innocent Seka

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  5. Innocent Seka

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  6. Lisha Scullard

    Lisha Scullard16 hari yang lalu

    The bath jelly recipe does not at all work i’d recommend using another one

  7. Tiffany

    Tiffany17 hari yang lalu

    I'll edit as I watch 0:02 Cinnamon roll, Toniellison idreporter.net/v/video-Glc7iR5S718.html 3:17 Citrus slice, Bramble Berry idreporter.net/v/video-3L7rkLD-wUY.html

  8. Huggable The Panda

    Huggable The Panda21 hari yang lalu

    Sees the cinnamon roll Me: soap is supposed to CLEAN cinnamon doesn't clean in fact it just makes it's more messy

  9. Kaori Bowser

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  10. The Decker King

    The Decker King27 hari yang lalu

    What if you have an allergies to coconut

  11. DelicateFynn

    DelicateFynnBulan Yang lalu

    Anyone else think making soap look exactly like food is kinda dumb? I find it amazing but it seems some idiot would take s big bite...

  12. raika rahman rahman

    raika rahman rahmanBulan Yang lalu

    Just waste of time

  13. Nene Maliana

    Nene MalianaBulan Yang lalu

    "Chill" means put it in the freezer?

  14. Ekaterina

    EkaterinaBulan Yang lalu

    You just have to wait and the liquid soap base will become solid. I use Google translator because I'm Russian, so I'm sorry if this is not clear

  15. Alison Turok

    Alison TurokBulan Yang lalu

    You copied 5-minute crafts for most of them.

  16. Alison Turok

    Alison TurokBulan Yang lalu

    You copied 5-minute crafts for the first one.

  17. Itzel Barbosa

    Itzel BarbosaBulan Yang lalu

    You copied from blosoom

  18. Your gay cousin

    Your gay cousinBulan Yang lalu

    That avocado one is stupid , the skin is going to rot so fast

  19. Marcelo Madrid

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    No se de que ablan :v

  20. Jennifer Rodriguez

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    This is a copy of 5 minutes craft

  21. Ganganath Jha

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    This is copied from 5 minutes craft

  22. Donal picazo

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    Copycat tryna cop BLOSSOMS MANNER😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😤😤😤😤

  23. emmaplayz101

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    This is a tutorial how to poison your friends with food soap.

  24. Em Eye

    Em EyeBulan Yang lalu

    These chia seeds should be eaten

  25. ArtisticShadowWolf

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    Most of these don’t look particularly... usable

  26. Jeon Jungkøøk

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    how to poison your friends dude?? sorry for that ;^;

  27. Thai True

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  28. Leabelle Popovich

    Leabelle PopovichBulan Yang lalu

    Some on these could totally be gag gifts... Imagine thinking someone made a cupcake... And then eating it... That'll help you find who's been eating your food REAL FAST

  29. siri บร.

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  30. afrin akter

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    yammy soaps

  31. chesca vilaz

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    Well if you make these soaps next thing you know your bathroom is filled with ants

  32. Willa Goodman

    Willa GoodmanBulan Yang lalu

    Won’t the dye just get all over your hands? Also total copycats and the soap barely bubbles, like what’s with that?! ❌ 🧼 For the popsicle one, the stick will get all gross and wet and soggy so total WASTE!

  33. wig bang

    wig bangBulan Yang lalu

    01:48 I thought it was written *"Foaming Bath Water"* I was like it better be Belle Delphine's. 💀💀💀

  34. Alisa Comeaux

    Alisa ComeauxBulan Yang lalu

    1:23 it's a avocado... Thanks

  35. itsyehboi toastedbread

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    That one child you had looking at you making the soap *_👁👅👁_*

  36. Schneider Chloe

    Schneider ChloeBulan Yang lalu

    No mayter what other people say, five minutes crafts, i will stil suport you! Great ideas!

  37. Alize B

    Alize BBulan Yang lalu

    Me: Diy soap is such a waste of time *Sees avocado soap* Me: 😍😍

  38. Ma Naing

    Ma NaingBulan Yang lalu

    why does it look.......real?!

  39. Shocked PikachuFace

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    Bruh imagine your hands are washed with cinammon lol.

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    This is copy

  41. Xxnew_grl playerxX

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    Its okay but its not for copy Cinammon(copied) And more things can be copied. Sorry if i judge okay so plsss no copy

  42. Isaiah Prime

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    I pike how about n the start that fat ass was disappointed when she couldn’t eat

  43. ᴅ ɪ ᴀ ɴ ᴀ

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    Hmm actually clean and sanitize you hands 0 spend a lot of time making that shit what isnt even bubbly 1

  44. 댕댕이

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    아래에 있는건 인덕션인데 왜 유리에 해....?

  45. Nahivye Ashton

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    Why would you eat something that’s not yours🤷🏾‍♀️ it could be somebody’s edible😂she would be high as a kite 🤣

  46. offwithurhead

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    God I'm sick of people who don't even know how to make MP soap properly making these 5min crafts/troom troom style fake videos for views.

  47. offwithurhead

    offwithurheadBulan Yang lalu

    That looks like a great way to get irritated skin when you use half the damn jar of cinnamon. This is why I'm glad soap sellers have regulations they have to follow -_-

  48. Letícia Fofah

    Letícia FofahBulan Yang lalu

    I really liked the cupcake soap and the lemon soap and the watermelon soap were very cute and beautiful

  49. Hashim's World

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    Yummy Yummy 😍😍

  50. Sindro :P

    Sindro :PBulan Yang lalu

    What is the difference in using a normal soap?

  51. Sindro :P

    Sindro :PBulan Yang lalu

    What is the difference in using a normal soap?

  52. honestly.

    honestly.Bulan Yang lalu

    Whats wrong with having normal soap

  53. Syamimie AZHAR

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  54. Susan Buckley

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    Love this... such cute ideas!!

  55. super puppy

    super puppyBulan Yang lalu

    4:22 that was in another video of yours. That exact “soap craft” and the gummy bears. How does jello turn into soap? Just because you add a bit of hand soap? It looks like on every soap bar the last shot of it looks like added bubbles. And from 7:28 on you start making bath bombs?

  56. phantom2 _

    phantom2 _Bulan Yang lalu

    i hope your children eat the gelatin soap gummy bears.

  57. Haley jaglall

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    So much thought put into soap lol

  58. Denica Rebelo

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    Is anyone watching this even though they know they are never really going to try it😜

  59. ZiggZzAg

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    go to blossom's channel, exact same stuff, with more helpful instructions.


    MOUMITA HASANBulan Yang lalu

    You are right

  61. Jelly

    JellyBulan Yang lalu

    Do not use food coloring. There is soap dye for a reason!!

  62. caiden heath

    caiden heathBulan Yang lalu

    Spray your soap with rubbing alcohol after you put it in the mold to pop all the bubbles because that's why their soap goes from having a bunch of bubbles to having none

  63. Pheonix Cosplay

    Pheonix CosplayBulan Yang lalu

    Just a warning to anyone who has children and wants to do these, WARNING SOAP IS DANGEROUS FOR ANYONE. Kids might try and eat them no matter if they are realistic or not, please keep soap out of reach of children unless they are old enough to understand not to eat them.

  64. Cherryfizzbomb

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    I DOUBT THAT. What about all the kids that got their mouth washed out with soap from the parents lmfaoooooo

  65. oKto Valencia

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    Kids are soft. I had to bite a bar of Irish spring when I cussed near my mom. Lol

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    i can see that you're the mom of the group

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  68. Pheonix Cosplay

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    @Murasakimu its a good idea, always ask parents permissions when doing things like this though