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  1. Because Science

    Because Science7 bulan yang lalu

    Thanks for watching Super Nerds! I'm just glad we finally got to address this -- Raimibabies have been asking me for years. -- kH

  2. Mr. Arsinius

    Mr. Arsinius7 bulan yang lalu

    Are we using speedrun throws or standard max velocity throws?

  3. Ninja Hombrepalito

    Ninja Hombrepalito7 bulan yang lalu

    Hundreds of eggs, but eggs are mostly water. What if he ate protein powder instead?

  4. Colin Stone

    Colin Stone7 bulan yang lalu

    Because Science thanks for giving me a shout-out!!

  5. Mar Sperlik

    Mar Sperlik7 bulan yang lalu


  6. EpicFail

    EpicFail7 bulan yang lalu

    Have you ever tried to explain the Game of Thrones irregular seasons? Would a weird orbit cause it, prolonged partial eclipse by inner planets (or other solar objects), binary system, passing near gas giants, . . . ?

  7. Dustin VanKeuren

    Dustin VanKeuren3 bulan yang lalu

    I'm late, but gonna comment anyway. This has no basis in science, but I always figured that the strands of Spiderman's webbing was not solid, but a latticework. Maybe this would help solve the volume problem.

  8. P C

    P C3 bulan yang lalu

    I ran in to Mr Raimi and Bruce campbell in my town a couple years back. Funny guys and super cool.

  9. P C

    P C3 bulan yang lalu

    I did not even realize that was him.... I always just thought of him as Joxster.

  10. Mark McCormack-Reamer

    Mark McCormack-Reamer4 bulan yang lalu

    Can you do a video on his calorie intake needed for his diet with how active he is like you did with the flash?

  11. unfa

    unfa4 bulan yang lalu

    Even if the sole was perfectly strong, and perfectly anchored into perfectly strong walls... I think Peter Parker's body would yield.

  12. ciggac

    ciggac4 bulan yang lalu

    Late to the party but have to offer the thought that the spiderman silk would likely be formed not by "weaving" like spiders do, but instead in a chemical combination process like a skunk spray or exploding beetle spray. This would allow for the propulsion that lets his webs spray, have an expanding (Trait? Quality?), allowing for the base components to take up much less space in his body, fly the distances shown in the movie, and to take shape in a semi-liquid state before solidifying and anchoring onto things firmly, like silly string or expanding foam.

  13. BTNHFan04200

    BTNHFan042004 bulan yang lalu

    7:55 Kyle, it could be similar to the way you had explained how spiders make webbing on a previous episode. Where it is not stored inside the body as the webbing, but as a GOO.. however it is then turned into webbing/silk during the release process.

  14. TheSefirosu200x

    TheSefirosu200x5 bulan yang lalu

    Yeah, but still, even Spider-Man's mechanical webshooter cartridges aren't the size of 8 of those tubs, so what gives?

  15. TheSefirosu200x

    TheSefirosu200x5 bulan yang lalu

    Okay, so you say how you would stop the train by using the helicopter scene in the PS4 game, apparently forgetting that Spider-Man *DOES* have to stop a train in that game, he even tries it the Raimi way, but it doesn't work for him this time, so he then shoots webs to bend the tracks upwards so that the train is stopped by smashing through the road. After, of course, verifying that it won't hurt anyone to do so.

  16. James Bacon

    James Bacon5 bulan yang lalu

    Spicy should have constantly ate food cause he could way the train down

  17. The Dondroid

    The Dondroid6 bulan yang lalu

    When you say that Evolution doesn't care what's best, only what works... could we consider the difference in size, perhaps? The creepy-crawly that bit Peter was pretty tiny; genetically modified to have all these other spider-abilities... So, if evolution is playing a part in this, and it only goes with "what works", then it would have to ramp up the tensile strength of the spider silk that Peter produces to ensure that it will carry his weight, as well as allow for "capturing prey"? Would that not boost the evolutionary aspect of the type - therefore, the strength - of said spider silk?

  18. Shaun Kennedy

    Shaun Kennedy6 bulan yang lalu

    Hindsight is 20\20

  19. Noah Vasatko

    Noah Vasatko6 bulan yang lalu

    I have a question. Ignoring the fact that shooting web lines from your wrist is kinda strange, how big/strong a muscle would you need for shooting a web over these long distances that he does in the movies?

  20. Vgamer311

    Vgamer3116 bulan yang lalu

    So there were several small corrections that supposedly wouldn’t have made a difference individually (type of train, number of people on the train, the reduced speed from Spider-Man’s feet/the barrier at the end, the fact that the train may or may not have actually reached 80 mph, etc.) but I suppose if those features were combined, their cumulative effect may have allowed Spidey to stop the train with the original calculations.

  21. Robson Alves

    Robson Alves6 bulan yang lalu

    You are not considering the material expansion after in contact with air. Even real spider webs have this expansion, more than doubling its volume after in contact with air

  22. Noah Ramstad

    Noah Ramstad6 bulan yang lalu

    you CAN see your nose right now

  23. DreamEater777

    DreamEater7776 bulan yang lalu

    Maybe the spider silk is a type of material that when combined with oxygen expands greatly, sort of like a tree. If it were primarily composed of air it would also explain the speed at which it hits its targets as well as its dissolving quality.

  24. never using this again

    never using this again6 bulan yang lalu

    Dude Spiderman doesn't organically make silk.

  25. Virgil R Garwood

    Virgil R Garwood6 bulan yang lalu

    **music** "Fit it in here" HAHAHAHAHAHAH.... thanks subtitles, thanks. I'll supply my own context.

  26. Kingdom Cosmos

    Kingdom Cosmos6 bulan yang lalu

    for the nerd of the day.... theoretically if peter is producing this silk at the speed of which it coming out would that help the volume of silk problem... he would also lose energy very fast

  27. TeronGer

    TeronGer7 bulan yang lalu

    A white T-84, what heresy is this? Ours were only ever black

  28. Blah Blahsen

    Blah Blahsen7 bulan yang lalu

    ugh, well obviously Parder Peeker is fusion powered or uses antimatter web mass compression or a mini-taris. GOSH.

  29. David Barry

    David Barry7 bulan yang lalu

    you can still see the apple logo on the computer

  30. Alechex

    Alechex7 bulan yang lalu

    How much mass would the Web have to weigh so that the wind won't blow it somewhere else?

  31. waylon ward

    waylon ward7 bulan yang lalu


  32. mckael bear

    mckael bear7 bulan yang lalu

    Lmao loved that intro

  33. WK_fpv

    WK_fpv7 bulan yang lalu

    I can see my nose, I can see my nose! Oh my god, please stop it!

  34. Mind Of The Lion

    Mind Of The Lion7 bulan yang lalu

    Solution to the sheer volume of spider silk: Peter Parker keeps stores of neutronium in his body that he converts to webbing when he needs it.

  35. Ján Páleš

    Ján Páleš7 bulan yang lalu

    I understand your disbelief on that Peter Parker shouldnt be able to contain that much spider silk, but there is a little wonder called a "Darwin's Bark spider", which is tiny but can spin a web from one riverbank to another in one go. (there is also evidence to suggest, that they can do this twice over) it thus stands to reason, that a humanoid creature with mutated spider genes would be able to contain immensely higher amounts, no?

  36. Christian Zacho

    Christian Zacho7 bulan yang lalu

    If you think Clif bars are hard to eat when they're cold, try a cold PowerBar.

  37. Chris Bonsante

    Chris Bonsante7 bulan yang lalu

    Why are we arguing over spiderman's webbing. Most of the iterations I have seen he uses cartridges that he doesn't produce with his own body.

  38. David Evans

    David Evans7 bulan yang lalu

    Correction in general: “with great power comes great responsibility” 1) wasn’t said by Uncle Ben and 2) isn’t even the actual quote

  39. Orlando gonzalez

    Orlando gonzalez7 bulan yang lalu

    So..... how heavy is all the webbing Spider-Man is carrying regularly. Web Cartridges not the natural silk he produces

  40. kristian domasian

    kristian domasian7 bulan yang lalu

    Hey Kyle, great episode! I don't know if you still read comments from videos posted days ago but I hope you do, so here goes: I was just thinking, what ever happens to spider-man's web after some time. Do they just melt away or evaporate, or disentigrate overtime? I mean the buildings in his city should be filled with his accumulated webs if they do not go away or disappear after some time after years and years (given that people do not find way to clean them or make them come of either physically or chemically). Isn't even risky that someone with a villainous and genius mind might get samples of his web and study them to create a weapon that will make spider-man's web become just like simple thread.

  41. Everson Nieves

    Everson Nieves7 bulan yang lalu

    I hate how you are super hot an super smart at the same time. 😠

  42. Brad Lemmond

    Brad Lemmond7 bulan yang lalu

    "A _slug_ is as evolved as you are." *NO YOU ARE!*

  43. Topekas Finest

    Topekas Finest7 bulan yang lalu

    Can you think of a physical representation/example of time; past, present and future, besides an hour glass? One I have thought of is a pen or marker (ink filled writing utensil) attached to a device that uses a constant, measurable amount of pressure on a piece of paper that is being pulled at a constant, measurable speed?

  44. Team Threatening Reach

    Team Threatening Reach7 bulan yang lalu

    I must have miss🤔 something maybe in one of your last videos but what is the strength of silk ? Since its suppose to be proportional to steel🤷🏾‍♂️cables

  45. Adam Bulmash

    Adam Bulmash7 bulan yang lalu

    Question I've pondered for years (and partly inspired by Gwyn's super-nerd comment): is there a way to mathematically calculate how much spider silk can fit into Spidey's web-shooters?

  46. Matthew Komperda

    Matthew Komperda7 bulan yang lalu

    Hey there I do want to bring to your attention that if you go with one of the other Spider-Mans movies Spider-Man was bitten by one of the spiders Harry Osborn was creating to have the enhanced spider silk

  47. loqk loqkson

    loqk loqkson7 bulan yang lalu

    considering the population turnover, slugs are more evolved than humans by a factor of many many generations

  48. Lord Tiberious

    Lord Tiberious7 bulan yang lalu

    Slowing the train by using his weblines to warp/bend the tracks, so it's roughly similar to a rumble strip might have been a better tactic. There would be a chance of derailing the train if the deformation was to great, but small bumps would rob the train of momentum relatively quickly. Once upon a time, Spider-Man was supposedly capable of pressing 10 tons overhead. If he can row even half that amount I'd guess he could bend train tracks without to much trouble, particularly the small degree I'm suggesting.

  49. William Colt

    William Colt7 bulan yang lalu

    ha, nice joke about volume.

  50. MetomorphasisToMarshmallows

    MetomorphasisToMarshmallows7 bulan yang lalu

    Hey Kyle, I just watched a video from Nature now! - Chris Egnoto, on the Black and Yellow spider. In the video he mentioned that a spider threat as thick as a pencil could stop a boeing 747. I thought, hey I just learned this lets plug in some numbers. Now a I am high balling some numbers like the max weight instead of average weight, which is 439,984kg. I'm keeping the speed the average speed at 253m/s. This gives us 14.08GJ or 1.408x10^10J that the line of web has to stop. I could not find the exact toughness of the spider he was talking about be he mentions it's similar to the orb weaver so I'm going with that, which is 150mj/m^3. At first I used your same calculation of the valume, at 15 meters, meaning we'd need 700 lines of web to stop the plane. But both the spider or spiderman being 15 meters from the plane, and the plane cruising at 15 meters in altitude is ridiculous. So I raised it up to the average altitude of the 747 which is 13,716m. Which increases the volume of a single web by a lot, 131,963,384mm^3 actually. This puts our (ke/Ut)/Vweb at 0.711, below 1, meaning if spideyboiy or a spider could reach a web to the plane, it would stop it with a single thread the width of a pencil. Btw here are some things equal to that volume 293.25 blue whales 141.89 Eiffel towers 1% of mount Everest Oh and your eggs to webs, yeah he'd need 9,076,682.5 of them

  51. kittenclaws

    kittenclaws7 bulan yang lalu

    If you know where you are in NYC and the time of day, you can totally guess the date!

  52. Alvaro Rubilar Muñoz

    Alvaro Rubilar Muñoz7 bulan yang lalu

    You are doing a Mickey Mouse voice, not a Mario voice.

  53. The Fox

    The Fox7 bulan yang lalu

    Silk is stored in the balls

  54. redlove108

    redlove1087 bulan yang lalu

    anyone else expecting him to knock over his cup?

  55. Dre' Deal

    Dre' Deal7 bulan yang lalu

    That was a bad hint lol

  56. swift 88

    swift 887 bulan yang lalu

    Please tell me that your making money off IDreporter like them weird ass adults who open up kids toys, lol your channel is amazing, I use this channel to prove a lot of nerdy stuff.

  57. Anodyne Melody

    Anodyne Melody7 bulan yang lalu

    I think Spider-Man's body mutated to shorten his gastrointestinal (GI) tract and enlarge the volume of his prostate to fill most of the abdominal cavity. And the organic fluid his prostate produces has changed from the default (vanilla) colloid to now produce the modded chemical, which is enhanced-tensile-strength spider silk. Then, his body grew new high-capacity, artery-like, muscle-integrated tubes that can contract the muscles in its walls to force/pump/eject spider silk out of the mutated-prostate through the abdominal cavity, through the abdominal wall, up through the armpits and out of the artery-like vessels connecting to his wrists at extremely high-velocity.

  58. MTGPlayer10

    MTGPlayer107 bulan yang lalu

    I saw that coffee cup edging ever closer to the edge of the table..glad no coffee was injured during the making of this show.

  59. TiagoTiago

    TiagoTiago7 bulan yang lalu

    How about an episode on how much Miles Morales would have to eat to get the energy for all the shocks he gave in the Spiderverse movie?

  60. TiagoTiago

    TiagoTiago7 bulan yang lalu

    By standing in front of the train and holding onto the webs himself, he distributed the force over a large surface area, if he had attached the webs directly to the train the force of each web would be concentrated on just the spot the web is attached to instead of over the whole surface area where his body was touching the train.

  61. Malcanth

    Malcanth7 bulan yang lalu

    Survival of the fittest should be replaced with survival of the good enough. It would be a more accurate description of evolution.

  62. AmasonCreations

    AmasonCreations7 bulan yang lalu

    Explain how the human body could be more evolved like you said

  63. khartog01

    khartog017 bulan yang lalu

    Everybody knows Italian plumbers are the strongest beings ever

  64. TurboWoj

    TurboWoj7 bulan yang lalu

    hahah Kyle as always - trolling ppls with that nose seeing :D omg :D

  65. Iamarobotbanana4

    Iamarobotbanana47 bulan yang lalu

    Would the efficiency rate of digesting the eggs effect how many eggs he would need to eat to keep up that production of silk?

  66. Mykl Carlton

    Mykl Carlton7 bulan yang lalu

    Your intro prompts an interesting question - would it be possible to survive a freezing night by hugging a tree?

  67. KohuGaly

    KohuGaly7 bulan yang lalu

    Technically yes, the tree would marginally increase the time it takes you to freeze to death... but that wouldn't be my go-to usage of the tree if I were freezing at night...