100 Eggo Waffle Challenge DESTROYED


  1. A.K Gamer

    A.K Gamer5 jam yang lalu

    Gummy Bear Challenge. Size:- Giant Calories:- 1200

  2. Savage Nelson 12

    Savage Nelson 125 jam yang lalu

    Please give a us a house tour

  3. No Name

    No Name5 jam yang lalu

    Нихуя ты бомбуча

  4. AG boi

    AG boi5 jam yang lalu

    Finish monster pizza in delhi, India

  5. Jamber Inbentor

    Jamber Inbentor5 jam yang lalu

    His so slim 🙁 what happen to u

  6. Naeem Ahmed

    Naeem Ahmed6 jam yang lalu


  7. W Huds

    W Huds7 jam yang lalu

    gordan benet

  8. abdullah hussien

    abdullah hussien7 jam yang lalu

    اكو عرب بطيارة

  9. Leizel Mirasol

    Leizel Mirasol7 jam yang lalu

    okeh kehyo

  10. Stixs_Tx

    Stixs_Tx7 jam yang lalu

    Eleven Like if u get what I'm talking about

  11. win_ 7559

    win_ 75597 jam yang lalu

    Video idea: If you stop eating, the video ends challenge

  12. Thanos Rammos

    Thanos Rammos8 jam yang lalu

    Mattie stonie: eats 100 eggoes Toilet: Ima head out

  13. SoWhat Bitcch

    SoWhat Bitcch8 jam yang lalu

    Do seafood boil Beloveife sauce 🥵

  14. Official Aze

    Official Aze10 jam yang lalu

    Didn't he jumpscare when the toaster is make the sound?

  15. Bintang _689

    Bintang _68910 jam yang lalu

    Mat one chip challenge #Onechipchallenge

  16. Illusion Cuber14

    Illusion Cuber1410 jam yang lalu

    I can't even eat 1 waffle in 15 mins.


    SIOMAI RICE11 jam yang lalu

    Can you eat a house


    SIOMAI RICE11 jam yang lalu

    CALLING 911 there's a man or food eating manster in here🤔

  19. sherif ibrahim

    sherif ibrahim12 jam yang lalu

    Why did he stop :(

  20. Shamara 24

    Shamara 2412 jam yang lalu

    Matt doesn’t fear diabetes Diabetes fear him

  21. Breadley Wheatler

    Breadley Wheatler13 jam yang lalu

    He's lost weight since 2013 I bet. How does he not become hospitalised from making these?

  22. Resident of a Potter's field

    Resident of a Potter's field13 jam yang lalu

    More syrup could shave off a minute or so, but that is an amazing time. I can barely eat 9 waffles :(

  23. Sans

    Sans13 jam yang lalu

    Wait, what if there was no toilet...

  24. Biff Tannen

    Biff Tannen13 jam yang lalu

    You should do the “Cool Hand Luke” eating challenge. 50 hard boiled eggs in one hour!

  25. Jun aidi

    Jun aidi13 jam yang lalu

    Where is the new video

  26. Almost God

    Almost God14 jam yang lalu


  27. the KOCKYchicken

    the KOCKYchicken14 jam yang lalu

    I get the feeling he's never had a proportionately average sized meal in his life

  28. Ильмар Галимжанов

    Ильмар Галимжанов15 jam yang lalu

    Как твоё здоровье?

  29. Lamberto Playz

    Lamberto Playz15 jam yang lalu

    Eat 100 Popeyes biscuits with no water

  30. Blood Haven Studios

    Blood Haven Studios15 jam yang lalu


  31. Lil Wrath!

    Lil Wrath!15 jam yang lalu

    Sometimes I wonder what my IDreporter Recommendations are trying to teach me...

  32. Emmu10Naravez

    Emmu10Naravez15 jam yang lalu

    Como a de cagar ese wey:v

  33. Duy Nguyen

    Duy Nguyen15 jam yang lalu

    I have a challenge for you, hope the cake agrees that you close your eyes and randomly select a food icon and eat the food of that icon. Hope you agree

  34. Fortnite Fam

    Fortnite Fam17 jam yang lalu

    You should do a ice cream challenge Like so he can see

  35. Subarashi Yaroo

    Subarashi Yaroo17 jam yang lalu

    I wondered why he shakes his body while eating, any one others?

  36. Ryan Gangadin

    Ryan Gangadin17 jam yang lalu

    Adam Richman and you need to collab ASAP

  37. Mhebner23

    Mhebner2317 jam yang lalu

    For Christmas can you do a 5lb Hershey bar challenge Matt or did you already do that?

  38. jorge jesus maravilla marron

    jorge jesus maravilla marron18 jam yang lalu

    Leggo my 100 eggo that I will probably barf out

  39. DJasile

    DJasile19 jam yang lalu

    Eat World bigest Burger Or pizza

  40. Nathan Whiting

    Nathan Whiting20 jam yang lalu

    I hate getting syrup on my hands and face. This is giving me PTSD or some shit.

  41. Crawl Name

    Crawl Name21 jam yang lalu

    Matt you should eat 100 Smuckers uncrustables PB&J sandwiches.

  42. Birb

    Birb21 jam yang lalu

    I get it. He doesn’t gain weight because he’s exercising his jaws.

  43. Eva Larkin

    Eva Larkin22 jam yang lalu

    *Eleven is shook* Only Stranger Things fans will understand

  44. Starr Channel

    Starr Channel22 jam yang lalu

    Eating 100 Taco Bell rolled chicken tacos?

  45. jajaxxgamer

    jajaxxgamer23 jam yang lalu

    upload PLZZ u have not doing vids

  46. oguerrero2526

    oguerrero252623 jam yang lalu

    How tf you so skinny?

  47. Michael Bell

    Michael Bell23 jam yang lalu

    Every video I watch I always wonder how does he stay skinny and if he has diabetes or any other things that affects you health with to much food

  48. B FL

    B FLHari Yang lalu

    Dude this person just broke the world record for the fastest burrito eaten. She had like 33 seconds. Bet you could beat her record. I dare you to at least try

  49. Gacha Red

    Gacha RedHari Yang lalu

    *Eleven is quaking*

  50. Siddiqui Ayesha

    Siddiqui AyeshaHari Yang lalu


  51. Sunita Tamang

    Sunita TamangHari Yang lalu

    Plzz do 100 Momo challenge

  52. Matthew Aguilar

    Matthew AguilarHari Yang lalu

    Remember I met you at the eating contest in LA

  53. Allanie grace

    Allanie graceHari Yang lalu

    The special guest is eleven from stranger things

  54. Endermax3852

    Endermax3852Hari Yang lalu

    Someone eated a burrito in 35 seconds (it's a world record). I think you should try to beat that record

  55. Isaac Schuster

    Isaac SchusterHari Yang lalu

    eat a full VAT19 gummy pizza

  56. QUANGfG

    QUANGfGHari Yang lalu

    I want Vietnamese subtitles

  57. QUANGfG

    QUANGfGHari Yang lalu

    Cho tôi xin phụ đề Tiếng Việt

  58. Phollo ROD

    Phollo RODHari Yang lalu

    7:08 me every day 🥺😂😂

  59. Phollo ROD

    Phollo RODHari Yang lalu

    3:18 Heaven🤤😆

  60. Tropang Choy

    Tropang ChoyHari Yang lalu

    I challenge you to eat just 3 kilo of durian fruits 100 balot ( egg ) and 3 litres of redhores beer