10 Toy Weapons That'll Make Your Friends Jealous!


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    BONUS UPLOAD THIS SUNDAY AT 12:50 PM! Sorry for the video going unavailable. We were planning on premiering the video, but instead of premiering it, IDreporter just threw the video live haha. Love you guys and hope you enjoy the vid!!! -TanMan

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    Did we ever reach the like goal in time for that spy video? Cuz now I'm actually curious if TanMan is dating someone and who the heck they are xD

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    Spy guys

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    Spy guysss

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    How do i join

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    Spy gets

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    Title says: toys that are cool that would make your friend jealous Me: i could say that i am getting jealous too

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    Spy guys

  9. Erika Agama

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    No fair I want the zabuza blade I'm a huge naruto fan

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    U gay kittys. Vary dirty kittys

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    This is the most fun I've had watching a youtube video in a LOOOONG time.

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    Why was the editing in this video so good.

  13. Sofia Nunez

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    Zabuza does not have a pony tail it is his his head band from the hidden mist village.Also best fight so far that kakshi fought in!❤️

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    If you think that fight was his best... just wait until later. Be patient tho.

  15. javi munoz

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    i have the water gun

  16. Joep Tebak

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    goliath is killed by a rock sling, wich is a peace of cloth with two ropes at both ends. its a cool thing to try, but its pretty hard

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    Spy guys

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    Spy guys

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    Spy guys more like spy guys poop

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    Hey you got the faux bow 3 bro?! I'm waiting for the faux bow 3 pro bro!

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    I love Kakashi sensei he's my favorite character

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    One of mine to

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    Save the floaty potatoes 🐀

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    Why did a charmin toilet paper commercial come out while showing the gun one 😂 im 💀

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    Spy guys

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    spy guys! (end my life)

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    It’s after lunch AnD Im FeELiNg WiErD

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    The reason I started watching dope or nope because me and Tanners love to anime.

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    The editing really makes these videos

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    I’m watching old men shooting webs at and screaming what has my life come to.

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    spy guys

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    Fortnites kinda dead in australia some parts of it at least dunno about u guys

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    how are you ganna clean that?

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    Thats a head band you stuped

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    In the thumbnail r u wearing Naruto Headbands

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    you maty

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    Goliath was killed with a Sling, not a slingshot.

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    ok mr. smart

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    No he wasnt. Because goliath isnt real

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    zobuza is a mist ninga

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    Could someone show me where to find fanfic of Tanner?

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    Tanner fanfic dope or nope

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    I have the biggest crush on Tanner!!

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    I have a question in most of the videos why does Tanner have black nail polish?

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    im an anime nerd tan man chan im watchmy hero acdemia