10 Strange Things You Didn't Know About Planet Earth


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    #11 farts Smell bad

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    i already knew 1 and 2 i am a nerd btw

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    I knew it was recycled lol

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    How comes you know lol just kidding nice video love your videos keep up the good work by the way I knew some of these thanks anyways

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    Yes, we all know about the earth core.

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    don,t whach it it is short XD

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    Hahah what a load of bs

  9. JP

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    "Its been a long Time since people thought the earth Was actually flat" LOL. Some idiots apparently didnt get that memo though.

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    I all I know all these things so you think you're the smartest person of all I don't think so I think it's my expressing God not you so stop trying to show off

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    I don't understand why companies who cut down trees wouldn't plant trees as well. I mean, it seems counter productive not to ... *DERP*

  12. David Koszarski

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    All bullshit

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    OK, but sadly nothing I did not know.

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    I didn't quite understand what earth core means.

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    How in the FUCK do they know how many grains of sand are on the Earth? 🙄 Dude, give me a break!

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    I knew all of this

  18. Vito Cirillo

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    The earths core isn’t even close to how hot the sun is. There just tricking us.

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    R.I.P Steven Hawking 😔

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    Nice video

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    How are u so smart I need ur knowledge

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    The 24 23 hour day one fucked me in the mind fuck off lkke bruh

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    Number 1 God came with a plan B Incase us humans really screwed up

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    2:15 Anakin: *screeching*

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    I knew most of these sooo

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    "in theory" @0:54 lool what

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    Did anyone actually think there were more people than micorbes?! There are more chickens than people for fs sake!

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    3:56 Bring back the trees!

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    I new all of this from science class in 3rd grade I'm in 5th now

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    nope,didnt learn nothing new...knew all of that already,nothing interesting in here for me

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    I know about half of these facts


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    There's so much to learn on this video! Wow!

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    I honestly wanna see her face.. idk why, just curious.. don't you?

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    IDK 😑😒

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    I already know what that was

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    Is it real Plz say

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    great video. ty

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    More bullshit about gravity things fall to the ground because they're way more it's called mass and density

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    What a crock of shite!

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    I learned something please don't speak to fast

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    I gust it's to much junk that we can't exscape from the red giant sun

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    What is so strange about these ten things you just named?

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    I thought Earth's gravity is only 9.81 m/s².

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    I learnt thus in school

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    ah please the the the only thing I find strange is the way people dress at walmart

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    I already knew we had buildings

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    You fucking uneducated Amercian fucks. If you Americans dont know this things, it doesnt mean that the rest of the world doesnt know this

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    How is that fucking funny? He has a disability and all you do is laugh at him? Fuck off.

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    interesting good to know about earth why dose this happen to us can anything else happen to earth

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    This video is only useful if you weren't paying attention in 7th grade geography

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    I Knew ALL of these, I just wasted 6:06 of my time. SUCH a useless video for me!!!!!!!

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    I knew them all wow boring

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    Just because I have

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    It's ok guys we can use energy from volcanoes to charge our phones! But ya know who cares about our food supply if the sun goes out WE GOT VOLCANOES WOO

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    Everyone meet Foxy 🔴 🔴 he knows that if you talk about this you are John Cena Foxy: NO I DIDN'T SAY THAT

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    Did you know scientists messed up? They say earth only has Protons, Neutrons, and Electrions. However they forgot the famous boxer JOHN CENA

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    Fuck off. It's not funny. John cena memes were never funny. Plus, John Cena was a wrestler, not a boxer.

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    So we don't just poloot the world but space as well

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    so for the people who didn't know this facts probably fails bad at school, a 3rd grader, or never went to school