10 Products That’ll Keep Your Money Safe!


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    So we all have to subscribe to this video. Not sure how you do that but I'm sure someone will figure it out.

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    me:breaks into matt's house Matt that's hiding money: YOU SAW NOTHING


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    Who else subscribed

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    that dollar was a star note which is very rare

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    Go to second 6.51

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    16:46 they're talking about younger siblings with hammers, so um, does that mean I'm not actually weird for having a: - mallet - sledge hammer - hatchet - metal bat - metal tee ball bat - pickaxe And multiple: - Knives - metal pipes - strong beating sticks In my room with some an arms reach from my bed?

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    9:47-9:50 someone should send this to dude perfect

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    6:17 who else thought that sounded/was an emergency vehicle siren?

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    I say the soap with $1 inside is awesome because if I was a little kid I would take a shower everyday just to get the dollar

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    The money soap bar has diffrent amounts of money u just happend to get one dollar

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    What are dies

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    I like how this is exactly 24.00 minute

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    You can't subscribe to a video.

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    Robber: *breaks into a house* Robber: *looks at dog purse* Robber: For the first time the devil was smeared because he met some one more evil than him

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    Thus video's real title: 4 Grown Men Try to Use Kids Slang

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    He made it so I subscribed

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    How do you sub to a video 9:48

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    look at Michael 0:29 When you meet your girls family 0:34 When they kick you out because you have wrinkles in your clothes

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    “Le switch card from uno” ~my last 10 meme brain cells have left the chat~

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    When he said “flip card in uno” I said 🤦🏼‍♀️

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    I’m a collector of money and the dollar bill in the soap was a star note. Some of them can be worth a lot, and I have seen some on eBay for 20 to 30 dollars for some of the rare ones. Hope u spent it well!😂

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    Is that a real do

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    I subscribed because tanner Made It

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    Your having twins. 11:58

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    “The switch card in uno” My last two brain cells have left the chat

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    Did you see their clothes change

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    Wait, isn't the money soap illegal?🤔

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    4:28 Pro Tip Just use A knife Dumb DUmb

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    Says next product but it’s over fix the editing!!!

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    I’m from Kentucky💙💙💙

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    I'm from Japan every one are talk Japan

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    12:55 I did culture swab once lead to strippers gave it to a friend lol

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    Okay I got the dope or nape card and they are fun to play my family was confused how to use it the game was a good card game so it was worth it

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    9:49 tanner : u have to subscribe to this video me : how do i subscribe to vids

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    Burglary 101 instead of bringing a hammer into a stranger's house to break a box just take the box

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    My man said SuBsCrIbE tO tHe ViDeO 😂😂😂😂😂🤷‍♂️😂

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    9:47 : "If I make this, you have to SUBSCRIBE to this VIDEO" - Tanner

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    23:36 Michael: next product Michael literally right after : this is the end for today folks!

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    W shenanigans cataract

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    Can you put dope or nope in stores

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    i think the vase seller meant herbs like olive oil or Arnica or CCE-W they really help your heath btw and can change your life if u use them right

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    yall filmed this on my birthday and im now watching this in 2020 🙃🤨😑

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    use honey it helps save you money

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    Imagine all the 7 year olds now having nightmares over an animal head purse!!!!!!!!!!

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    I wish a can have this

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    when they said October 29 2019 i got happy because that is my birth date well not 2019 at lest

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    "i make this you have to subscribe to this video" me: what? you mean like the video, but no cuz you said it wrong

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    “Subscribe to this video”- Tanner😂

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    I shower whith only my clothes on because not even anyone only my wall can see me

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    I would have used this as a kid haha thats awesome amzn.to/2ZZvPgT