10 Details You Missed in the Breaking Bad El Camino Trailer! (Nerdist News w/ Kyle Hill)


  1. i like to watch videos

    i like to watch videos21 hari yang lalu

    Its not the same without cranston

  2. swmita

    swmitaBulan Yang lalu

    I was not disappointed with El Camino a nice way to wrap things up and STILL leave it open ended. Yes you can always count on Vince Gilligan to keep all three shows alive; Breaking Bad; The Movie El Camino, and of course Better Call Saul. There is no other Trilogy or shows so well tied together as those three ensembles . The brilliance in his story telling is not telling or spelling everything out to a simplistic conclusion. Think about it; Jesse is now assuming a new identity and Jimmy is also in hiding under a new identity. Coincidence ? Season Five for Better Call Saul will cross time lines where Better Call Saul now enters into Breaking Bad's time line to Walt's death, "and" with Jesse under a new identity. In the movie El Camino we saw briefly the previous office space for Saul Goodman, just an added foot note and nod from Vince Gilligan that they haven't forgotten about Saul Goodman.

  3. UHeardMe1stTime

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    Cut your hair

  4. Shyblues

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    None of his choices were correct 😵. I would love to see another movie about everyone after the very last episode. How/what Walters family is doing, Skylar & Marie finding out that Hank is gone (along w/Gomez) & his procession,. Just how the aftermath of Walter affected everyone.

  5. JiveDadson

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    Lay off the coffee or whatever, lower your voice an octave, and learn the difference between "titular" and "eponymous". Free advice

  6. aneye4aneye977

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    Gosh this dude was annoying


    TAY AND FRIENDSBulan Yang lalu

    shit jessi should go to mexico

  8. Johnnymac

    JohnnymacBulan Yang lalu

    That wasn't an outdated photo of Jessie breaking bad happened within 2 years and thats how he looked on season 1

  9. Josh Schaeffer

    Josh SchaefferBulan Yang lalu

    I thought Jack had made jessee dig the hole so they could rebury walts money. I wonder if the money will be a factor in movie

  10. Vanessa England

    Vanessa EnglandBulan Yang lalu

    This host is the absolute worst. His voice is great for the purpose of voice over, but his own personal additives of "comedy" is painful to listen to.

  11. Ultimo

    UltimoBulan Yang lalu

    It's not Me Me. It's Meme. Pronounced as it's spelled.

  12. Ryanschind

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    Voice at the end sounds like Micheal Douglas.? Not sure why he would be in this movie.

  13. Ryan Ford

    Ryan FordBulan Yang lalu

    This guys hair sucks

  14. Richard Gladd

    Richard GladdBulan Yang lalu

    Wow your a douche bag and horrible presenter

  15. John Rodriguez

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    The guy talking to jesse at the end is Jim Beaverhe played Lawson in Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. Listen to clipse of those scenes. Oh and when hes digging hes digging a ditch for a body that's laying in Jacks white truck bed look at it again

  16. books from Windblown

    books from WindblownBulan Yang lalu

    Walter white dead or alive, he better make a cameo.

  17. NinjaCraft

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  18. Hacks Away

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    When jess is digging the hole, you can see hair to the left if the screen, that's a person going in that hole.

  19. a

    aBulan Yang lalu

    I thought the beach bum/thor style of haircuts died out

  20. James Endead

    James EndeadBulan Yang lalu

    I've uploaded a video of who the mystery might be. It's on my channel. If my guess is right, I think this character will be just in jesse's head.

  21. Mad George

    Mad GeorgeBulan Yang lalu

    My word this presenter sucks. I thought this insincere style of corporate presentation died years ago?

  22. Diego Pocurull

    Diego PocurullBulan Yang lalu

    the opening scene will be walter jr eating breakfast

  23. Shyblues

    ShybluesBulan Yang lalu

    Diego Pocurull I wis it would’ve!!

  24. Kyle Isbart

    Kyle IsbartBulan Yang lalu

    Sopranos was before breaking bad

  25. Detroit Diezel

    Detroit DiezelBulan Yang lalu

    I can't wait to see this. By the way, Kyle Hill looks a bit like a corny Tom Cruise with long bleached out hair.

  26. Steve Harris

    Steve HarrisBulan Yang lalu

    Jesse sucks People only give him movie roles because they feel sorry for him

  27. Matt Wald

    Matt WaldBulan Yang lalu

    This was a terrible analysis. Uninformative and you are embarrassingly unfunny.

  28. Clouded Kitten

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    Jesus. This guy's delivery is painful.

  29. Colin B.

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  30. William Bond

    William BondBulan Yang lalu

    people, the mysterious voice at the end is jack white, the head of the nazi group. Perhaps a corrupt cop

  31. MadOcelotGod 81

    MadOcelotGod 81Bulan Yang lalu

    I hope Jesse gets laid in this movie

  32. Jacob Angeles

    Jacob AngelesBulan Yang lalu

    Speaking of Nerdist, Remember when they go bowling with the Cast of Breaking Bad? And yeah, Roman Bellic from GTA IV should've come.

  33. Emmy Arellano

    Emmy ArellanoBulan Yang lalu

    Didn't Robert Forrester die?

  34. Ah! bowakawa pousse pousse

    Ah! bowakawa pousse pousseBulan Yang lalu

    Fuck. 40 secs still nothing about El Camino. 👎I'm out.

  35. Sean Marc Nipper

    Sean Marc NipperBulan Yang lalu

    This guy is good at Magic the gathering. I've seen it in videos.

  36. Hawya Doin

    Hawya DoinBulan Yang lalu

    Pretty sure Jesse is digging a grave for Andrea in the desert. You can see her hair in the foreground

  37. Vino1647 Dallas

    Vino1647 DallasBulan Yang lalu

    Hawya Doin her hair was black not red

  38. Klutchx Uk

    Klutchx UkBulan Yang lalu

    It's a beetle you uncultured swine.

  39. mnbnbmlkjlvcx

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    откуда у этого барана столько подписчиков? он же Идиотина

  40. David Vasquez

    David VasquezBulan Yang lalu

    This guy sucks! Did he even see the breaking bad series? Not even a good guesser. Quit trying to profit off of something you know nothing about.

  41. Alexander Noviello

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    Cut your hair

  42. TheMorningBeerPodcast

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    U didn't mention "THE WIRE" 🤔

  43. DWT

    DWTBulan Yang lalu

    I think it’s Walt at the end. Season 6 will launch after the movie.

  44. Shyblues

    ShybluesBulan Yang lalu

    DWT I wish !!! El Camino left me wanting more !

  45. books from Windblown

    books from WindblownBulan Yang lalu

    Nah there is another movies spinoff of Breaking Bad.

  46. oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah yeah yeah

    oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah yeah yeahBulan Yang lalu

    lol ok

  47. Pete Robinson

    Pete RobinsonBulan Yang lalu

    Starts at 2:23. Saved you listening to the long haired douche cringe jokes.

  48. B Ob Bob

    B Ob BobBulan Yang lalu

    Kyle Hill is a fucking moron

  49. Lexo Cee

    Lexo CeeBulan Yang lalu

    Hal is too kind. Walter's mind might break the internet...

  50. Jose Sida

    Jose SidaBulan Yang lalu

    You suck! You literally just sound like someone given the cliffsnotes of the show and not an actual fan. Fuck you

  51. 🔰AlphaΩmega🔰

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    Jose Sida ikr

  52. Cheryl Kelly

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    This guy's a jackass.

  53. 🔰AlphaΩmega🔰

    🔰AlphaΩmega🔰Bulan Yang lalu

    Cheryl Kelly agreed

  54. Jeffrey N

    Jeffrey NBulan Yang lalu

    The dude saying you ready? that is definitely Walter White! idreporter.net/v/video-ro9Vq2bnxJc.html Skip to 17:45 and compare the voices.

  55. Rozalynn Chesebro

    Rozalynn ChesebroBulan Yang lalu

    Um at 4:00 that is clearly a body he's burying. It's not a flashback, this movie is going to span a long stretch of time.

  56. daneg007

    daneg007Bulan Yang lalu

    they're making jesse bury andrea's body in the desert scene. you can see her hair coming out of the tarp.

  57. Vino1647 Dallas

    Vino1647 DallasBulan Yang lalu

    daneg007 her hair was black not red

  58. Ariyan Rastikhah

    Ariyan RastikhahBulan Yang lalu

    Vince Gilligan should make a movie about Better Call Saul

  59. Ariyan Rastikhah

    Ariyan RastikhahBulan Yang lalu

    Breaking Bad with an awesome TV show and I cannot wait until the Breaking Bad movie titled El Camino to Netflix on October 11 2019 and I have lots all of of the seasons of Breaking Bad and I liked them all

  60. Ariyan Rastikhah

    Ariyan RastikhahBulan Yang lalu

    Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are very good actors and they did a great job on Breaking Bad and I cannot wait to watch the Breaking Bad movie when it comes to Netflix on October 11th

  61. Ariyan Rastikhah

    Ariyan RastikhahBulan Yang lalu

    I like that TV show Better Call Saul Vince Gilligan is a great director and producer and he did a great job directing and producing Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul I have watched over seasons of Better Call Saul that are on Netflix there only 3 seasons of it on Netflix right now season 4 of it is not on Netflix yet and I cannot wait to watch season 4 of it

  62. chimpo

    chimpoBulan Yang lalu

    How did you miss the human hair in the foreground when Jesse was "digging up something." he is possibly digging his GF's grave. that can't be Ed. remember Jesse missed his ride to go with ed... pretty sure Ed wouldn't come back a second time...

  63. Stuart SeaBrave

    Stuart SeaBraveBulan Yang lalu

    Wow, what an amazing insight in to 10 details that absolutely nobody who watched the trailer missed. Dick.

  64. Johnny Blaze

    Johnny BlazeBulan Yang lalu

    Isnt everyone gonna think Jesse is heisenberg? Seeing hes the only person alive and it's just his story. Hank and gomie were running Jesse off the books so the atf has no idea.

  65. 🔰AlphaΩmega🔰

    🔰AlphaΩmega🔰Bulan Yang lalu

    Johnny Blaze Walt said to his wife on the tapped call “you’ll end up just like hank” plus *he* gave skyler the coordinates to his body

  66. Jonny Shitass

    Jonny ShitassBulan Yang lalu

    Sorry but the fly episode was by far the worst , season 4 kind of sucked

  67. Cory Lyons Music

    Cory Lyons MusicBulan Yang lalu

    You're God damned right I'm excited!

  68. batgurrl

    batgurrlBulan Yang lalu

    The Sopranos came long before breaking bad. Without the Sopranos which was groundbreaking in several ways there would not have been a breaking bad most likely

  69. Axelsanx

    AxelsanxBulan Yang lalu

    beautiful desert vistas? It is dirt and rocks. Sorry, worked in the 4 Corners for 3 years.

  70. Mystickneon

    MystickneonBulan Yang lalu

    Chobot, you've........ changed.

  71. C May

    C MayBulan Yang lalu

    This video, mate just get to the fucking point. This video is so shit