10 Amazing Facts About Indonesia


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    I have to visit Indonesia as it's my dream .. Love from India💙

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    Im from indonesia im sorry i can say english because our country also study other country language ( hi apa kabar kamu baik oh aku baik)

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    Halo aku dari sumatera utaraaaaaaaaaaa batak itu ok

  4. Joanita Meriska Simorangkir

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    I live in indonesia

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    hey guys i'm really indonasian so if you want to translate some thing just comment below this bonus: i'm in medan is the sumatera island

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    Thank.... My Indonesian is Paradise world

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    Hallo I am opang from lombok indonesia . Someone wan visit lombok. I am stile ready to be your guide.. my facebook opang dolpino.

  8. Nizam Azhar

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    the richest country managed by 'the ordinary govt'..its unfortunetaly

  9. Yuni Yuliani

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    Im late for 3 year but now 2019 in 2019 its has 18,000 island now

  10. Renaldi Jambi

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    Im indonesia whazzup

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    Love indonesia, from cibaok

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    Thank you information Indonesia, iam from Indonesia 🇮🇩, I'am from sumatera island

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    We are looking our relatives there in indonesia my grandmother originally from indonesia her family name is salumpine,areroz

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    Dari mana??

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    Imma from Indonesia 🇮🇩 and I kinda like Labuan bajo more than Bali i recommend Labuan bajo

  16. Zee Gamer15

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    Thank you! (Reply from Indonesia) you know more about indonesia than mee TvT also a fact that indonesia has a coffee from poop which is named kopi luwak made from a shy cat poop so they clean it up and its very expensive if you wanna buy it

  17. Delicia Houston Wuson

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    I am from indonesia my account is not my real name

  18. Lasiah susanti Lasiah

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    People of Indonesia ia a bar bar or spartan

  19. I feel SALT

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    I know I'm late but... (screams in Indonesian)

  20. Boba Tea

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    I know this is pretty late, but here in Jakarta we now have an MRT and an LRT. So we have a good public transport now.

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    Im indonesian

  22. me and my shopkins snacks

    me and my shopkins snacksBulan Yang lalu

    Apa kabar saya Indonesia & kenapa Indonesia itu termasuk negara paling jelek dibilang orang(hi im from Indonesia&why is Indonesia is the most ugly contry in the worl)

  23. Umar Udin

    Umar UdinBulan Yang lalu

    17.000 and more islands

  24. ana Mardiana

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    I'm Indonesia too!!

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    Love you Indonesia From Indonesia :v FK it i'm not funny!

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    kys liar

  27. Blačk uni Ğalax_Plaýz

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    There is one really popular fact about indonesia, indonesia is one of the most muslimed country in the world

  28. AliGoes Gacha

    AliGoes GachaBulan Yang lalu

    In the past Indonesia is filled with Hinduism and Buddism then came Muslims. During Dutch colonization, Indonesia was introduced to christianity and catholism

  29. Fadil Arief

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    One more facts that's Indonesia have so many plants

  30. Fadil Arief

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    Says tinggal di Indonesia di manado saya muslim

  31. Fadil Arief

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    I'm live indonesia 🇮🇩 merdeka

  32. Bram Santoso

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    There is also an active vocano beneath the sea ,which causes much bubbles and the water temperature is warm (37 degrees Celcius) ......it lies near Sangihe island (an island halfway between North Sulawesi and the Mindanao island (Philippines) ...........would be interesting for those who love diving.......

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    West sumatra!!?? Aku dari west sumatra

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    Hi im Indonesia and don't get started on Me ;-;

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    Im indonesian and ive never been to bali, i live in jakarta😢 If u dont know raflesia smells HORRIBLE to pull flies attention so the flower can eat them

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    Saya Indonesia!! Siapa yang Indonesia? *I love Indonesia* 👇👇👇👇

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    Yes indonesian are the most cooperative nation when its come to advertise its name in the world without any organize movement. Massive ones. Any youtuber could get huge likes whenever upload indonesian issue.

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    I live in Indonesia

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    Aku lahir dari sana dalam indonesia i can do english too

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    I am Indonesian

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    I'm Indonesian uwu

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    This is a video about Indonesia, but i'm wondering why there's so many weebs commented on here lol...

  43. Don't mind me

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    At one point in the video I hear him says "the blue lava is not caused by voodoo or aliens or something" are you sure about that, though? Lol

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    Indonesia haves 17,508 islands

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    I ended up he here because of an Indonesian friend😂

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    My girlfriend is from Indonesia, good to know a few facts from her country. Love Indonesia and you Jovanku sayangku

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    Hai apa kabar saya dari indonesia the presiden of indonesia in 2019 is joko widodo

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    Hi im from indonesia

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    Haii i am from in Indonesia of Bali island :D

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    Terima kasih sudah menceritakan yang baik. Yang tidak baik mari kita coba perbaiki. Ibarat rumah, Indonesia adalah rumah yang besar dan banyak penghuni. Banyak orang banyak masalah. Tapi saya optimis Indonesia semakin baik ke depannya. There's so much to tell more about this country. Stay in unity!

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    Saya dari Indonesia

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    im indonèsia

  53. Sammy-Lee Ruben

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    i love indonèsia apa kabar ❤

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    No. 3 is that how you spelled Kawah Ijen ??? Lol 😂😂

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    I'm from south Sumatra, Indonesia. Destinasi wisata asap :')

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    I live in indonesia its amazing

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    I love Indomie. Im from Indonesia 😁😁

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    Do you know about Krakatau mountain ?

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    Jakarta is full of pollution and i can't see the beauty in West Jakarta 😭

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    Im from West Jakarta, Indonesia And in jakarta it always have traffic jams xD One fact of jakarta The name jakarta is first Jayakarta then became Batavia then the name became Jakarta Your welcome xD