1 Elimination = 9,000 VBucks w/ My 13 Year Old Little Brother (Fortnite Challenge)


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    Subscribe and use code TBNRfrags or my wallet will be ded from these challenges xD

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    Is it JUST me or does it get annoying?

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    100000 likes is the king is (P R E S T E N)

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    MyUsernamesThis MyUsernamesThis FCK yuo

  6. Colby McLean

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  7. Easton Duke

    Easton Duke52 menit yang lalu

    9:33 Hand comes off the keyboard and character is still moving and jumping without auto run on

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    One like for one prayer

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    can you gift me a skin

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    you are the bast

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  12. Celeste Razzaghi

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    Who’s better at Fortnite? Like = Josh Comment = Preston

  13. Riley Baker

    Riley Baker3 hari yang lalu

    Troll your brother in fortnite

  14. Joseph Paul

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    I bet 100k josh can beat ninja and tfue

  15. felix santos

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    Josh can you give me one of your accounts

  16. The BITE EME’s Team

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  17. lambo akhil ferrari

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    10:14 missed purple spazz

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    Preston you make the best videos you and josh are gods and legends can you give me vbucks my name is EletricShark40

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    Who else thinks Josh should make a channel it would be cool to watch

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    How about Preston does the challenge and josh gives him vbucks like if agree

  21. Lilly Lopez

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    Not hate but I don't think he can... because Preston has youtube and gets paid from it while Josh is a 13 year old that doesn't get paid. But who knows 🤷‍♀️

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    I wish my brother did this for me.😭😭

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    Are you going to keep YouTubing after you have a kid Preston?

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    Josh you are really lucky that your older brother can give you loads of vbucks I would do anything to get vbucks plus I used tbnrfrags in the item shop[:

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    Love vids vducks challingeis for josh

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    You are poor

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    1v1 me Josh

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    Josh is like tofu

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    Josh is a legend

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    Get 20 kills and get 180,000

  32. Benjamn Egrlic

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    josh ju ar defenetli genne win v-bukcs

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    U left a med kit

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    i am a big fan

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    Poor Preston

  37. Jason Trout

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    This video makes me want to play fortnite

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    I hate josh he is tryhard sweat cocky

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    Can yo giv vb

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    Į can,t USD

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    Till end... APRIL FULLS

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    Bro I love how fake these vids are it makes my fsy

  44. Bonnie Langstaff

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    sore prestos that you are losing money

  45. Megan Sheppard

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    he does know that he is doing this on hiself he dosent have to spend money on josh

  46. Selim Berisha

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    In vece sei nenole

  47. Selim Berisha

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    Ma sei pazzo

  48. Selim Berisha

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    Sei molto forte Luca su fortnite

  49. Misty Brewer

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  50. Misty Brewer

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    Why are you happy for losing money

  51. Jayden Wynter - Fairlawn PS (1443)

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    Is that fgteev song background...I'm still a title boy

  52. Sophia Quinonez

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    so you are saying josh is disrespectful while you are insulting my crinical crosser

  53. Sophia Quinonez

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    1like = 1less lag for josh

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    I'm supporting you can you give me 10000 vbucks

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    i never win solo duo squad sometimes ltm i have 200 vbuck

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    If you like this comment you will win fortnite battle rolye👍🤘👌