1 Elimination = 9,000 VBucks w/ My 13 Year Old Little Brother (Fortnite Challenge)


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    Subscribe and use code TBNRfrags or my wallet will be ded from these challenges xD

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    ill give u bucks

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    Then stop doing them ez 😎

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    TBNRFrags Sup

  6. TYSOn Segura

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    Aye bro i wanna make a bet with yo lil brother i wanna go against him who ever gets up to like 40 r 50 kills gets v bucks bro cuz i dont have no skins or v bucks thats y

  7. Shirley Monkhouse

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    add me on fortnite type yekishmen

  8. Cj Kelley

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    Joshua is not that bad at fortnite

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    Johs is a bot

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    Yor having a kid

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    Who else heard josh hit that shot at retail

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    Oliver 34774

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    Her son btw Josh walkover to purple pumps

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    I have your the blue hooded

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    Do you life in Texas I do Tbnrfrags

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    Who say when he missed purple spaz

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    Preston I dare u to play Fortnite on a PS4

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    Did josh drop out of high school ?

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    MD gonatana

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    You forgot to add 9 thousand at six kills

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    I like your video

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    My name is Kirat

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    Nice vedio

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    Hey Preston,josh my name is Solar2417

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    Why did he leave a 2 purple pumps

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    Who got triggered when he didn’t take the purple pump

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    Vilar Vilar

  31. Daniela Burke

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    1v1 me joshau my name is Ghostly cam on ps4

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    fornite is the best gam ever

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    you are a haker

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    you are a haker and a lowser

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    Its all fun and games unitl he gets a 20bomb

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    Ja für

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    Hi I love you

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    Josh. Fortniter

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    preston if u see this i really want your mearchendise I'm a youth and i liv in Kennewick

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    Chifa hacked you

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    Don’t you dare ever talk bad about gaming girls. 2 boys said I was a pro. A deafler

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    Pls mr tbnrfrags give me fwee vbucks

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    Wow he's way better than Preston

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    Shouldve done 10,000 its better

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    Troll unspeakable

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    You are awsome

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    Nooooooooooooo josh

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    Josh you got dis

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    Jackson sad your fat

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    Like if josh should join faze clan

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    hi preston

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    Josh is literally better than faze sway and faze tfue

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    I’ll 1v1 him for 10 thousand v bucks he looks bad I think I’m better but I’m a big fan💘

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    Math is wrong

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    I’m going to go use tbnrfrags in the Fortnite item shop after this