1,000km Cable to the Stars - The Skyhook


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    Why not add in railguns to this idea? They don't need to reach 40000 km/h, they only need to reach enough speed to get to the lower end of the tether. You could easily launch something at a G force which humans can tolerate well up to the tether, likely using renewable energy. On smaller planets like the other rocky planets and the moons of gas giants, where you only need a small railgun to get to the orbit of the tether, you could get something far more useful, perhaps a shuttle to get out to Neptune's moons and then a huge railgun or a huge tether or a conventional rocket could get you out to the distant solar system. I do have a question about the propulsion of the tether anchor though. If the propulsion system is electricity, assuming it is collected via solar panel, how does it convert the electricity into a form of energy which can be used to propel it?

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    Plis hagan un video sobre los quasares

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    I have an important question to you, because it involves your survival. This channel is fully animated. So how do you handle COPPA? I worried your videos are considered for kids, and because of subject matter, you get fined.

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    Imagine the Gs to be experienced by astronauts

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    If it's possible then why don't people build them?

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    We may have the underlying scientific knowledge, but it's a long long way to design, develop, and engineer such orbital tethers. I wish you guys would be a little more realistic.

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    I think this would actually have a chance of existing if countries had enough money for it

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    6:27 except itself

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    Explain the Large Hadron Collider!!

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    0:19 and I hear robocraft sounds

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    It's amazing! What was that?😬

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    Take notes Elon Musk

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    I have a question if the world becomes over populated what would the world leaders do

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    Which software do you use to animate

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    What about warp engine?

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    This could happen while I’m alive! That’s crazy to think about.

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    anyone else getting a take over the galaxy vibe?

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    Things I love about Kurtgesagt 1. He supplies links to where he got his information 2. He has his information reviewed by scientists 3. He adds humor 4. He animates with entertainment and humor 5. He spends time making the. Thnx :) That’s worth a subscribe! :)

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    wow, surprised there's no "hold my beer" or "i'm gonna end his career" comment...


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    Bro how do you make your videos???

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    I imagine people from the future finding this video and either thinking, "Well, yeah, that's how it works, but why's this only in 2D?" or "Can you believe they actually thought that would be a better solution than _______?"

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    Someone go show this to Elon Musk

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    Has this ever been brought to NASA? (Not this video, the idea)

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    This is one of the coolest things I've ever seen.

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    Please make a video on Einstein's theory of time and aging And also on time dialation plzz..

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    God isn't gonna be happy about this.

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    This is a great channel. Keep up the great work!

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    Wont that take soo many years before they could even reach that point and build that many tethers and place them?

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    We need space cow boys to hold them

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    U.S: that's useless Me: you can bulid military base in mars U.S 5 years after: *_DONE_*

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    What would happen if the tethers collide with the satellites in our orbit?